Abbas: Israelis want peace, leaders don’t
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.09.11, 01:04
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1. France once again adopts maverick position
While it is easy to blame the Americans for lack of progress in ME talks between Israel government and Palestinian representatives, France has once again thrown a new prpsal into the ring which while sounding appealing at first and setting out some timetable , actually repeats road maps and timetables previously suggested and takes no account of the change in attitudes on both sides that have to predicate a long term viable acceptable agreement. France once again has split ranks and adopted a maverick position which muddies the waters and while it emphasizes face to fave negotiations , in reality offers nothing radically new than what has gone before, in some sort of Gaullist attempt to steal a leading role for itself in the solution to peace. No country has invested moire time and money in the Peace negotiations between the palestinians and Israelis and so pulling the rug from those efforts is unhelpful and rather hollow in its integrity. .
2. Proof
Paul ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.11)
That the Leftists have misled the entire world with their self-centered, Soros sponsored, horniness for Peace. All with an enemy that wants peace on their terms, or else. WIth an enemy that won't even recognize the identity and History of the Jewish people. Just listen to Abbas' words, 'the people of Israel wants peace', and Bibi is the bad guy. A cue to Leftists to pressure Bibi into suicide, that they committed spiritually long ago.
3. abbas is acting wise and brave...
eporue ,   europe   (09.23.11)
4. Right Wing Jews will steal as much land as they can
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.23.11)
...while they can, with the help of their Right Wing Christian supporters in America. Abbas knows this and is laying the groundwork for a civil rights movement, seeking the vote in Palestine Israel.
5. #1- And what new can be proposed in you opinion?
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.23.11)
At least France showed their support for the talks which Abbas doesn't accept on the grounds that Netanyahu is not willing to give more then Barak and Olmert. The concessions can't be made only by Israel. Israel left Gaza unilaterally. Did the Jews get any gesture of goodwill from Arabs? Quiet opposite. There is no large space for the negotiations. And Sarkozy didn't say "Yes" to Abbas yet.
6. Abbas is just a killer - he deserves death sentence !
Who cares   (09.23.11)
The PLO is nothing but a terror organisation - its purpose is to kill jews first, then all the others who are not fitting in their inhumane, sick and criminal plans ! The leaders of terror organisations deserve just one thing : death sentence, nothing else ! Only fools let them talk in the UN, only fools let them move freely and practice terror ( Terror is the daily business of Abbas and his pals.....) But payday for the fools will come, sooner or later - for ''He who curses Israel will be cursed!''
7. bibi wants peace but.........
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (09.23.11)
Bibi wants peace but does not want to committ suicide either , bibi whats a two state solution , the palestinians whats a one state solution there state we all no what there charter calls for thats the destruction of israel and they will never amend that . if Bibi would to give in Bibi would lead israel down the path of destruction he has no choice but to say no to any unrealistic peace deals what ever they may be the 1967 boarders or the dividing of jerusalem which are off the table. may the lord forever bless the jewish state of israel.
