Palestine an Israeli interest
Frances Raday
Published: 22.09.11, 00:40
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1. Only Thus
zichron   (09.22.11)
A Demilitirized Palestinian State with Compensatory Protection by the usa and britain a one to one land swap a security protection on all israels borders including the jordan valler a shered jerusalem with building rights for arab and jew and acceptance of a symbolic right of return over generations after a peace buiding gap can work . Who knows in one hundred years it can be one nation for many peoples .
2. Israel needs the palestinians
Bung ,   Detroit USA   (09.22.11)
Right!!! Israel needs the palestinians. There is no way one can get or be more absurd than this. Israel needs a bunch who refuses to recognize the country of Israel or its right to exists. And we're being told Israel needs this. Excuse me while I hurl myself into the side of a fast moving Greyhound bus.
3. Abbas will pivot to 1 State, civil rights, the vote
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.22.11)
...once he proves to the world that a viable 2 State solution is unattainable and forever dead.
4. new york times article by olmert
mohson   (09.22.11)
Olmert, the one who mismanaged the idf to lose the hezbollah war, who picked the ignoramus peretz as defence minister, who never served in actual combat, has written an article in the ny times putting up his aushwitz offer on the table leaving israel defenceless. He is still trying to ingratiate himself with the court who will have no choice but to send him to jail. Dividing jerusalem won't work and israel not fully in control won't work in any arrangement. Olmert was tired of fighting so he didn't fight while 150 idf died needlessly. No one wants to hear from this security failure except erdogan and abbas. His misreading of erdgoan in particular shows how superficial and practically naive olmert is. Tom Friedman can visit ehud in jail when the judge sentences him to a period of incarceration.There is no doubt in my mind that olmert is going to jail.
5. another lawyer
alexi   (09.22.11)
waht have the lawyers weisglass, livni and olmert brought israel/ -death and rockets. Now Frances Raday does a legal analysis which basically says-forget about security. UN certification of the palestine will conform PLO to peaceful relations and a normal charter., Poppy cock. Hamas and PLO will play bad cop good cop like putin and medvedev. Israel has to control its own security by itself. Forget about UN peacekeeping or nato forces. This is the line of peres and beilin, and hezbollah now has 50,000 rockets and much else. Lawyers have gotten israel into lots of trouble because they attach too much to words and signed documents and not enough to borders and guns. Francis has probably not done any active military service like peres, olmert, livni and some others.
6. the last yihad
cristian ,   buenos aires arg   (09.22.11)
christians are out fighting for the land by the sword because they know it is not a carnal struggle but spiritual,the last ones are arabs and jews who do not believe and not understand anything about spirit struggle and fight by the sword flesh against flesh
7. too many silly "contributors".
les ,   canada   (09.22.11)
please frances....go rub salt in it.
8. nonsense
Yisraeli   (09.22.11)
this author hasnt got a clue of middle east realities and arab behavior.
9. Explain to us the occupation thing
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (09.22.11)
Considering that the League of Nations and the UN both stated that our Eastern border must be located EAST of the Jordan River. So I guess the east bank is the least amount of territory. Both state that the land is for a JEWISH homeland and cannot be given to anybody else. Just what is the Arab claimed based upon? Is there something beyond a General Assembly resolution? If not then perhaps you could explain to us how an advisory resolution nullifies two international treaties? If so please state them. Because otherwise I must assume that you are total idiot to harp upon a non-existent 'occupation'.
10. Jewish self-determination
Steven ,   California/Israel   (09.22.11)
is expressed by the patriotic actions of millions of Jews between the river and the sea every day... Israel doesn't need readmittance to the UN or reconfirmation as a State, it already is, and the argument that Israel needs to do just that, and furthermore via Palestinian "statehood" is a very dubious, possibly dangerous and suspicious statement from someone whose identity is very much unknown to most people. Is the writer asking Israel to just trust her, she knows what is best? I believe a healthy skepticism is definitely in order when reading something such as this. The more I think about her theory, the more bizarre it seems.
11. Why anti-Israeli OP-ED, YNet?
Israeli 2   (09.22.11)
Strengthen Israel...don't weaken it. Everytime I read some anti Israeli so called "intellectual" spewing his venom at us, I ask YNet why do that?
12. Agree with author
Dave ,   Boulder   (09.22.11)
Though no people have more legitimate right to the land than Israel, it cannot continue to rule over another people, regardless of historical or religious claims. And the truth is, the tides are against the Jewish state in the long-run. Better to negotiate from strength than weakness.
