Netanyahu weakens Israel
Tzipi Livni
Published: 23.09.11, 10:10
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61. Tzipi
ronnie ,   philadelphia USA   (09.23.11)
Stop playing politics!!! Support Israel and Netanyahu the ELECTED PM
62. stay strong Israel
Peter ,   USA   (09.23.11)
It is unfathomable that in your country there exists people like this woman who believes that there is a sound platform for negotiations with a people who loathe and would seek your annihilation. The PA is your enemy. The Hamas is your enemy. Hezzbolah is your enemy. The entire arab muslim population is your enemy. Even the ones who remain quiet and appear concilatory....they despise you Isreal. Please stay strong against these barbarians and we the USA will always support you and defend you till the end of time. Barack Obama's speech to the UN is pro Israel but his true nature is otherwise. The fact that he had to deliver this speech shows the level of love and support our population as a whole has for you. God Bless Israel!
63. NatenYahu screwd up pure and simple
ahmad ,   jerusalem   (09.23.11)
Things are not working good for Lieberman and NatenYahu. I guess Jews are learning from Arabs, and Arabs are learning from Jews, thus exchanging rules
64. Dear Israelis..........
Hondo ,   Texas   (09.24.11)
.....you really need to do something with this woman, you really do.
65. LIVNI should think in Israel, not seek her personal advantag
Jorge ,   Tegus   (09.24.11)
She is acting as a blind politician, seeking political gain, at a moment that Israel should be united agaist outside and inside enemies seeking as always to destroy it, no matter what it is offered to Palestinians, they will always want more.- I bet you, that if Israel today accepts to freeze settlement construction, negotiate on 1967 borders with land swaps, but asks that the basic demand is that the Palestinians admit and accept Israel as a Jewish state, they would never, I repeat, never do it. They are not interested in peace, they want the demise of Israel. Unprincipled politicians like Livni, are helping them, as well as the troglodite Israeli Left of Haarets, Sarid, Barenboim et al.
66. crazed with a lust for power
Steven ,   San Francisco   (09.24.11)
this woman is bad news for Israel and Jews everywhere...she needs to be defeated every time she attempts to run for any office
67. Dear Hondo Texas
Texan   (09.24.11)
We know that she is a angry liberal Thank you dear Texan this is From me from another Texan !!!!
68. Feckless Livni
Jeff Grill ,   Wichita Falls, U.S.   (09.24.11)
Tzpip Livni is a feckless appeaser who will do and say anything to grab the reins of power. She is only to anxious to do Obama's bidding. She is on par with the treasonous Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin. The PA, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Al Qaeda, as well as the majority of Palestinians want Israel to be annihilated. The core tenets of Islamic Scripture (Qur'an, Hadith) as well as the Sira (Muhammad's biography) mandate that a Jewish (Yahudi) presence in Israel is unacceptable. There is nothing to negotiate - accept whether one wants to be shot, bombed, stabbed or bull dozed. There is only total and complete victory. Israel must remain sovereign from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The false, mendacious "Fakestinian" narrative must be exposed.
69. you can bring a horse to water but can't force it to drink
Yoni ,   Montreal Canada   (09.24.11)
You can't negotiate with those who either refuse to negotiate or who does not recognize Israel as the Jewish state. If the Palestinians genuinely wanted peace they would have had their state many moons ago. Too bad Gaza along with the Philidelphi corridor was given away for nothing in return. Israel should retake control of the Philidelphi corridor and block all the tunnels!
70. naive of history to be a leader
cc toland ,   yucaipa, usa   (09.24.11)
who are your foes? what do they do? in who's name do they do it in ? what methods do they use in return for prior consessions? any remorse? any insight into their own misdeeds? can you say appeasement? how about faith in the One. only a fool says their is no ....... how do you think you got this far in history isreal? by yourself?
71. Unpatriotic and Treasonous Move
Brod ,   USA   (09.24.11)
Attacking your PM when the country is being confronted by a Tsunami of dark forces is unpatriotic and treasonous. Livni should shut up and stop helping external forces hellbent on undermining Israel.
72. Meir #31 Totally Wrong
Brod ,   USA   (09.24.11)
Comparing Sarah Palin to Livni is an insult. Sarah Palin is a patriotic and honorable American who is a strong Conservative leader. Livni is an ultra Leftist like Obama. Your trashing of Palin is defamatory. Have you read her books? Have you seen her speak to thousands of people including the 500,000 patriotic Americans at Washington DC in 2010? Whether you like it or not, Sarah Palin will be the next President of USA!
