Dead Sea Scrolls go online
Associated Press
Published: 26.09.11, 17:58
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1. More evidence that Israel is Jewish
Eli ,   Israel   (09.26.11)
One only needs to dig anywhere in Israel to find artifacts of ancient Jewish life, oh by the way, you will never find one coin or vessel by a Palestinian, I wonder why.
2. I do not see even one letter written in arabic
Oleg ,   USA   (09.26.11)
So why do they claim, that this is their land? They are real occupiers and should moved out. the ssoner, the better.
3. Fakes?
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (09.26.11)
No doubt the Palestinians will claim the scrolls are fakes planted by Zionists to establish a false historical claim to Palestinian land. I still remember the infamous story about the Israeli diplomat who when speaking told his audience that Moses when to have a swim at an oasis and while he was in the water a Palestinian stole his which point a Palestinian diplomat stopped him and said it was impossible (a Zionist lie) there were no Palestinians there then - to which the Israeli diplomat replied "my point exactly and now that we have established that fact..."
4. Simply amazing
Mikey   (09.26.11)
An excellent exhibit for the Jewish new year. Astonishing. Just to think that the Arabs are still trying to lay their hands on these scrolls in order to conceal them and revoke the Jewish connection to the land. I'm pondering how many artifacts were left hidden at best (or destroyed at worst) by the Waqf. Happy new year.
5. And Abbas tells UN about Jesus and Mohamed.A holocaust denier and a Tanach denier!
Alan ,   SA   (09.26.11)
6. It Is Simply Breathtaking & Timing Is From G-d
Ed ,   Lehigh Valley,Pa.USA   (09.29.11)
This is the BLUEPRINT of Israel. This is the story of our lives. Now it is proclaimed around the Earth and in EVERY home. Mazel TOV, Shalom!
7. Bedouin shepherds = Arabs
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (09.29.11)
give credit when credit is due. Why don't you just say local Arabs instead of this vague term!!
8. More proof of Israel's long history and right to the land!
Taz Man ,   USA   (02.02.12)
God bless, Israel and His Jerusalem!
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