13. Dont pretend to know whats right for Israel.
Avi ,   Shcunat Tikva   (09.22.11)
What is important is for Israel to wake its lazy azz up and remember who won the wars started by these Arabs and their mercenary friends from the surrounding countries. Ben Gurion and Dayan would not have allowed those Rocket launchers in Gaza to exist one day if they were still alive and not lost a nights sleep over it. Israelis have become cowards, too afraid to stand up and say "You lost, trouble us no more or you will lose again" Instead they play this negotiation game and gets the whole world in on it. Do you see anybody boycotting China over Tibet? No because China flips the world the finger, says Tibet is our province and all others butt out. And the world respects that and does business with China, while Israel who develops technology that would help the world is pushed and shoved. The Dali Lama, sadly does not realize the world has no time for Tibet, but only bogus Arab claims for land they never owned or lost thru aggression. Annexation is the only answer to this bogus bid. These lands were won from the Ottomans and then from the Jordanians who couldn't be bothered then to set up the Arabs with another state so why should Israel try and one up Jordan. Bib, Barak, the now and then PM and DM Peres all useless. Who are they talking too? Better to give land to the Kurds to protect them from the same Arabs who would slit a babies throat.
14. Does the writer of this Op-ed...
nva ,   jerusalem   (09.22.11)
...even know that the PA representatives who are in the UN this week, are handing out maps of "Palestine"? And guess what cities it includes...everything in Israel..including umm Rishon LeZion & Tel Aviv...you know ..where your school of law is located. Is this what you want? to transfer your campus to "Palestine?" Guess what is missing..ALL OF ISRAEL. The map is not along side of Israel, it is INSTEAD OF ISRAEL. Can you truly be a professor and be so ignorant??
15. In the Land of Dreams
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.22.11)
I don't know who pays Prof Raday , but they are wasting the money What is it he finds hard to grasp when Palestinians and Arabs call for the destruction of Israel, refuse to recognise it as the Jewish State?
16. External factors leave 1 option: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
17. Arabs, whole streets. Israel, 1 HOUSE. Nonviolent transfer.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
18. Only BIG ISRAEL can bring balance and freedom to ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
19. It goes deeper than legalism: stopping Islamism!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
20. BIG ISRAEL only way to save Islam from Islamists.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
21. BIG ISRAEL, Arabs/Muslims as good neighbours.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.22.11)
22. Prof. Raday - Think again.
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.22.11)
Abbas has said 1. They will not give up on their demands even after a treaty is signed. [!?] 2. They will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state [yet will make "Palestine" judenrien] 3. They will not stop teaching their children to kill Jews [even though they promised in the Oslo accords to change their kids' education]. And whether Israel likes it or not, he PA can then let Hamas in to the WB to attack Israel and will then tell the world they didn't do it. What planet are you on?
23. Bypass Hamas charter? How ignorant
Rachelr ,   US   (09.22.11)
Will Israelis be able to bypass Hamas suicide bombers? Will Abbas be able to go to Gaza without getting gunned down? Explain how that would work.
24. Can we say Fried Turkey for dinner.
Its Midnight ,   Escondido Ca   (09.22.11)
Theses guy are pathetic bastards who don't own any land so they want to take it from some else, Hey stupid, the land was never yours in the first place. Its s Gods land not yours, you think He stand still for this one,, i Got to say you are highly wrong and will pay dearly for your stupidness.
25. say YES to Palestine194 state.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.22.11)
Palestinian state within the 1967 borders would prolong "Israel's" days upon the holy land.
26. let usa vote and..
Dreamer ,   Italy   (09.22.11)
What is wrong with people that want their own country their freedom, after negotiation for years and years that never worked, and on top loosing more land, what is scaring Israel and the USA? Sorry but I don't understand, what a selfish lot
27. #25, you can't even get 9 states
Danny   (09.22.11)
let alone 194.
28. ''predicating an imperative of assimilation''
fearless fighter for ,   good English   (09.22.11)
which means what, exactly, in ordinary comprehensible English?
29. Palestine Displacing Jordan Is the Israeli Interest
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (09.22.11)
However blissfully inadvertently, Mr. Raday is in the Islamist corner.
30. #25 holy land
Why do you call it Holy Land? Is it because of the Jewish prophets Abraham, Issac, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon and Jesus? If it is the "Holy Land", why do you try to steal it from its owners?
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