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Netanyahu: Palestinians want state without peace
Ynet reporters
Published: 23.09.11, 22:49
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31. 16,25,26
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (09.23.11)
There's hope... while you make such right on comments!
32. Bibi's speech was AMAZING
Talula ,   Israel   (09.23.11)
The man said it all and delivered it with passion, strength and charisma - of course Abbas, oh pathetic one, took the opportunity to spout his hatred for Israel. If Anyone with half a brain there put one and one together, they would see that Abbas is a loser of a man who thinks he and his terrorists mates are entitled to a terrorist state, right on our doorstep. He had the stage to convince the UN and the world that the Palestinians want peace as well as their own state - no mention of peace of was mentioned. Keep trying asshole, there's no way in HELL they'll get their own state - there are no shortcuts.
33. Masses of Arabs
zichron   (09.24.11)
We need masses of Arabs to help build the nuclear shelters and escape gates for all Jew and Gentile excepting the neonazis and jihadi for the nuclear event is inevitable .One State Two People The Courageous and Wise Jews who fear the Almighty Force and hate Rorts and Waste control Security.
34. to Michael Steiner
jew from the east   (09.24.11)
a jiddish saying for you. " as a jid is klig is er klig un as er is a nar is er a nar." you are the latter.
35. What do the Palestinians have......
WISDOM ,   London   (09.24.11)
....against the 10 Commandments given to Moses? Love thy neighbour as thyself would mean no more rocketing. Baroness Ashton and Mrs Clinton have no knowledge of the Edges of Gods Ways nor the arab mentality, they might as well be talking backwards. If you want peace you have to take the strain, even children learn about consequences, but apparently not Ms Ashton who does diplomacy by deceit.
36. From the comments here
Gabriel ,   Jerusalem   (09.24.11)
It's sad some people here just didn't understood Bibi. I believe the world should focus on other problems and let our people go. Again, all the judeofobia is happening. Palestine is ethnically cleansing, wants pure islam country. You can see their propaganda all over the broadcast, with a mega staged party with all kind of characters and image games for the masses. I've lost all my faith in democracy and unfortunately the masses have been proving to be dead wrong more and more, selling to populism. Netanyahu failed to address the FEAR that many countries have of voting against the Arab majority, because of their extremist islamic GANG that threatens peace all over the world. Europe, America, Africa, Oceania, Asia - WAKE UP!!! If they prove victorious in Israel, the next step is the you. Just read a bit about Mohammad and what he did and you'll understand how much freedom this people have.
37. #29 NO, Put the horse before the cart!
Bibi - doesnt have to do jack. The US supports the Israeli position because its in their interests to do so. Its about money and security . Too easy. But obviously hard for you to understand. They know a unilaterally declared state or the hint of it is going to cause even more trouble - and it will. You probably DO understand that - but dont care, right? In any case - the VERY first thing that must be done is not from Israel but the Pals. I'll spell it out for you dummies. RECOGNIZE ISRAEL. Nobody - NOBODY can negotiate with one party that point blank refuses to even accept the others right to be. ITS FUNDAMENTAL.
38. To #28 Daniel
John ,   Alaska   (09.24.11)
The Arabs would be very glad if Israel would let them create a palestinian state in Yehuda and Shomron. Their stated goal is to use that state to liberate Tel Aviv and Haifa from ... well, from you.
39. Thomas # 27
ben   (09.24.11)
Perhaps you should learn some history Start with August 1933 . It's called the transfer agreement.. Chek out the picture of the Zionists and the Natzis. Maybee you can put it nexed to your picture of Hittler and the Muffi. PS do you know what the name of Serdot was in 1948 before it was ethnicly cleansed by the heroic Golani Brigade. Hey what happened to the Arabs living in Dier Yassin. Do you know what plan Dalet was in Good old 1948 How bout the massacre in Houla Lebanon in 1948 Do you know the Innocent civillans didn't even resist the Israel soldiers who murdered them With all due respect maybee you should learn a little history
40. # 30 and # 21
ben   (09.24.11)
You guys should google " the missing link in the peace procces" and read about an audio tape of Bibi boasting how he will not honor the Oslo agreement and also how he would sabatage Oslo. Bibi who the first thing he did nuliffied Anapolis does not want peace. He is stalling until Obama is out of office. I see Michael is not fooled, You guys sure are
41. they never wanted peace :O
Ester   (09.24.11)
42. To n° 4
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.24.11)
It always have been theather of sincerity... You know it.
