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Suspension of anti-Israel musicians blasted
Published: 24.09.11, 08:21
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1. who cares?
2. Nazis are on their way again-1933
Isac   (09.24.11)
So let me get this straight. Some morons and Jew Haters (don't try to disguise yourself please) boycott Jewish musicians because they want to play in front of an audience. That's called racism, idiots!
3. LPO is absolutely right
Oleg ,   USA   (09.24.11)
Tjhose four idiots shouldn't put their affiliation with an orchestra signing any petition. Let them have alittle rest, maybe their brains will cool down a little bit.
4. london phil
hank williams ,   islamabad pakistan   (09.25.11)
the london phil is just angry that a better orchestra is performing on their turf
5. Good for LPO-those musicians were
calling for boycot of other musicians now let them see how it feels to be "boycoted" themselves. LPO-stick to yo guns-u r the correct ones h ere
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