Netanyahu weakens Israel
Tzipi Livni
Published: 23.09.11, 10:10
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31. Tzipi Livni is the Sarah Palin of Israel - An Embarrassment
meir elazar   (09.23.11)
John McCain is undeniably a most honorable man. However, tje biggest mistake of his life was choosing Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Palin's constant ignorant remarks are fodder for late night comedians and no one can truly take her seriously. Israel has produced a trio of such failures: Livni, Olmert, and Barak. Each one has failed the citizens of Israel. But recently the idiotic rants of Olmert and Livni have taken them from laughable to despicable. Someone should put a muzzle on them. Olmert is totally out of politics and hopefully will be send to prison. Livni is in the opposition and will bring down her party until she finds her new home in the Tel Aviv garbage dump. The next Israeli goal should be getting rid of Barak. It is sickening and frightening to know he was once PM and nearly sold out Israel and he continues to undermine Israel's safety to this day.
32. Tzipi what a FOOL?
Rozie   (09.23.11)
Tzipi in this difficult time for Israel and the Jewish people you should be part of the team. You are no better than the ENEMIES of Israel. STOP YOUR FOOLISH BEHAVIOR. You are a disastor for everyone including yourself.
33. Zippy
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.23.11)
Zippy was elected to serve the Likud. She betrayed her voters for a bribe from Sharon. As FM she had only four "achievements": she failed to convince the world to condemn the Shalit kidnapping she failed to explain Israel's right to attack Lebanon after Lebanon murdered 10 soldiers she failed to explain Israel's right to attack Gaza during Cast Lead and best of all, she negotiated UNSC 1701 that gave UN protection for Hezbolla, allowing them to rearm with around 60000 missiles to attack Israel's civilians.
34. competence
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (09.23.11)
Tsipi's highest level of competence is chief dog catcher of Tel Aviv. Tsipi, gave up Gaza, lost the second lebanon war, could not make a deal with the arabs and allowed terrorism to flourish, and the economy was terrible. WHAT A RECORD OF ACCOMPLISHMENT.
35. livni same as olmert
marcel   (09.23.11)
livni is all talk like her twin olmert and is unable to do anything about rocket fire from gaza except run to the US, ban ki moon, tony blair and europe who tell her politely to exercise restraint(while privately saying that israel is a sh**t country). When you have negotiators who have no hard experience in bloody and real negotiations, youend up with scared chickens who offer everything for peace and get broken bodies and death in return. And now weinstein and the law have tied the idf's hands for fear of un goldstones. The solution is the half million jews on the west bank should sue for independence of judea and samaria and become a separate state. They can develp their own army and infrastructure. Enough with the shimon peres school of submission and false dreams. the only peace israel has known was under begin who asserted israel's historic natural rights and earned the respect of egypt to not start up. until then, under labour and the dreamers, the arabs moved in for the kill repeately. the arabs respect an israel that they fear. They move in for the kill when the baraks, th ebeilins, the livnis and clintons are on the scene. Bill clinton should focus his attention on dealing with the coming storm of his alleged romance of mondale's daughter.
36. Israel must apologies to Livni for no electing her.
Miron ,   USA   (09.23.11)
37. Turnabout
Jordan Ariel ,   Philadelphia USA   (09.23.11)
No Livni, it is you who weakens and poisons Israel with every word you speak.
38. Disunity weakens Israel
BH ,   Iowa   (09.23.11)
This is the time to put country over party and keep your differences private. Israel needs a strong unified public face no matter who's in charge.
39. Why didn't abbas sign this deal with Israel??
frida ,   london   (09.23.11)
Hi tzippi If you were so wonderful please tell the world why abbas failed to sign the treaty with you and olmert and PLEASE do not use the excuse that elections were coming up/ Any other government would have had to uphold the treaty signed. No Abbas did not and does not want us here. full stop. end of story.
40. Livni Weakens Israel
Antony ,   Tel Aviv   (09.23.11)
At the risk of repeating 99% of the comments above. Bibi hasn't acted at all, and he should have (not necessarily with negotiations). But who are you to put him down,, you have done *nothing* to show Israelis that you have our back. Ever. Just a shallow chameleon-like career politician.
41. I do not wish to insult Tzippi Livni
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (09.23.11)
But I want to insult the Israeli public for not crying out against the lousy inappropriate, damaging system of proportional representation, For not screaming against the filth in politics that put power and craving office ahead of the National Interest And for keeping quiet and accepting corruption that will surely corrode the moral fibre of our society
yushl ,   yerushalaim, eretz y   (09.23.11)
The Israeli press is starved for any development that can harm the Netanyahu government. Think of The UK. There, the academics and the press are much more virulently anti Israel / anti Semitic than the parliament and the populace. From a glance at the "Guardian" one might get the idea that an articulate populist anti Semite can easily ignite an armed crusade to liberate the Holy Land from the hands of the genocidal, infidel, bigoted, racist oppressive , fascist Zionist government. The Israeli press, academic community and liberal "Piece by Piece NOW" politicians, both elected and non elected , including the oligarchical Legal Smokers Club, here called the Supreme Court, share the sympathies and aspirations of the British academics and journalists. The difference is that in England, the enemies are not struggling to destroy their OWN nation. The anti Zionist UK press and academia are demonstrating and expressing frustration and vengeance against the children and grandchildren of a bunch of kibbutznikkim and Holocaust survivors who managed to expel the Herculean mighty Union Jack Empire from a colony called Palestine. Here in Israel, the psychological motive is self hate and tangible inferiority complex blended with an eternal desire to be accepted by and assimilated as equals among nations who thirst for our blood and hunger for our annihilation. The opposition party would love to be recognized as the "loyal opposition" but will never support or praise ANY government action for fear that the voters will say, "so they are not so bad after all." While for millennia mathematicians have sought the perfect circle, they have ignored the opposition leader, Livni, a perfect "O" There will be challenges. With The Creator's help, they too will pass. Let us hope and pray they they will pas without loss of Jewish lives, noncombatant lives and/or Zahal lives.
