Obama tells rabbis: Bond with Israel unbreakable
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.09.11, 09:41
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1. Mr. Obama:
Israeli 2   (09.23.11)
It is not your fault. The M.E. has a very complicated mentality. But if you really want to be re-elected, please stop your mantra of 2States for two people and drop your adamant request for direct negotiations. Get the Palestinians and the Jordanians together and make them a deal they can't refuse. Leave Israel out of it. The Palestinian problem is a Jordanian problem - not an Israeli one.
2. U.S. and ISrae's bond unbreakbale: OBAMA
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (09.23.11)
Obama" Israel and US's bond unbreakable. I should know I have tried to beak it for the past 3 years." Don;t be gullible folks...remember Obama's actions and insults and forcing ISrael to implode not his cheap words. Also, Turkey's and Israel's relations being on the rocks is NOT because of the Arab/Muslim war against Israel (though partically since they would wish Israel to no longer exist) but due to Turkey's islamist intrasigent government and its support for terrorism. In fact, ever since Erdogan has been in power relations started to sour, slowly at first but continuously. How can an intelligent analytical person not see this? Obama is trying to blow smoke up the world's and the U.S. jews behinds for his re-election campaign.
3. Obama and Rabbis
JeanH ,   USA   (09.23.11)
Empty words? Look at Obama's track record.
4. @ 2
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (09.23.11)
The US supports Israel because we have interest. American Jews vote with and for there wallets and not because of Israel. The American people support Israel 100 percent even though they couldn't locate it on a world map, however if Israel becomes a liability then that will slowly change. The only country that can effectively protect Israel diplomatically is the US. No other country goes out of it's way like the US to protect Israel and if America chooses to go on it's own in regards to foreign policy that is also our prerogative and right as an independent nation.
5. Relationship w/Obama UNSUSTAINABLE
Yonason Herschlag   (09.23.11)
After Obama's good friend and patron Bill Ayers sent the flotilla, Obama warned Barak to send the marines unarmed. When the marines miraculously came out alive Bama demanded an INVESTIGATION. Then Bama anounced to the world, that Israel's blockade is UNSUSTAINABLE! Don't forget he pushed Bibi hard to agree to two States, and then pushed him harder to freeze building for a year, and then to extend the freeze further. We had a stable ally with Mubarak, whom Bama called on to step down making room for the Muslim Brotherhood, and lost our gas contract and border security. Since Bama has been in office, Turkey has become our enemy too. One thing is certainly UNSUSTAINABLE, and that's Israel's security and welfare so long as Bama has influence.
6. Hope the Rabbi won't fall for Obama's ludicrous lies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
There is no comparison between political strategy and true friendship. Obama is desperate. His support levels among all segments of America is falling dramatically. Jews have been among the most loyal Democrats since the 1930s. Yet Obama is losing them too. Obama is mouthing a few pro-Israeli words to win the support of foolish Jews. He has not suddenly become a sincere friend of Israel. I hope the Rabbis are too smart to fall for Obama's ludicrous lies.
7. If the Rabbis had any bloody self respect they would have
Al   (09.23.11)
shown him the door. Obama is history...Look at how America is tanking. He must never be re elected. He will destroy America and the west.
8. This from a man who spent 20yrs with Rev Wright.
Josh   (09.23.11)
Dropped him like a hot potato. But would the Rabbis have done the same? There is no bond,
9. Selling his arab soul for votes.
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (09.23.11)
This is the work of the Almighty and I don't mean little "o".
10. #7 is absolutely correct!
Kayla ,   Florida   (09.23.11)
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