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Netanyahu thanks Obama for supporitve UN address
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 21.09.11, 18:53
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1. BOTH want peace?!?
Susi Goldstein ,   IsReAl   (09.21.11)
Is this guy on drugs? Just read about all the Arab riots and shooting at a Jewish car today.
2. Netanyahu delivers the order of the day to Obama
Cynic #2   (09.21.11)
Bankrupt politicians and bankrupt America. How long will this charade go on? Even Turkey and Saudi Arabia are telling the Americans to buzz off. The Middle East is changing and it is not going to forgive Israel its follies unless it repents big time.
3. 1
Kindly learn to spell Israel properly.
4. with special thanks to USA Secy of State Clinton!
Sally Forth ,   Israel   (09.21.11)
President, Mr. Obama, did just fine by Israel at the United Nations! His speech was a sign of respect for & special interest in Israel & had nothing 2 do w/ PM Mr. Netanyahu lack of diplomatic skills. At the time of Mr. Obama's speech PM Mr. Netanyahu was meeting with the President of Columbia! What was that about? Further we all remember PM Mr. Netanyahu's recent pro-right wing USA Republican (anti-Obama speech) at the USA congress last summer. Rereading US President's UN speech one can clearly see Secretary of State Clinton's signature! Thank you Ma'am you've been on our side for a very long time! That would be since be before your marriage to Bill!
5. Good Lord, did Obama come through for Israel in this?
Cameron ,   USA   (09.21.11)
No betrayal or knife in the back?
6. So sorry ...
sk ,   USA   (09.21.11)
SORRY ARABS, you guys have 22 nations, with most of the land and 16% of world oil, and want one more to make it 23 Arabs vs. 1 teeny tiny Jewish nation???? PUHLEEEEESE!!!! Not until you guys start acting like the civilized, stop the hatred, DUMP the religious bigotry, shove the hate mongering, super intolerance, lies (incld. revisionst BS history) and culture of death!!!
7. UN Press Conference
observer2 ,   Arlilngton, VA US   (09.21.11)
Is it just me or is the US getting the Israeli 'Turkey' treatment? Not only does Obama look like he is sitting lower then Natanyahu but the Israeli flag is covering the American flag?
8. To n° 1
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.21.11)
Both want peace. ... Just having peace discussions, not so peacefuly sometimes...
9. Just don't worry!
Marcela Araújo ,   With you, Brazil   (09.21.11)
10. Obamas only in it for next election
Snake Alert   (09.21.11)
once he delays it off long enough, he will be singing a different tune. Watch out Israel.
11. 0bama speech
jo moor   (09.21.11)
Please not there is a US election coming up in a year's time. Fancy footwork or honesty?
12. #5 Cameron, the betrayals and knives will come big time...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.21.11)
after he's re-elected. Also, assuming US isn't hit with a new 9/11 before then.
13.  Obama voluntarily avoided to add....
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.21.11)
that Israel shoulde be a Jewish State making renewal of bilateral discussions with the Palestinians much more difficult if not impossible for Israel to accept.Then he said that the "Return" of the Palestinians should be discussed, indirectly diverging from the Israeli stand of a Jewish democratic state of Israel.
14. Obama right peace will come when Palestinian children accept
zedy   (09.21.11)
Obama urged the Palestinians to accept peace first by negotiations to a resolution of two independent states and then sue for a UN Palestinian Security Council Resolution confirming it rather than the other wayt around. Obama demonstrated US friendship for Israel and the logic for a proper peace process rather than a preservation of the conflict by UN means.
15. not so fast
alexi   (09.21.11)
Notice how quickly barak and even bibi rushed to thank obama for saying even-handed things about the dispute. There is no need to even thank him because any objectiive observe would say the same thing. Stop behaving like spoiled babies-get down to the table, air out everything and all parties have to give and take, otherwise there is no deal. Obama spoke in a balance way. if you looked at this face and body language however, he appeared saddened and frustrated. His sympathies lie with the arabs, he wants for them and believes israel was created because of th eholocaust and not because of ancestral roots. So don't jump so fast. And barak handled his interview on peirs morgan ok but continues to yap about how strong israel. he should shut up about it and let israel's actions do the talking. He and olmert have harmed israel terribly with their offers which the pals use as their starting point.
16. #4 Sally
David ,   America   (09.21.11)
Columbia has a vote in the Security Council. That's what the meeting between Netanyahu and Columbia was about.
17. Pretty damn poor 'thank you', Noodles
Cameron ,   USA   (09.22.11)
Just more of the usual piss & moan whenever Obama is mentioned. Still looking for a knife in his hand after he pulls Israel out of the fire?
18. cameron do you think obama had the choice ?
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (09.22.11)
between the congress who is republican and the presidential election in just one year ? he was pushed in the corner by the friends of israel in the US ! he will try until the end not to use the american veto to save israel because he doesn't want to look too pro israeli !!!
19. #17 Cameron, I think Bibi thanked him satisfactorily ...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.22.11)
eliminating the need for me to do so. Besides, Obama only did what he had to do.
20. After seeing Jews deserting him he's our friend , again ha!
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.22.11)
21. #16 Netanyahu doesn't like Obama that's what its about
Israel ,   Israeli   (09.22.11)
22. Express thanks to U.S. Congress & Republicans.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.22.11)
Israel owes a thank you, but not to Obama. Obama did what he had to do; given that the Democratic Party is collapsing under his watch. Obama is losing Congressional Districts the Democrats have held decade after decade. Obama is losing the Jewish vote. Israel owes a big thank you to the U.S. Congress and the Republicans, who forced Obama to (temporarily) pretend he's a friend of Israel.
23. #18 & 19
Cameron ,   USA   (09.22.11)
Oh come on, gents, make the leap and admit it: Obama completely came through for Israel in the highest manner at the critical moment. I'm no fan of Obama but hey, credit where credit is due.
24. Birds of a feather flock together.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.22.11)
Obama is a big liar. you deserve him anyway.
25. #23 Cameron, maybe there is a kernel of truth in it...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.22.11)
but, overall I don't trust him, and still think the knives will come out at a later date. Is that such an absurd idea? After his past (and most likely future) badgering of Israel, he owed us one. For all this, am I supposed to kiss his behind? He had no choice. He didn't do it out of love or even like. Slick Willy remains Slick Willy.
26. I am proud of you Netanyahu !
Jonathan   (09.22.11)
Very very well done. They want a state near Israel which does not recognize the israeli state... Come on!
27. To be honest, it was all Obama's fault in the first place...
Jonathan   (09.22.11)
He is the one who silently 'winked' and allowed the Hamas and PA to understand that he will back them up.
28. #17 cameron
Netanya ,   Netanya   (09.22.11)
Actions still speak louder than words. Bowing to the Saudi king, visiting all those muslim countries, giving a speech in Egypt, the list goes on and on. For a chance a re-election Obama, the known liar and conman, will say anything, but we see that he is just full of it!
29. Palestinians deserve a state?
daniel ,   Holland   (09.22.11)
Oh my God Netanyahu is such a rightwing extremist!
30. #25, Noodles...I fully support Your opinion,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.22.11)
Obama had NO choice, but to be on Israels side for now, or to accelerate his free fall in the polls...HE IS TWO FACED...nobody must be fooled by him !
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