Trajtenberg Committee set to publish report
Avital Lahav
Published: 26.09.11, 11:45
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1. what they forgot
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (09.26.11)
Fisher conveniently forgot two things After housing, the financial sector (banks, insurance and pension funds) is the greatest parasite on the Israeli economy. Lower these costs and you will see the economy prosper and the standard of living rise. Second, look at the effect the powerful unions have in raising prices and lowering standard of living for "normal people". And you heard it hear first: thanks to Dafna Leef, Tnuva will soon be bankrupt, and all Jewish-owned dairy farms will fail. Their land will be sold to the rich and the poor will spend all their money on very expensive, 3d rate dairy products.
2. Cut welfare to Haredi who refuse to work.
Moshe Cryan   (09.26.11)
The solution is pretty clear, cut welfare payments to the Haredi and pull out of the occupied territories. Haredi need to pay their own way and get off the backs of the rest of Israelis. Enough is enough.
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