Obama is Israel’s friend
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 22.09.11, 20:30
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31. This column should be in the FICTION section
Mark   (09.23.11)
32. #33 American's like yourself
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.23.11)
are in the minority, 63% according to Gallup, favor Israel You may put that in your pipe and puff on it
33. #26 muslim, fla
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.23.11)
No surprise at all, Obama will be voted out Look at the Stock Market DOWN DOWN DOWN Unemployment UP UP UP Economy DOWN DOWN DOWN Look at the voters in NY, the election last week in a district that had been solidly Democratic for 90 years turned Republican LOOK at the people on Food Stamps UP UP UP More people living inpoverty than ever before, thanks to Obama Understand the facts, you're rooting for another loser like Palestine
34. To: No. 29
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.23.11)
It is clear from your post that you do not have a clue about how U.S. aid to Israel is structured. Allow me to educate you. 1. A small amount takes the form of interest-bearing cash loans. There are only two countries in the world with a perfect repayment record. Finland is one. Israel is the other. 2. A somewhat larger amount takes the form of military credits. These credits must be spent in the United States, and carry a back-end provision requiring Israel to make available to the manufacturers all modifications and improvements. These modifications and improvements have been legion, and have always been shared. 3. By far and away the largest portion of U.S. aid to Israel takes the form of joint-venture investment capital. These joint ventures have resulted in, to name but a few, the cellular telephone, massive quantities of software technology, facial recognition software, mass spectrometry, improved magnetic resonance imaging, computerized axial thermography and roughly 70% of the chemotherapy protocols in use throughout the world. If you are looking for your neighbor's child in the basement, then you really need to look at Jordan. Or Egypt. Or Pakistan. Hey! They harbored bin Laden (may his name be cursed throughout eternity) for years, didn’t they? Some “friend.” What a great sinkhole in which to pour money, wouldn't you say? Then there is the ersatz "Palestine" Authority. Of course, let us not forget that one-quarter of the United States Navy sits off the coast of Saudi Arabia, protecting the Saudis. How do they thank the United States? By reducing production and jacking up the price of light Arabian crude. Is that your idea of a “friend?” Shall we talk about the Marshall Plan loans bestowed upon Western Europe that were never repaid? Shall we talk about the United States armed forces deployed in South Korea, pretty much for free and despised by the South Koreans? Israel gives far more than it gets. Israel is an investment. Israel is a loyal ally that has always backed the United States in all fora. The Arab states -- and pretty much every other country that gobbles up United States foreign aid -- give back NOTHING. NOTHING. They are all holes into which the United States throws money. Acquire an education. Please take yourself out of the gene pool -- castration comes to mind. You are far too stupid to procreate.
35. To: No. 26
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.23.11)
Do you think we are stupid? You all want your green card, but you never bother to pursue citizenship. You don't vote. You cannot vote. You are irrelevant in 2012. You do not invest in the United States -- all you do is send money back to whatever hellhole you came from. Works perfect for me.
36. Yitzhak tell us about the price the US demanded from Bibi
Marcella   (09.23.11)
MK Aryeh Eldad, who is visiting Washington, has accused Israel PM Netanyahu of buckling under Obama's demands in exchange for his UN veto. The demands include that Israel must not retaliate against the PA for breaking the Oslo Accords. This means Israel cannot annex the land or interfere with money going to PA and Gaza. It is also understood that the construction freeze must also continue. In other words, the US Democrats have tied Israel's hands but will sell this veto as a pro-Israel gesture in the coming election.
37. #29
solomon ,   bklyn   (09.23.11)
< Americans like myself (who number in the tens of millions) will listen> Americans may number in the tens of millions. That does not mean they agree with you or that they aren't listening already.
38. Obama pro-Israel?
An American PAtriot ,   San Antonio   (09.23.11)
The author needs to ease off the prozac. Obama right now only worries of reelection and is shucking and jiving. If he wins re-election, we can anticipate the true Obama coming out again as he had for decades - supportive of those looking to restoke the Auschwitz ovens. Until then, he will allow Farakhan Wright Sharpton and Clinton to deliver his Jew hating message
39. Israel's Friend
nadya ,   CA., US   (09.24.11)
Obama may be Israel's friend but he sure isn't America's. He's not interested in America's best interests!!
40. i have a family
nada ,   elsewhere   (09.24.11)
obama openion on my family is not important than what i want but israil did that what obama said is the top on what i need or what i said
41. Obama friend of Israel
Gina ,   Somewhere, USA   (09.24.11)
The majority of people in the US are pro-Israel but Obama is NOT. He just wants our votes, especially Jewish Americans' votes. HaShem bless Israel!
Rebel ,   Lancaster PA USA   (09.24.11)
Obama is no friend of Israel and especially, of America. He is the most anti-Israel president ever. The only thing is holding him back : the conservatives. Unfortunatelly the liberal Jews still worshipping this marxist moslem pretender.
43. #34 Sara your best TB ever luv ya Happy New Year to ya
Al   (09.24.11)
44. Netanyahu - stand strong for Israel
Isaac Storm   (09.24.11)
One problem with this article is that writer "forgot" to mention that the far-left progressive branch of the democratic party is really, really, angry with President Obama and immeditately began to send out their shills (Bill Clinton, Olmert, Livni, etc...) with articles condemning and blaming Netanyahu so that he would capitulate and agree to no more building and the '67 boarders.
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (09.25.11)
Perhaps too much wine while pontificating on how we should all get on our hands and knees and shovel more cash to your sacred Israel? Please tell us, oh "ersatz" techno-wizard and purveyor of hatred, how US aid to Israel, "resulted in...the cellular phone..."? Same question regarding "resulted in...mass spectometry..."? The invention of the cell phone had nothing to do with US aid to Israel. Ditto for mass-spec. Your half-baked falsehoods and the enormous gaps in your verbose rant requires too much time to pick apart. Get your facts straight and look for solutions instead of your endless and tiresome attacks on people's heritage and thoughts.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (09.25.11)
If he should be re-elected, he'll show his animosity towards Israel again, since he can't run for a third term, he will run hog wild with anything he has his mind on
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