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Madonna takes kids to say Selichot
Published: 27.09.11, 09:18
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1. Esther Madonna LOL
Daromi ,   Tel Aviv   (09.27.11)
You mean she didn't bring her current Arab boyfriend with her to the Kabbalah Center for Selichot?
2. With all her money, you would think she would buy the childr
Rivkah   (09.27.11)
children some clothes that didn't look like they came from a good will store.
3. Esther, Convert To REAL Judaism! Leave DemonicKaballahBehind
Ellen ,   Madison   (09.27.11)
4. How to be Jewish without being Jewish
m   (09.27.11)
So fitting of our 'cultural' shallow world.
5. Rather than just be mean ...
John ,   Alaska   (09.28.11)
Perhaps we can recognize that somebode top-out-of-sight wealthy and world famous still has a need in his or her heart that only Ha'Shem can fill. Maybe Selichot is the best time to seek Ha'Shem, Who will have mercy on whom He will have mercy. I've been guilty of withholding mercy from others; given how much I need mercy from Ha'Shem, I know that this is wrong and returning to Him means returning to giving mercy, generously. I am not knowledgeable about Kabbala or the heart of another person, so my response to Esther (as Google confirms she wishes to be called) is this: May Ha'Shem guide you into the New Year. Shana Tova!
6. Agreed, John
Brad ,   New York   (09.29.11)
And a fitting response for the High Holy Days. As for the other comments on here, watch out for lashon hara as it is a time of repentance.
7. Media really pressed for trash like this
Megan ,   Manhattan N.Y   (09.30.11)
Look at that nose, look at those lips, what are you feeding these black kids, well they are African I know but can Madona realy take pleasure in this, I really feel sorry for her she has millions but is not rich.
8. Madonna & Selichot?
Amazed   (10.01.11)
1.Did she wear her iconic brassiere? If not, why not? Would have made this whole circus even more "circusy"... 2. What minhag do these people follow for Selichot...let's see Madonna maybe Ashkenaz or Little Italy-style with accordion and mandolin, the black kids maybe Sefarad/Mizrahi, the tall mulatto maybe mixed Sefarad/Mizrahi/Ashkenaz? 3. Do they use Hebrew selichot books, or do they have them in regular English or Swahili, or Ebonics or in good ol' lower East Side NewYorkese? I am at least as befuddled as many others at the thought that these people are involved with Jewish tradition and prayers when none of these individuals have even the remotest kinship to any form of Judaism, (never mind the orthodox kind). This whole thing is preposterous and not very funny to behold. Berg and his gang of fake "Kabbalists" should be put in a "cherem" (perhaps it has already been done). Regardless, Shana Tovah Lekol Am Yisrael!
9. Ya Gotta Give Her Credit For At LEAST Trying!
Her & her kids... You GO girl!!!
10. I have no respect for Madonna or the kabbalah cult
zionist forever   (10.02.11)
She is obsessed with this Kabbalah group. They pick & chose Jewish customs and think they are really cool and spiritual. I have met with some of these Kabbalah nuts before because somebody I know was on a trip to Israel was involved with them and I was allowed to go on a day trip with them. They went to the grave of a rabbi and they were hugging and kissing it like it was a lover and all sorts of wacky stuff. They group drink a brand of mineral water thats supposed to have been blessed in some way. They can't read hebrew so when they have to read a Jewish book they run their fingers over the words and believe that its some kind of spiritual act. If Madonna wants to convert to Judaism then I wish her well but if all she is going to do is adopt a couple of Jewish customs and pat herself on the back then she should just admit she is not Jewish and not waste her time on doing things which have no meaning to her. I have no respect for this woman
11. #8 - Circus, Yes - But Racism Unnecessary
Avrohom ,   Haifa   (10.11.11)
#8 - It's definitely a circus and more than a little bit ridiculous, but racially insensitive comments are unnecessary. These kids are not Jewish but there are plenty of Black Jews, myself included. Referring to a black person as a 'tall mulatto' is a great description - for a slave auction. Join us in the 21st century, please. And FYI, I for one follow minhag Ashkenaz and prefer the Hebrew-English (not 'Ebonics'[!?]) Artscroll.
12. Maddona #8 you must be kidding
janet ,   tiberius israel   (10.15.11)
Circus ? in a religion that you hold a chicken above your head and move it in a circle to take away your sins then give it to a poor person to eat. Maddona going to a biet kenesset is a circus??? get real
13. why the comments on the kids
nina ,   israel   (10.20.11)
All of you are pretty lame to smear her kids like that, you sound like a bunch of bigoted low lives like on those anti zionist talkbacks.
14. Tolerance needed
Bev ,   Philadelphia PA   (12.27.11)
# 13- agree with your and #11 sentiments. Those of us who are Black Jews hope that bigotry will become a thing of the past. Jews should know better given the antisemitism that they have experienced.
15. All this is unimportant
Ezra ,   sandiego   (06.01.12)
Her interest in Kabbalah might be a pathway to conversion for her. In the meantime, the rest is gossip, so who cares?
16. Madonna
Rina   (06.01.12)
Very recent photos of her show her wearing a big crucifix on her chest, so I don't understand why she is also celebrating Jewish holidays like Shavuos.
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