43. @ #10
Dot ,   Heidelberg, Germany   (09.23.11)
My guess is she is demanding of Netanyahu tp be more like a snake - to first and openly agree to the demands - but more like "taquya-tactic" to have some peace and quiet in the backroom negociations on Israels terms - that`s what I can guess from her negociations of the Al Jazeera Leaks... but I might also be wrong and she is a total leftist dude...
44. #31. Palin is principled, pro-Israel. Livni is NONE of these
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
#31. You do Sarah Palin a horrid injustice by comparing her to Livni. Have you read any of Palin's books? Have you read her position papers? Palin is not only highly intelligent. She is highly principled and a fervent American patriot. Palin is also a devout friend of Israel. Livni is NONE of these things. Livni is an absolutely unprincipled politician, who has brought Israel nothing but harm in her political life, who'd do ANYTHING to be P.M. Including boosting Obama, and his hostile agenda, at Israel's expense. There is no sane comparison between Palin and Livni.
45. Tsipi Livni
Moragh USA   (09.23.11)
Time to belt up Tsipi. You've become one helluva pain up the A..!
46. #3.
Rochel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (09.23.11)
How did Zippy the Pinhead get involved in this?
47. In the entire article, not one word...
Alexander ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (09.23.11)
... on what exactly Netanyahu must do in order to "engage in negotiations". Not one word on what Tzipi Livni and her hope-bringing Kadima would have done differently. This is criticism without substance, and there's a reason for that. Livni knows that there is no Prime Minister in Israel who could afford to give in to the Palestinian demands, because the Palestinian demands are endless.
48. One word: DISGUSTING!
Gábor Fränkl   (09.23.11)
49. The opportunist
Arie ,   BaGolan   (09.23.11)
Livni has spent too much time literally in bed with Qurei to speak objectively. Like Obama, Abbas, and others of their ilk, they are opportunists whose only goal is power and money.
50. It takes two to Tango Ms. Livni
Aharon   (09.23.11)
Netanyahu has done about as much as he can to get the "palestinians" to talk, short of forcefully tying Abbas up in a chair and holding negotiations that way, however the "palestinians" are not interested in peace. What would you do differently Tzipi? Give into "palestinian" demands that Israel leave Judea and Samaria? Give up half of Jerusalem? That doesn't seem very Zionist and certainly weakens Israel, although perhaps not in the crazy balagan of logic that makes up Tzipi Livni.
51. Deeper meaning of "kadimah" opposite of Kadima politics.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.23.11)
52. Livni is MAD!
Ezra The Lion ,   us-Israel   (09.23.11)
Negotiate with the pals after abbas' speech!? "WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT A JEWISH STATE! NEVER, EVER!". Yeah Livni, you go negotiate with those savages in your dreams. And do us all a favor miss Livni: SHUT UP AND GET OUT OF ISRAELS WAY YOU IDEALIST LUNATIC!!!
53. She is so right.!!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (09.23.11)
She is so right , but the only problem is she's talking to the wrong people she needs to talk to abbas . and not Bibi
54. to #46 Did you want me to call her zippy
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.23.11)
the genius, the Zionist, the loyal likudnik or the protector of Israel? She is a PINHEAD! And she does look like Chaz Bono! Probably has moobs also.
55. livni
mike ,   montreal,canada   (09.23.11)
in times that we have to show unity with our fellow jewish brothers we have a politician who is willing to give everything with nothing in return.THIS IS OUR LAND.let them live in Jordan and take out that no good american abdulah puppet there
56. Whenever This Woman Speaks...
Dan ,   USA NYC   (09.23.11)
...Bibi looks better. She's pathetic.
57. Who is responsible?
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke,USA   (09.23.11)
They say people deserve the government they get. In this case Israelis brought to power a government that claims to represent them and based on the talkbacks published here it is obvious that the majority of Israelis consider Netanyahou's government as theirs and support him in not wanting peace , although they are just mimicking the words to hoodwink the world opinion with their woolly declaration that they extend the hand of peace to Palestinians. Pres. Abbas was right when he said " enough is enough" .As most of journalists said to day in their broadcast of the UN event , this is not a debating society although in his UN intervention Netanyahu spoke as if it was. There is a reality that Netanyahu as Prime Minister has to deal with . Has he prpepared the Israeli public opinion to make concession ? Absolutely no !!! In fact he has hyped their fears to the extent that Israelis seem to applaud his deeds and prefer his methods and solutions. If that is the case, so be it. Do not come around begging for support when the going gets tough. If you need my help you need also to listen to me , otherwise leave me alone.
58. Sour grapes.
Gabe ,   Canada   (09.23.11)
Dear Ms. Livni. Don't make a complete fool of yourself. Please.
59. Negotiate?
RON ,   Atlanta   (09.23.11)
"Let's kill all of the Jews." is not a negotiating position.
60. Who speaketh?
Ron ,   Atlanta   (09.23.11)
Tzip it up.
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