8. Wrong and foolish headline
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (09.23.11)
The right one is Palestinians do not want peace, do not want Israel to exist
9. The 67 Lines Will Begin the Conflict
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (09.23.11)
An Israeli rep said a few weeks ago, that while the French proposals are welcome, if not to the letter, there cannot be 2 proposals at once. Look everyone, as Barak and Olmert have said numerous times, all the issues have been discussed and everyone knows just about the parameters. The problem is both sides accepting and compromising. The Israelis do not want any lines used as a beginning of talks, but everything put on the table at once. The Pals demand the lines then discussions about all the other issues including return. That's like saying in a divorce hearing, the husband was the fault of the bad marriage, therefore, the wife gets the home and children, the remaining assets subject to discussion and acceptance by both sides. Onced Israel agrees to the lines, everything else is sophistry. Its automatic that all the settlements will have to be dismanteld or vacated. Abbas is adament about the right of return. He claims they have rights to the homes they left, in Israel. So what's to discuss? Now, Abbas says its Bibis fault..the Israeli people are peace loving and want peace ( hence, the Pals demands). Oh how they can divide peoples (In Israel), setting one faction against another..Labor vs Kadima vs Likud, etc. Bibi then becomes the bete noir, the renegade, against the wishes of his own people. After all, even the protestors want peace..and a withdrawal. The academics, artists, leftists, journalists, want peace. Livni wants peace. Its that Bibi. Yet, no mention of Israel being a Jewish state (per the UN partition), the refugee right is not absolute, changes in demography preclude the 67 lines as well as the security issues. Abbas is parroting Obamas view, that this conflict is the root cause of other M.E. problems..that the Arab Spring, with an end to the conflict, will finally bring normalcy to the dysfunctional area. If only the Israel's simply withdrew..and gave the Pals their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Either Obama is delunsional or simply narrow minded, I dont know? Or, he really believes if Israel were to acquiesce to all the Arab demands, the conflict would be over. Im afraid that would just be the beginning of the conflict. Or as a Pals leader said, UN 242 is being used by Israel to procrastinate and is irrelevant. He just doesnt get it. Its the only UN resolution that is relevant. Agreed to borders, Israel withdraws from territories and the right of return must be agreed to by both sides.
SIMON   (09.23.11)
The Pals do no want peace . They do not recognise Israel They only send more rockets They want the Jews either dead OR LEAVE
11. Naive Sarkozy, islamilization will bless France
12. Naive Sarkozy, radical Islam hijack France already
mary of Bethany ,   s   (09.23.11)
if the west don't united to fight this Evil Conguest of radical Islam, if the West don't recognised Israel's as the frontline fighting this Evil for you, "AFTER THE SATURDAY PEOPLE, FRIDAY IS COMING AFTER THE SUNDAY PEOPLE." correction, FRIDAY is attacking SUNDAY now right under our nose, as i am writting! Sarkozy you don't want beautiful french gals buried under burkas? and you will have radical Muslim running as ministers in France, since muslims will no longer fear you. then continue with your silly suggestion of the observer status..
13. If there are good Israelis who want a fair
Chris.B ,   Australia   (09.23.11)
settlement then Abbas talk to them because Bibi and the rest of the fanatics only desire to destroy any chances of a viable and free Palestinian state.This is stated policy on record in America and Israel. Delay, destroy, and decieve. The world is sick of the occupation of Palestine and the endless conflicts.
First step is to recognize Israels basic right to be. Renounce the intent to destroy Israel. There is no point trying to go any further until you do that - MORON! Not fooling anybody.
15. If Abass wanted peace he would accept Israel's right to be,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (09.23.11)
to exist as the nation-state of the Jewish people; and would accept a peace treaty as the end of the conflict and the end of all future demands, but he refuse to accept it, categorically. One wonders, why...??
16. Whatever Bibi Wants
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (09.23.11)
If he wants talks, he has Abbas phone number.. Obama toasted the US relationship with the PA, as demanded by Israel. They are hanging him in effigy and burning Obama's picture in Ramallah. Netanyahu is now on his own.
17. Peace
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke, USA   (09.23.11)
Just reading the comments in talkbacks I am convinced that neither the Israeli government nor the majority of Israeli population wants peace.I think they have come to find the festering conflict is more beneficial in helping them to grab whatever they can more from the lands that belong to Palestinians. Why agree to peace then.If I were any body in the Palestinian authority, I would dissolve the current Palestinian authority and would let Israel worry about her responsibilities as occupier . Cynical, yes!
18. Palestinians jilt American advances
Steve   (09.23.11)
Like a desperate lover languishing for affection, no matter what the Palestinians do, America cannot take no for an answer. America pines for Palestinian affection. Even horrid images of Palestinians celebrating on 9/11 did not prevent Bush from pouring out his love on the Palestinians; promising Arafat and his people great reward if he would only behave himself. Obama is no different. It matters not what these estranged lovers do, America comes back for more.
