Did Bibi tell the truth?
Moshe Ronen and Yehuda Nuriel
Published: 25.09.11, 18:12
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Joe ,   London, UK   (09.26.11)
Can someone please tell me why it is that the Israeli delegation had the decency to stay and listen to what Abbas was ranting on about, yet when Bibi, the obiovus orator started speaking, our cousins decided that it wasn't worthy for them to stay in the hall (bar one young lady) and walked out. Does this not show what is really going on here?
32. #4
Ram ,   London   (09.26.11)
Netanyahu emphasized that Israel is willing to compromise, provided the PA would recognize Israel as a Jewish State and that any agreement would be final. Abbas emphasized NO recognition of a Jewish State, NO letting up on the right of return of millions of "palestinians" to Israel proper and NOT A SHRED of compromise. And you agree? With what? Focus on the content of the speech rather than criticize the orator for his superior delivery. You make no sense and neither does the heading of this article.
33. Dis Bibi tell the truth.
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav   (09.26.11)
joe, the Israeli delegation did not all stay, as you so kindly saidto listen to Abbas 'RANT' just some jr members,when Bibi also 'ranted' it was not a lady but a young man, also a jr member, get your facts right before you start ranting, ok
34. What the TRUTH is:
BenJ ,   Israel   (09.26.11)
YES to Peace YES to a Palestinian state YES to an Islam that prone respect and love NO Israel is not a second Palestine, it is a JEWISH state NO Jerusalem is not to be divided and will remain the capital of Israel NO the Palestinian refugees will not return in Israel but in the Palestinian state Do you really think that taking few meters more in Judea is really the goal of Bibi? Let me laugh and stop being hypocrites...
35. Israel will get stabbed in the back.
Jeff ,   USA   (09.26.11)
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