Netanyahu weakens Israel
Tzipi Livni
Published: 23.09.11, 10:10
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1. you just made a big mistake, tzipi livni: you disqualified..
eporue ,   europe   (09.23.11)
yourself... many, many words, not one "occupation", not one "judea", not "west bank", not "settler"... arent these the issue to be clarified - NOW ? how can you publish an opinion peace, without mentioning any of them ? you have to say what you are going to negotiate about, you must bring some concrete plan... you have to say it - again and again.... but you avoided it, is it because you still think can get away by some fake negotiations - and if it gets tight start some war, as with cast lead ? is it this ? jmo... they will rip you into pieces here, within the next 15 minutes - probably 50 talkbacks... should be a new record...
2. Netanyahu Weakens Israel
Get a life! You're the one on the slide -- and you're taking your party with you. People are not as dense as you seem to think.
3. Wrong! zippy the pinhead works with our
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.23.11)
enemies to isolate Israel. I do not like bibi, but I hate zippy. Besides that she looks like Chaz Bono.
4. Why Livni wants very much the NEW INTIFADA?
Nick   (09.23.11)
I don't know. Perhaps she is getting older and thinks that she will never be a PM? And she must do something now?
5. Hypocrits
Ken ,   SA   (09.23.11)
The "Palistinians" and Arabs have never and will never recognize or agree to the existance of a Jewish State - just look at the PLO logo, their schoolbooks, TV and radio. All their energy is not for peace but pure hatred of Israel AND the West, non-Muslims.
6. You cannot negotiate with terrorists and murderers.
Devorah   (09.23.11)
And you, Livni, would just as soon give all of Israel to the arabs. You are a self-serving traitor and should be thrown out of the Knesset.
7. all the same
yasser ,   canaan-palestine   (09.23.11)
engages in negotiations ( strong party the occupiers vs. weak party under occupation) while steeling more land of the west bank will lead to one state / one vote
8. Ms.Chairwoman: Only Free People Can Negotiate
Ron ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
9. I feel sorry for the Palestinians
George Stevens   (09.23.11)
they deserve their own state, think about it Just talk and talk and talk , no justice to the Palestinians just talk for 20 years,that is sick Israel cheating the Palestinians year after year ,Israel out of USA it is enough stealing our money killing our people (USS LIBERTY) spy on us ,Israel go way we don't want in USA.
10. Question for talkbackers...
joe ,   st louis usa   (09.23.11)
What's she actually saying? That Natenyahu should meet PA preconditions? She didn't specifically say that, so is this what she means or not? Natenyahu said he WILL talk to the PA, literally at any time, on even a few hours notice. Abbas has consistently responded that he'll talk only after Israel meets preconditions. (And when Israel did meet preconditions in 2010 Abbas still wouldn't meet). Livni's view is a common one among left leaning people in Israel, but I'm not sure specifically what whey want to see Natenyahu do differently. He already IS willing to meet, so what else is there to do? Does anyone here understand? Maybe some talkbackers are left leaning Israelis who understand Kadima's position?
11. Put Her Behind Bars Already
ray ,   usa   (09.23.11)
She's a power hungry lunatic.
12. Dear Tzipi
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (09.23.11)
We've seen your acts when you were part of Olmert's government. We are still suffering from your deal with Hizbullah. We don't forget you entering through the back door in Annapolis. We don't forget that you were Likud and are now calling Labor for union. We have seen that due to your ego you didn't accept to be second and work within the coalition for the good of Israel. Do you really pretend us to see you as a good option?
13. The New GOLDA MEIR
josi ,   norway   (09.23.11)
Think BIG,Big ISRAEL,so is it been written, so let it be done.(the BIBLE) make ISRAEL STRONG, and forget the UN.
14. And clearly, Tzipi makes Israel stronger...
Jonathan   (09.23.11)
Not! Stop bringing up shame on all of us Tzipi. Please... BB is the best thing that ever happened to us, in this day and age. If you have nothing to say then..
15. Zipi Zipi, it's time to Zip it
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (09.23.11)
You have always gone against Natanyahu's Government. Nothing he did in your eyes was good, yet, what have you done and what do you propose? Did you make peace with the Pals when you were the leader? Did you not offer them Jerusalem? Yet, they didn't accept your offer. In you leadership you went to war and no Arab wanted to talk to you. Natanyahu even backed you up and agreed with you when you went to war in Gaza and in Lebanon, but you never agreed to anything he did, why? You isolated Israel with all your BS, including Turkey and Egypt, not Natanyahu. Unless you come up with a realistic solution, you should be with Israel and not against. This is not election time, this is about Israel, your country, in which you want to give away to terrorists who don't want to accept a Jewish State, who don't want limited return of refugees, they want all the refugees back to Israel, but they don't want Jews living in their land? Where is your morals? This = to the destruction of any hope for a Jewish Israel. The Pals want it all and you want to give them all. Sorry, but as an Israel, I don't think so.