19. Jews want a Jewish state. Abbas doesn't.
Sam ,   Canada   (09.23.11)
Israel,the US and EU accept Jewish and Palestinian states. Abbas rejects a Jewish state. So, how on earth can Abbas think Israelis want peace and the leadership doesn't? We have heard the Palestinian propaganda that Palestinians want a 2 state solution. They never say what that means because none of the journalists or diplomats have the sense to ask them. Rather pathetic.
20. Sorry to disagree, Abbas. U.R. Wrong.
Israeli 2   (09.23.11)
All Israelis want REAL peace. The Israeli leaders were the most giving even when they got punished by their God for giving His land out for free. You on the other hand have shown us that you are hateful murderers. I pray and wish your people the worst outcome ever.
21. Israelis DO want peace
Vlad   (09.23.11)
Just not a division of Jerusalem and the suicidal "1967 borders". Abbas is INSANE if he thinks Israelis support his bid.
22. abbas won't talk without absurd pre-conditions, but Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.23.11)
is the problem. He thinks the whole world will believe his lies. WRONG!
23. KISS principle
sk ,   USA   (09.23.11)
KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid. The bottom line reason that the region/world does not need another Arab state: currently there are 22 HIGE Arab states on almost all the ME land, vs. 1 tiny Jewish state on a sliver of ME land. 22:1 is already too much! There is NO NEED for a 23:1 ratio!
24. Abbas the Deceiver
Brod ,   USA   (09.23.11)
The Devil is the father of Deceits and his follower like Abbas is a liar. The fact is the peace that Israel wants is living side by side in peace. The 'peace' that Abbas and his Islamist-Jihadist cohorts want is the destruction of Israel as spelled out in their Charter, Maps and School Textbooks.
25. Yes, the majority of us want peace.
noa ,   israel   (09.23.11)
We also want the Palestinian people to be happy. But we are frightened, and have too much to lose. If the Palestinians, after becoming a nation, join forces with the other Arab countries against us, that will be the beginning of our end. We just can't take this lightly at all.
26. Who is pointing at whom
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (09.23.11)
Mr. Abbbas forgets that when one points a finger at someone there are three fingers pointing back at him. He has used every ploy not to go to the negotiation table. It will be fitting if this ploy fails. Only direct talks and recognition of Israel will lead to a Palestinian state.
27. Israel new Security needs: Them or us
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.11)
Picot-Sykes, signalled France as the malicious creator of dissent of Arab &Jew; intervening to disrupt harmony England, Italy, Holland, & Belgium all played imperialists evil to the core,with the scars inflicted on the human race evident today. Oil, other riches abject greed driving their crimes then and now. It is where it is: Arabs refused to accomodate the state of Israel, and also rejected the hordes that sought asylum in Eretz Yisrael after jobs in the yishuv. Arabs want it their way, cleansing 900000 Jews from their lands . Europe, ever evil looked the other way Very recently, as a result of Obama unleashing Islamic fundamentalism on Israel's borders, failing to deal with Iran, etc,,.., The Security needs of Israel have changed, and Israel is not about to ignore these. If its them or us, then there is little that can be talked about.
28. Bibi doesn't want peace: Neither do I
Tambour ,   Eilat   (09.23.11)
At the very best, we get a truce, and we will need to ensure our strength to survive, given a hostile world. I do not want a false peace that lets the trojan horse within, and the Arabs finish the evil Hitler started
29. I am Pali want peace too,with new election not an old man..
Anna M sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.23.11)
Abbass is 76,he has been in power like Mubark all his life,and is long time since new candidates are propose for a new movement... Pali need to get rid of this "old man" Abbas and get some 40 or 50 old young generation of politicians At 76 this old man called Abu Mazen,should retire and after 4 or 8 years Pali should get elections...see the problem when you are Islamic and not democratic ,you get the same old scum all your life!!!!!
30. Another Arab State
Joan ,   New Zealand   (09.23.11)
#13 Chris - It is very obvious you know very little of the truth but have swallowed the PLO propaganda hook ,line and sinker The Palys could have had a state as far back as 1947-8 - You need to realise they want all of Israel. Try reading 'From Time Immemorial' by Joan Peters. You would be shocked if you knew a quarter of the lies that you and others have believed.
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