Daphni Leef: Trajtenberg played us
Boaz Fyler
Published: 27.09.11, 12:56
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1. The real problem
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (09.27.11)
Is that nothing would be enough for them. But......that the government would fall and Israeli people would trust this elitist anarchists and lefties with the power. Since that didn't happen and wont happen, they continue their "struggle" from their flats near Kikar HaMedina.
2. BIG ISRAEL: politically secular, cultural core traditional.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (09.27.11)
3. What about Itzik Speigleshtein...?
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (09.27.11)
A glaring error was made when the Trajtenberg Report neglected Itzik Speigleshtein and the eleven motorized Kango boot cheer group he represents. No funding or child sitting service nor in fact any mention was made. No providing of hot meals or new tights or printed tee shirts were addressed. This shameful neglect must be made public. Adon Speigleshtein appeared to be a broken man and when asked for his comments about the report, grew quite animated. "Hah. You see how they (the government) treats us. They (the government) gets Skodas and we the Kango Boot commoners; what do we get? Bupkis." Wan and disoriented Itzik said he was placing his trust and fate in the hands of what's her name Daffy or something?".
4. Way to go, leaders!
Daniel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.27.11)
Way to go, social protest leaders! You're being treated by Netanyahu in the same way the Palestinians and the nations of the world are- with his usual B.S., stalling, lies, obfuscation, changing-the-subject, etc etc. Be grateful that he didn't give you readings from Tanach and the history of the Shoah. Be strong! Most of the nation is with you (except for Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu). GOOD LUCK! SHANAH TOVA!
5. Consensus
Susie ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
I see my fellow talkbackers have the same opinion of these protesters as I do. I know very little about economics, but compared to this group of geniuses, I deserve the Nobel Prize for Economics.
6. Dumping Toddlers
nospam   (09.27.11)
> the Free Education Law from the age > of three; At 3 child is too young to get "educated" out of home. They should have called it the Law of Unmotherly Mothers Rights to Dump their Toddlers to Have a Good Time Themselves.
7. Insult
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (09.27.11)
Dafna, the draft dodger, is an insult, she represents nobody but herself.
8. a bunch of whiners!
pnina ,   israel   (09.27.11)
Leef and her NIF compadres are so busy whining that they didn't succeed in hijacking the government, that they haven't noticed how they succeeded very well in bringing attention to their issues. Now the issues can be dealt with in a rational, reasonable manner by people who know a bit more about economics than the young punks sitting around in Tel Aviv's streets.
9. who does this neo communist Leef represent?
zionist forever   (09.27.11)
She has not been elected to any kind of public office and she was not elected to represent the Israeli public in these protests so who does she represent? This woman seems to think she is the most important individual in the entire country and what she says must go. Of course the protestors didn't get everything they wanted, Leef & her pals might have been expecting everything but there is more to running a country than social justice. The money must be shared between many different sectors and the government needs to be watch what it spends if we don't want to end up like Greece or kill job creation. What Trajtenberg has recommended is not everything they wanted but the proposals are reasonable and I think if Bibi agrees to adopt all of them then I think the majority of the people will be content even if that fool Leef isn't.
10. #6 - not it's not. This isn't the 1950s!
William ,   Israel   (09.27.11)
My child has been in school since age 2 and she has thrived beautifully. They don't learn anything more than how to be creative, how to interact with other kids, and expand her social skills. It's more stable and more constructive than several playgroups with other kids throughout the day. And research has shown that time away from parents aids in childhood emotional and mental development, and independence and self-worth, when compared with kids who were kept at home until age 5. Your comments show how either absolutely ignorant you are of parenting or your identity is defined solely by your kids and you're just an emotional parasite.
11. Hey daffy, how about having a number
jason white ,   afula, israel   (09.27.11)
of new local committees to investigate all those that never served in the I.D.F.? They can also recommend prison time, fines and having all draft dodgers pay a third of their salaries, pensions or welfare checks for the defense of Israel. Also make sure those that never served are banned from politics and not allowed to vote in the future. To please these "leaders" we will have the I.D.F. under equipped and untrainned. But some people do not care as they never served and never will serve.
12. Daphni, you are not the government.
MARK KLEIN, M.D. ,   OAKLAND, CA   (09.27.11)
The bottom line is the electorate. Suggest you form a new party to run in the next election. My guess is you'll get wiped out by the current coalition government.
13. Dafni Leef knows how to read......
Nora Tel Aviv   (09.27.11)
....but, politically speaking, she is so novice , that she is burning all bridges blackmailing the government.
14. 10
zionist forever   (09.27.11)
William Children might enjoy or even benefit from being in school at such a young age but it is unreasonable to ask the taxpayers to fund it. Some of the demands that were made in these protests were fair and reasonable others were not and school starting from three years is not a reasonable demand. We must remember the fact government is being asked to fund more things doesn't man there is anymore money around. Somebody else is going to have to do without their fair share of the budget so we can have things like this free schooling. if we borrow heavily so nobody has to make cutbacks and we can provide all these new programs it still needs to be paid back and it drives up inflastion so the money we earn is worth less than it was. Time the likes of Daphne Leef & the Student Union learned the school child level economics because right now they don't have a clue and think if they demand then there will be money for it and so they can have it.
15. Yalla, motek, summer's over. Time to...
Lobo ,   USA   (09.28.11)
get a job or go back to school and CONTRIBUTE to society, instead of destroying it.
16. 14
Alan Avivi ,   Gderot, Israel   (10.04.11)
This conservative position is so tired and stale. Your argument that someone else will have to go without is based on the idea that there are no additional revenues available to the government. Increasing the enforcement of tax collections on businesses and the rich would result in enormous returns to the treasury. Vigorous prosecution of Protektsia and other forms of corruption would result in enormous returns to the treasury. Raising the tax on corporate profits and capital gains from their ridiculous and historically low rates to the rates that prevailed when this nation was built would result in even larger returns to the treasury. A booming economy that rewards the rich and provides meager subsistence to the people is a poor realization of the Zionist dream. You are carrying water for the rich in this land who have made their wealth on the bent backs of the rest of us. If you are not one of the rich you should wake up, read some economic history and join your people in their fight for justice.
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