73. Is she insane??
Becker ,   Ravenna Ohio   (09.24.11)
Please, beloved Israel, do not follow this woman.
74. ahmad @ 63, I noticed you are making statements
leo ,   usa   (09.24.11)
for the sake of making it. Would you elaborate on what was suppose to work out well for Israel and did not and what exactly Arabs and Jews are exchanging, besides blows of course?
75. 1- She is right on the money unfortunatly.
Prof. Aloni TA U   (09.24.11)
If this was business he would have been fired long ago. In two years he ruined most of israel assets. the US dont belive a word he says, morover, when former president and defense minister not Tzipi are saying the same thing take a note. He lost Turkey and on the verge of losing Egypt and jordan. I would give him f- if he was student of mine.
chris,usa ,   yucaipa, usa   (09.24.11)
palin is this and more. only because of our liberal lawless media and kind is she not appreciated more.
77. To 57, Jacob Edelman
Lengualima ,   I   (09.24.11)
To 57, Jacob Edelman, Burke, USA "You've prpepared the Israeli public opinion, to make concession?" What concessions do you mean?, An extermination camp in Tel Aviv, one in Beersheba, a Safed. Those are the only concession to the Arabs accepted. How many Jewish citizens of Israel think you are willing to pay that price?.
78. Good ideas
Steven A. ,   Bay Area, USA   (09.24.11)
You have some good ideas Mrs. Livni so please present them and let the people decide. That is what elections are for.
79. Who needs enemies
Kim ,   SA   (09.24.11)
when you have people of her ilk living as Jews within the borders of Israel?
80. to #58 It is way too late for that!
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.24.11)
She made a fool of herself when she deserted the likud for kadima and it got worse every time she opened her pie hole.
81. A simple answer for the confused :
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.24.11)
Mrs. Livni is a bitter, disillusioned loser. No matter what Bibi will say or do, she will be against it. This is a personal avenge of hers. You see, my belief is that it is not good to be left or right. Once I saw her as a possible prime minister. Now she has burned her bridges.
82. To the editor
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.24.11)
I would like that Mr. Edelman (n° 57) and Mr. Robert (n°53) can see my answers.
83. Advice to Netanyahu:
Isaac Storm   (09.24.11)
Netanyahu, send Livni on a "peace mission" to someplace like the UK, Spain, or France; then let the ICC deal with her. (She can plead insanity as a defense because only an insane person would seek to undermine Israel at this critical juncture.)
84. massive projection
michel ,   france   (09.24.11)
the only one who is weakening Israel is YOU taking every chance to disqualify Netanyahu particulary when it hurts Israel. stop projecting your own on the others//
85. To the editor
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.24.11)
Thank you.
86. To 57, Jacob Edelman
Sidney ,   USA   (09.24.11)
Who asked for your help? By what arrogance do you expect anybody to listen to your advice. And, don't confuse yourself with the government of the US.
87. Israel Law Centre should prepare treason charges vs Livni.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.24.11)
The Israel Law Centre has done much magnificent work in fighting for Israel and the rights of Diaspora Jews. It was instrumental in destroying the hostile flotilla by notifying the ships' insurers they could be sued for enormous damages unless they canceled the ships' insurance. The Law Centre is fighting Jew hatred on American campuses by warning university administrators they will face criminal charges and large lawsuits unless they curb Anti-Semitism on campus. For their next project; I suggest the Israel Law Centre prepare treason charges against Livni. An Israeli politician who circles the world demonizing the democratically elected government of her nation deserves severe legal punishment.
88. "What's she actually saying? "
ab ,   usa   (09.24.11)
That's simple. She is saying that she wants to be the Prime Minister of Israel.
89. To #75 Prof Aloni
lisa ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.25.11)
Maybe before you give your very ridiculous statements of your truth that it is harming the jewish people and the state of Israel, you should go learn how to correctly spell in English. If you dont like the democratically elected prime Minster of Israel maybe you should go live in Gaza where you will have much opportunity to express your freedom of speech. NOT! Maybe then you will learn to have a little more appreciation and stop spewing your hate and trying to misinform based on your credentials Mr. Professeur.
90. Livni stop damaging Israel
Dan David   (09.25.11)
Livni is acting as 5th column against Israel - she is frastrated and not wise
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