Russia to US: Don't veto PA statehood vote
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.09.11, 15:44
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1. Russia is only interested in humiliating and debasing the US
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.21.11)
at all costs, and shouldn't be construed as really or sincerely caring about the "Palestinian" cause.
2. Geez...everyone wasting a lot of effort on these idiots
All the big noise about the bloodsucking Pals and their "quest for statehood". If they DONT get what they want - what happens? More terrorism and war? If they DO get what they want - what happens? More terrorism and war? This is not going to solve a damn thing , make it worse. First thing - THE first thing for the Pals to do (and the Arabs in general) is recognize Israel. They wont. They have said so many times. Nobody can negotiate with that - as has been proven since forever. So, what happens? More terrorism and war until one side is completely annilated?
3. Russia trying to spark War
Brod ,   USA   (09.21.11)
Russia's effort seems consistent with sparking a war in the Middle East. They should shut up and stop supporting the scoundrels of the world. The Land of Israel belongs to the Nation of Israel since ancient time. It is GOD-GIVEN and GOD-RESTORED to the Nation of Israel. No man should dare tamper with GOD'S Covenant to the Jewish Nation-Israel.
4. Soviet Chutzpa - they deny Chechnia right for a state
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (09.21.11)
The Russians are still pretending they are Soviets, sticking their nose into places where they are out of order. How pissed off would Putin/Medvedev be if Israel told Russia that it "should not deny the Chechens the right to ask the Security Council to consider recognizing them as a state."???
5. So why deny Chechiya independece?
yevgeny   (09.21.11)
typical Russian hypocrites! Why does Russia support an ersatz "palestianian" state (which never existed and never will), but do not support independence for Chechens, Kosovars, Kurds, and Tibetans?! Israel should expel Russia from the quartet for their obvious pro-Arab stance!
6. When Russia stops blocking Kosovo's statehood they can talk
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (09.21.11)
When Russia stops blocking Kosovo's statehood they can talk about rights of a people right to a state. And yes they have the right to ask, but like any parent will tell you sometime you need to tell a child NO.
7. russia to usa donot veto to pa
bill ,   uk   (09.21.11)
there is no aipac in russia
8. In Soviet Russia...
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (09.21.11)
In Soviet Russia, State Veto's YOU! So just because the Arabs wont negotiate, the Russians feel like that is Justification to give them everything they want. Be careful comrades... people might be wanting you to agree to creating states that you feel like refusing.
9. West, Russia, China, Israel: share interests, REDRAW MAP.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.11)
10. World Alliance: BIG ISRAEL, co-existent Islam iso Islamism.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.21.11)
11. This is coming from the country who vetoed Kosovo?
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (09.21.11)
12. opportunistic powers
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (09.21.11)
We all know that all powers on the planet are opportunistic. All the others no longer exist. Every peaceful country, which does not promise it's neighbors to punish them in case of hostilities sooner or later ceases to exist. Israel must stop being the good guy. It must draw a very undesirable scenario to the "Stateless'". << Only one single hostility from your side and your tiny banana-republic will not only cease existing. Your citizens, the so called "Nowheremen" will have to look for another nowhere, where they can continue their violence and hostilities!>>
13. #7 you are right
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.21.11)
And Russia also doesn't have the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Russia doesn't have Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The US is the greatest nation on Earth because of these things, and that is why the US supports Israel: because it is the right thing to do. Russia is not the US.
14. great russians...
ale ,   italia   (09.21.11)
russian like liebermann!!!!!!!!!!!
15. Russia has a lot of unused land
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.21.11)
They should volunteer to give some of their own to the Palestinian's I would recommend the Gulag Archpelago
16. Russia wont even condem Assad for killing his people
Dan Kelso   (09.21.11)
Russia is proving its not changed since the cold war. Russia killed over 100,000 Chechnyans to prevent them from gaining their state. Russia opposes a Kurdish state. During the cold war, Russia vetoed every attempt to condem them for their expanionist ways. The invasion of Hungary 56, Czecheslovkia 68, Afghanisan 79. Russia is arming the crazy Mullahs in Iran. Stop Russia now.
