Trajtenberg Committee submits report
Avital Lahav
Published: 26.09.11, 18:35
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1. Socialism got Israel into this mess
BH ,   Iowa   (09.26.11)
Socialism will not get you out. Cut regulation and bureaucracy and cut taxes.
2. report
colin   (09.26.11)
The committee submit report SO WAHAT !!! Now nothing will be done by any government dept., The excuse "we are studing the report" Of course the report will disappear into the filing rooms and forgotten !!
3. Protest expectations were never based on reality
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (09.26.11)
Protest leaders expectations were never based on real world. What did they expect, Trajtenberg to magically make 200,000 affordable houses appear over night in Tel Aviv? They created a lot of hype and added more and more requirements while never setting concrete goals or identifying specific needs so they did not get what they expected.
4. Social Protest "Leaders"
Meir ,   Toronto   (09.26.11)
In the world that I am living in the EU is bankrupt; the USA is bankrupt etc. Yet, these 'leaders' are setting demands - what are they exactly?- without any consideration of the reality of the global economy, and, that Israel is doing very well in that sphere. I understand those successes have not trickled down to many/most Israeli's but Israel must be very cautious so as not to jeopardize it's economic standing in the world. The recommendations are a good start.
5. According to these illiterate fools what is needed is a
Al   (09.26.11)
printing press to print moola and tax the "RICH" You cant make this nonsense up. Sophomoric rants by supposed educated people who havnet got a clue as to public monetary policy. This report if you can call it that should be thrown in the dustbin of stupidity. What will make Israel wealthy is competition and free market economics. What is tanking Europe along with America is populist crappola pretending to be sound economic policy. It doesnt work and it shows.
6. Oh, they were making an "x" to signify rejection?
William ,   Israel   (09.26.11)
I thought I was looking at a lame Star Trek Convention.
7. Obama Economics
Eli ,   Israel   (09.26.11)
Now we got these spoiled liberal socialists with their crazy demands. I have an Idea, housing is very affordible in Gaza, please move there. America is Broke, Europe is Broke, you should be happy that Israel's economy is relatively strong. This is no way to behave you spoiled brats. Move to a more affordable neighborhood, try the settlements maybe you could show a little patriotism. Do not give in to these anarchists, you can't live on 5th Avenue and expect to pay Bronx rent.
8. Have affordable housing, free higher
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.27.11)
education, child allowances and lower taxes only for those that served in the I.D.F. Let the draft dodgers pay extra to subsidize the veterans. And if the draft dodgers (and that includes all those that never served do not like it), then leave.
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