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'Immodest' haredi bookstore vandalized
Ari Galahar
Published: 23.09.11, 15:25
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1. Like Germany in the 1930's
leo ,   nyc   (09.24.11)
If the culprits are indeed "Jewish" this is Judaism distorted and defamed. Can these people truly believe in G-d??
2. There is people who,thankfully,refuse to live in
Keren ,   IL-BR   (09.25.11)
...a pasteurized world and want to keep their way of life. Greek culture,so to speak ,is not their way of living and thinking ,so why should that be imposded to them and pushed down their throut? Perhaps that store should not open its doors in Mea Sharim but in somewhere else.
3. sounds like the taliban
rachel ,   haifa   (09.24.11)
'modesty guard'? scary..... people should feel inspired to dress moderately for their own sacred beliefs. not out of fear.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.24.11)
5. charedim against them
yoni ,   tel aviv   (09.24.11)
the owner of the bookstore is my neighbor. nobody is supporting this group of crazy's they have no rabbi that guides them and they do what they want when they want and how they want. this does not represent any part of the charedim or religious Jews.
6. if this was....
rita ,   Tel Aviv   (09.24.11)
if this was in a foreign country, the whole of Israel would be yelling 'anti-semitism'.... if it happens in Israel it is called 'modesty squad'. This reminds me too much of Nazis....the only thing missing is the racial slur- if this is the new Israel, no thank you.
7. The article doesn't mention ....
Ezra ,   San Diego   (09.25.11)
The article doesn't mention what is so immodest about what they are doing or selling.
8. answers
maya ,   jerusalem   (09.25.11)
@leo - no, these ppl do not believe in G-d. they believe in themselves alone, and don't represent judaism (or life in israel for that matter) at all. @keren - what a ridiculous comment. nobody is imposing anything on them. they are imposing their views on others, using scare tactics and violence. mea shearim is a public thoroughfare and if they don't like it, they should go live in a field. @rachel - ITA @al mann - haredi is a term used to labek a wide range of people, usually those that aim to separate themselves from a world which does not tally with their beliefs (so they are unlikely to have TV or place any deep value in non-religious education). haredi literally means 'trembling', ie trembling in the presence of God. @rita - this is NOT the new israel. this is a small bunch of crazies, just like you get in the rest of the world. have you been to tel aviv recently? even the rest of jerusalem is nothing like this. they are a tiny minority of crazy people who should go to prison for what they are trying to do. @ezra - i'm no expert on this, but i think the owner refuses to put signs up on his storefront saying only modestly dressed people can enter, and also i think his store carries religious books that are not quite as limiting as these crazies would like to see on 'their' street. people, this is not israel, this is not judaism. this is just crazy people doing crazy things. israel is a land striving for peace.
9. Disgusting criminal attack by self-appointed vigilantes
Israeli grandma   (09.25.11)
The Israeli police have to finally deal with these loonies. They are physically dangerous to the innocent public. This is not the first attack on the bookshop which sells works in English, which for some reason upsets the vandals. The police are not doing their job of protecting the public and businesses, if it was an Arab attack all hell would break loose. As an earlier commentator # 5 says, this is not acceptable by most of the public, who are intimidated because the police wont deal with it.
10. If this is what being frum is, I don't want it.
Paul S. ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.28.11)
I don't defend bad seculars. I've heard stories of seculars purposely harassing religious people just to get them angry. This is unacceptable. But, smashing store windows over picayune demands is out of the question, as is any form of violence. The perpetrators should be arrested and imprisoned. The police should take this seriously. "Decent" haredim should publicly denounce any such activity. One day, there's going to be blood if these incidents continue. Jew should not hurt Jew, but this kind of thing is out of the question.
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