Trajtenberg Committee asked to legalize pot
Tomer Avital, Calcalist
Published: 22.09.11, 13:23
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1. these people really are idiots
zionist forever   (09.23.11)
On the plus side these people are not demanding the government give the stuff away free in the name of social justice. i wonder if Daphne Leef's middle name is Cannabis. Daphne Cannabis Leef if it is it would explain why the idea for cannabis legalisation is so popular.
2. First good proposal in decades
Nina ,   NYC   (09.23.11)
Not only it stands for reason, but it will have the additional benefit of chilling you folks a bit, something you desperately need.
3. Trajtenberg commission
Mark Samuel ,   new York USA   (09.23.11)
I favor what the late Yelena Bonner mentioned about intellectual freedom in my own country. Too often university is a nest of hostile agitation. Thats why I favor the report of the commission.
4. Where is the website address!!!END
Netanya ,   Netanya   (09.23.11)
5. Trajtenberg Committee smoking pot?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (09.23.11)
It may bring in a few billion shekels but will help to ruin a few million youth who already think America is G-d. Between the sexual openess and the legalization of pot, America has sunk to a moral low that is reflected in their play mentality that avoids thinking. Besides the technical knowledge that the American campus give, they give the American youth a 0 moral code allowing them to fall into narcissism. We want a moral and ethical society in Israel. Who ever wants drugs and free sex should move to Amsterdam or Los Angeles.
6. To #5 Larry - not in every state
John ,   Alaska   (09.23.11)
A couple of states have limited amounts legalized. In at least one it is intended for medical use. Marijuana in the states is usually by definition a criminal enterprise, which means that organized crime largely profits from it. Legalized for medical use, marijuana would provided a verifiably useful medication to those who need it, and would also deprive organized crime a source of income. I can't speak to the sexual openness of today's young people, as I am one of today's middle-aged people, but that may vary from state to state also. It stands to reason that if dramamine and tylenol are not associated with sexual openness, then neither would a medication which has effects similar to both.
7. Bibi ought to smoke some
Steve ,   San Francisco   (03.17.12)
I think he would then be less of a sissy and more of a level headed PM who would curb his war rhetoric that if ever it came to pass would get alot of beautiful Israeli people killed
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