43. To n° 8
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.24.11)
Whenever you are worried, you can ask anything you want. Sure, I'll answer you. ... E-mail me or leave a message on messenger.
44. Netanyahu: Palestinians want state without peace
Augusto ,   Porto   (09.24.11)
"That guy Abbas or whom ever is writing his speeches are morons." for copying or stealing mostly the opposite what PM Netanyahu says. It's time to take the pie away from abbas cause he does not want to eat it he just wants to have it.
45. They want a state without peace, complete
Harry Wright ,   UK   (09.24.11)
with Pals refugees who UNWRA will continue to support - business as usual. Refugees living in refugee camps inside and outside the territory will not get citizenship. Thus said Ambassador to Lebanon, Abdullah Abdullah to The Daily Star on Wednesday. So that should mean that the resistance should be against the PA which denies them citizenship and keeps them in refugee camps in their own country as well as in camps in Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. Blink! Blink!
ULI ,   RIO DE JANEIRO   (09.24.11)
Finally, someone had the bright idea to take U.N´s resolution vote to see the Palestinian Statehood, let use the own so called democracy created by the world, let the world judge if the Palestinians deserve or not they freedom without the decisions of USA and Israelis.
47. And the best actor award for 2011 goes to
Chris.B ,   Australia   (09.24.11)
Benjamin Netanyahu.
48. Bibi spoke well, but as usual, didn't say anything new
Falafelis ,   Montreal, Canada   (09.24.11)
49. Great point about Peace Talks and Abbas
tim ,   LA   (09.24.11)
Netanyahu made a great point about peace talks with Abba's.It leads to the recognizing that Abbas is not really to speak for Peace talks without Hamas and therefore Abbas should not be representing the Palestinians asking for a State.
50. #10 Why can't jews live in Palistine?
ps ,   usa   (09.24.11)
That is a racist comment...Arabs live in Isreal so why can't jews live in your future lands?
51. "Ussishkin"
CC   (09.24.11)
Hope for what? Undermining the very viability of Israel through an existentially ultrahostile Trojan horse-project favoured by pro-Israel-destruction far-Left radicals like you?
52. You made us sound like wimps
Baruch Norman ,   Bat Yam   (09.24.11)
Like we'd just arrived and were at the mercy of Hezbollah Iran and Hamas, instead of being the regional military power. You made us sound weak and frightened. Are we?
53. thank God for bibi's speach
dafer ,   haifa   (09.24.11)
Bibi and his mafia gang truly lost this one !!! congrats to the palestinians !!!
54. Dont you fear,Israel: Your God is dealing with your enemies!
Ben Zion   (09.24.11)
Tomorrow they might all be gone ! Remember Pharao, remember 6 day war : Your God is with you and HE finishes off all your enemies as it is written ! Dont fear - check history and trust in HIM !
55. 37 - See the Israeli FM Website
Mark ben Josuf ,   USA   (09.24.11)
Some of you need to do more reading. The documents recognizing Israel by the PLO, the "sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" are posted on the Israeli Foreign Ministry website. Even Rick Perry's ghost writer knows this. He even cited it in the JPost article. Sheesh.
56. 7.You're right Jared, this kind of peace
Always denounce ,   Pallestinian   (09.24.11)
is indeed wrong for Israel. As Abu Mazen wants it, it will only serve as a spring board for more killings of innocent Israelis, launching rockets and trying to flood us with millions of Arabs from nowhere calling them "Palestinian refugees". Wasn't this Arafat's well-known incendiary speech in Jordan in 1993 after the White House Accord ? So, your cynicism doesn't hold water, Mr Jared.
57. in Israel's dictionary redeploying force is amassing it
observer ,   Egypt   (09.24.11)
"Israel didn't, I repeat didn't make peace with Egypt" said Netanyahu. Israel was forced to make peace after its ass was kicked. Today, Israel rises the state of alert to maximum and REDEPLOYED troops in Area D. Happened many times, we have not heard a word from the MFO. is the MFO as corrupted as its bosses in the UN?
58. great interview on Greta with Bibi
Yanni   (09.24.11)
He did a great job in the USA
59. #3 Husky...Don James couldn't have put it any better.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (09.24.11)
60. The best speech ever for peace
josi ,   Norway   (09.24.11)
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