16. :-))
Marcela Ara├║jo ,   Brazil   (09.23.11)
17. maybe netanyahu's decisions could be better
Michael   (09.23.11)
however, by your statements it seems your focus is on being Prime minister. Nothing else seems to matter. Government's own perception of Israel is the problem .Whether it is likud, Labor or Kadima ideology it is missing a basic concept. That the founding of the State is not the beginning of Jewish History it is a segment of Jewish History. Yes, we need a land to be free of anti semittism. But we need the land of Israel (specifically) to fulfill our religious commandments. Which religion has commandments specific to one place?! Islam? Christianity, Hinduism? Buddism? No just Judaism. Can the Palestinians pray to mecca from France or India or from Ramallah? Yes, So what special significance does Judea and Samaria have on their individual lives? they want Freedom. But freedom can be granted to Palestinians in any land or could be denied in any land. This is the point Bib and Livni should be saying together. For Livni to continue with her empty words causes harm to Israeli Democracy. The role of opposition Leader is not just about criticizing the Prime Minister. Its about offering real alternatives. None of which I hear.
18. In a few words
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (09.23.11)
All the long drivel can be easily condensed to a few words: Netaniyahu BAAD, Zippi Livni GOOOOD. But why Israel should deserve such a brilliant thinker and doer as our Zippi for PM? I wonder!..
19.  Netanyahu weakens Israel
summer ,   tel aviv   (09.23.11)
that is just for laugth. till now every single pm in israel doing that , so whats new about bibi?? and if tzipi livni pm then we, the israely population can;t say: good nigth israel or anny one belive she doing somethinks better?
20. Olmert and Livni, Livni and Olmert. Bibi bashing relay race?
leo ,   usa   (09.23.11)
21. The Zipperette,.....Kadima Charwoman
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.23.11)
...has morphed into Bill Clinton without the talent, skill, slitheriness and the young woman crouched beneath the desk. Although,.....?
22. To Love Potion #9
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.23.11)
Georgie, You left out poisoning wells. Letting blood of young boys for baking unleavened bread. Deflowering blonde maidens(harder and harder to do these days) and betraying all, via the secret thought transmitted orders of the "Elders". Bypasssing even the best Mulder-Scully made tinfoil hats ever seen. I wonder if the former U.S.Surgeon General is involved? Nah. She was not that learned.
23. Israel should end disastrous talks with P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
Until the Oslo Disaster, Israel took the principled stand of refusing to talk to genocidal terrorists. In those days, Israel was widely respected, by friends and foes alike, as a gutsy little nation. All that began to change when Israel started talking to PLO/PA terrorists. Each and every round of negotiations results in massive terror casualties and deaths inflicted on Israeli civilians. Even worse; the talks are intended to divide Israel and render her defenseless with a 9 mile (15 minute tank ride) waist. Israel should end disastrous talks with the P.A. at once. Instead we should serve the U.N., all world governments and media with incontrovertible proof Judea and Samaria are ours. We have the proof in abundance. Israel owns the truth. Let's use it.
24. Ziipi,no one is interested in what you have to say
chaim.s ,   54st.brooklyn ny   (09.23.11)
Zippi,absolutely no one is interested in your idiotic opinions,your opinions have as much relevance as the opinions of a drunken bum passed out in one of the streets of Tel-Aviv. please go away,we had enough of you
25. Go Home, you're irrelevant
barry ,   chicago usa   (09.23.11)
SIGMUND FRAUD ,   VIENNA   (09.23.11)
Tzippi Livni is clearly scizophrenic and must be locked away in a secure mental institution as soon as possible.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (09.23.11)
And has sold her soul to foreign powers.
28. Out with Tzipi or Leave Kadima
Steve ,   Ra'anana   (09.23.11)
If the big and brave Kadima Knesset members cannot get rid of her, we will simply walk on masse to another party or remain independent. She is truly a fool.
29. Livni the shallow
Sidney ,   USA   (09.23.11)
Let her give her wise response to Abbas who has recently stated that he wants to end 60 years of occupation. Since she doesn't understand, I shall translate, he wants to destroy the nation of Israel. Netanyahu is the punching bag for all the enemies of Israel because he defends the people of Israel.
30. #10 - what is she saying
yosef ,   memphis   (09.23.11)
At one time Ms. Livni was a promising character but now she is just rhetoric... "opposing to be opposing". Your question about the article answers itself I think. What she is saying is like getting yesterday's weather report this morning.
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