17. Puppet master Putin
A ,   Belgium   (09.21.11)
Is that Putins hand I see moving his puppet Lavrovs mouth?
18. What do the ungodly know. Psalm2;4
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (09.21.11)
All they know is that the Isaelites are the sybols of a living G_D. The ungodly want to stamp out anything that refers to Him. Psalm 2;4 "He that sittieth in the heavens shall laugh and shall have them in derision" Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. and may GOD bless Israel.
19. The Russians are phonies
Sidney ,   USA   (09.21.11)
"But Assad has relied on Russia and China -- both with major oil concessions in Syria and with veto power on the U.N. Security Council -- to avoid a Western proposed resolution for sanctions on Syria's ruling elite."
20. Russia's view
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (09.21.11)
Normally, I don't agree with what the Russian government has to say or advise, but this time, I must agree with them 100%. President Obama would be most ill-advised to veto Palestinian recognition. This would allay much hate for the US in the Muslim (and much of the Christian) world, and would show that the Zionist tail no longer wags the American dog.
21. #15 What a great idea- Give them Birobidzhan
Essie haKohane ,   Florida, USA   (09.21.11)
How innovative. Forget about the Gulag, give them the Jewish Autonomous Region bordering Siberia and China. This was a "gift" given to the soviet Jews in the 1920's. Since the Palestinians are keen in taking Jewish land, give them this territory. The only problem is there are still a couple of thousand Jews living there. The Pals may want to kick them out. We know how they feel about Jews!
22. to #2
Dino Domingo ,   Vancouver, Canada   (09.21.11)
I completely agree with your comment other than one point. I don't think and believe its important for Israel to be recognised by the Pals or any surrounding doesnt make a darn difference what they think of Israel. you (Israel) will never satisfy those people...Israel is used as a scapegoat for many reason which are unjustifiable so i think the focus should be on leading towards some type of normal life, security, health, prosperity and screw them!!! let them destroy each other...maybe that way you will be able to live peacefully!
23. Doesn't Russia care about genuine Russians in Israel?
Lou ,   Bucharest, Romania   (09.21.11)
I think it doesn't. After all they didn't care of their own people during Stalin.
24. Russians are always looking for ways to
Oleg ,   USA   (09.21.11)
destabilize the region. This will boost oil prizes and they will be able to sell their outdated military equipment. That is the only way they make money in today's world. Poor idiiots!
25. Love the way them Russkies
Stephen in New York   (09.21.11)
shelter and protect Assad. Still KGB all the way.
26. Funny to read
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (09.21.11)
here according to these handful of commentators everyone is wrong but they are right :D russia is wrong turkey is wrong arabs are wrong EU is hypocratical and anti semite but we love to use them in arguments when convenient :) self righteous mentality
27. A better question is .....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.21.11)
Should the US and Jews invest in Russia? Russia is supporting Syria and vetoes any action to stop the massacre by the Assad regime. Russia is not a democracy but a Putinstan. Ask Gary Kasparov and other op[posers of Putin. Hello the Gulag!
28. #13 Very well said! Excellent post.
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.21.11)
29. Make clear Quartet views to be boycotted if they vote for PA
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (09.21.11)
Israel should make bluntly clear that it will boycott all participation with the "Quartet" and tear up all past "Road Map" deals, unless they boot Russia and any other participant that violates the Quartet's own Road Map by voting in the UNSC for a unlilateral PA state or its UN membership. Russia can not have it both ways. Likewise, Israel should announce that any state that votes for PA unilateral declarations in either the UNSC or General Assembly will be dealt out of the game as far as "peace process" dialog goes - e.g., Spain can just stay home and keep its ideas to itself, no Israeli officials will involve them - never again.
30. "the two sides cannot even agree among themselves"
William ,   Israel   (09.22.11)
so how will forcing the issue on the ground aid in bridging that gap, Russia? If anything, forcing an issue without negotiations will only widen the gap, creating even more tensions and elongating the conflict. How about we return the favor and aid Chechnya in declaring their absolute independence from Russia?
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