Suspected 'price tag': 100 olive trees torn down near Nablus
Yair Altman
Published: 25.09.11, 14:56
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1. wrong wrong wrong
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.25.11)
Every year they blame the Jews for destroying olive trees. Until now, no evidence has ever been found that Jews were ever involved although a number of times Arabs or Leftists were caught red-handed. As for the graffiti. No one knows who spray painted the Shalom Achshav activist. Perhaps she refused to pay va'ad bayit? Perhaps she did it herself? There is no evidence at all that it was done by Jews. Regarding Ostrovsky, no one knows if he is guilty or not, but the police have admitted they have no evidence whatsoever. How credible is that the police find fingerprints in a busy army base more than a week after the alleged crime? Especially as he was arrested (and fingerprinted) before the "evidence" was found? It would be interesting if it was Judge Amnon Cohen who extended the remand.
2. Every year the same old story.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (09.25.11)
I'm surprised the Arabs have any olive trees left. The fact that they trim olive trees at this time of year, and take out the old ones is always overlooked, as is that they get paid "compensation" for any "attacks by settlers" so making a fuss is pretty cost effective. And "a peace now activist fell victim to a price tag attack" - like Peace now activists are such saints - not.
3. olive trees
Arn ,   Yehud, Israel   (09.25.11)
If the settlers did, in fact, destroy olive trees - and it doesn't matter if it was1 or 100 - they will never have legitimate license to this land. Olive trees are among the most precious treasures that this earth shares with us. To destroy an olive tree is to deny our heritage with our forefathers, and our union with this land. And this from one who is generally of one mind with Liberman.
4. I don't believe it . Olive trees have to be trimmed every ye
rachel ,   usa   (09.25.11)
year!!!! The ISM trouble makers are no peace activists !
5. Right Wing Jews will steal as much land as they can
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.25.11)
...while they can, and the world is watching, and hating them for it, and a price will be paid by all Jews, for the sins of a few, again. Just like how all Palestinians pay for the actions of a few.
6. Where's the evidence? (That's what I thought.)
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (09.25.11)
There is photographic evidence of past incidences in which leftists and Arabs *themselves* destroyed trees, only to blame "settlers" for it. These claims appear with some regularity because the media, like the police, are inclined to believe them, and "compensation" quickly follows.
7. Arabs burned Jewish olive trees on Shabbos, pay back.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (09.25.11)
8. Continue fighting and no trees will be left standing.
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.25.11)
There will only be ugly burned out land, dirty air, graves. In every conflict each side only gets more violent and more righteous as the time goes by. Only more and more victims to commemorate. This endless chain needs to be broken. It's imperatiove to rescue whatever remains to be rescued before nothing remains. There is no time to waste on figuring out who started it or who is to be blamed for what.
9. Annual olive tree libel
BH ,   Iowa   (09.25.11)
FYI, the city is called Shechem.
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