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Metzger: Let troops avoid women's singing
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 27.09.11, 09:23
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1. OH - GET A LIFE!!!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
What's with these incessant instructions - if a religious soldier doesn't want to hear a female soldier sing - or it offends him - then he can remove himself from the situation - doesn't need a rabbi with an over-inflated ego and a big mouth to remind him. I think these rabbis with too much to say for themselves about what others should listen to are just scared of losing their needy followers. It's all sooooo pathetic!
2. Will menstruating women be segregated next?
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.27.11)
Menstruating women are impure according to the Torah and a man must not touch them. Perhaps those women should wear a special badge so the religious men can better avoid them.
3. I made a deal with myself
Sagi   (09.27.11)
a long time age. They avoid women, I avoid them. Mutuality is fine by me. They refuse to accept the hand of a woman upon introduction, likewise I refuse to accept their hand if and when I am in a situation where I am forced to meet them, which of course I try to avoid.
4. Medieval drivel
Glen ,   14th century drivel   (09.27.11)
Don't you just LOVE it? Men's voices must be imposed on women but women's voices invoke the devil for these medieval morons. For people who think of nothing but sex, who are they to talk purity?
5. Instead of removing the female singers
remove the religious soldiers who have a problem
6. Religious Freedom?
Racheal ,   Rehovot   (09.27.11)
What is all this? Do all of you believe in religious freedom or not? I did not read anywhere where it said that all troops were required not to hear women sing - just the religious ones who made the choice. And who are all of you to deny them their freedom of choice? Or condemn them for it? Not very liberal minded if you ask me!!!
7. And then we criticize Iran ...
Athos16 ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
This is not the israel Ben gourion and Herzl were fighting for
8. Women's Voices
NYC Girl   (09.27.11)
This is the reason why so many Israelis want nothing to do with religion. And at a time when the country is under an existential threat and the future is fraught with uncertainties...these rabbis are still obsessed with chicken shit.
9. Missed opportunity
Noa   (09.27.11)
Our rabbis yet again missed the opportunity to adjust Halacha to the life around them - even worse: they try to confront reality with theoretic Judaism. This confrontation will do us all no good.
10. Let troops avoid prayer services
Pinhas Bayit Zionist ,   Bayit Vegan   (09.27.11)
Elokeinu Gadol, this is destroying us from within. Either we have an army of the people of Israel or we have an army of the Jewish G-d. We can't have both and we can't start down this discriminatory road, that is prejudiced against secular soldiers and against women soldiers.
11. I pity your wife metzger
Serge   (09.27.11)
The only words I can find for Metzger You are an idiot, same with your look alike.
12. BIG ISRAEL: politically secular, cultural core traditional.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
13. Talmud Torah COMBINED WITH philosophy&sciences.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
14. ABJADS hinder info&com, socio-economic potential and growth.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
15. Oneness: social-economic 3rd way AND secure BIG ISRAEL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
16. BIG ISRAEL: Balance, freedom&prosperity for all in ME.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
17. ?
Dketerstov ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
:-( are you hiding my comment?
18. Dati should not enjoy anything unless the Rabbi gives it.
Josh   (09.27.11)
That way I think they will be obedient and unquestioning and stunted in their growth enough that they will perpetuate centuries of documented oppression by so called "learned". I kid of course. Its not like that at all, so don't use that new book you wrote to put a green light on me. Jews are free. Honest injin. My fellow, Torah is not this that they do. Women sang during the exodus. The song of the sea was song by all.
19. Sorry! Want religious to serve in army? MUST accomodate
uri ,   il   (09.27.11)
20. voila! they dont want women singing,,,,
Dketerstov ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
cause everyone listens :-) they dont want women prime ministers neither. I dont know if halachic issues and King David have a lot in common but he was a singer before he could talk, he played all kind of musical instruments, wrote music, was a soldier, he was a beautiful zionist with long hair but....pants were created by fashion designers and not by arabs designers of course :-) cest la vie mon ami
21. Leshon Kodesh PLUS Yisraelit (100% PRONUNCIATION CLARITY).
Jerry to #14 YNET ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
Unfortunately this "message" is quite often "censured". In my humble :) opinion the present spelling system of "Modern" Hebrew is a huge stumbling block and hinders practical socio-economic and cultural Zionist development for born Israelis and olim. This is a relatively easy problem to solve (the government puts together a team of creative specialists in Hebrew, linguistics, ICT and graphic design) and the benefits are enormous! Abjads are pathetically inadequate for 21st century info&com needs.
22. Secret weapon: female vocalists
Alan ,   Mérida, Yuc. México   (09.28.11)
Those armies poised to invade Israel now may know that all they need to send the dati soldiers fleeing from the front lines is to have loudspeakers blaring Rita.
23. It is important to be careful about what you see and hear to
Rivkah   (09.28.11)
avoid temptations. The eye is the window of the soul and the ears are a pathway to the mind. Each must decide what is acceptable and what is not to see or hear for oneself to avoid temptations. Better though difficult the right way to go than the wrong though easy where the end is woe.
24. Yep, and we criticize Iran and Sharia Law!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (09.28.11)
Women are good enough to serve in the IDF and die for their country but as far as the religious bigots are concerned all they are good for is to serve their husbands, cook, clean, wash and iron their clothes and do what "behoves a Jewish wife" when the lord and master comes home and wants a bit of "nibble". Those who believe in the above shoul go and live in Iran an Saudi Arabia. They have no plcein a modern society and in a country which calls itself a Democracy!
25. Religious Jews destroying Israel from within
PO ,   Ramat Gan, IL   (09.29.11)
... and this would be the SECOND time they do it. About women singing: the sin is NOT in the voice of the girl that is singing but in the ears of the men that are hearing.
26. Womens singing
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (12.04.11)
A simple solution: Soldiers can use ear plugs without creating a fuss. And if bothers them to view the singers they can close their eyes or look down. Neal the Hasmonean
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