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European Parliament chief blows shofar
Published: 01.10.11, 08:18
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1. They know what they can blow.
Devorah   (10.01.11)
"Referring to Rosh Hashana as a time for reflection on the past, Buzek said: “It is also a time of optimism for the year to come. Last year saw many changes in the world. Especially in the Middle East where the Arab Spring has brought a new hope - that peace can finally be achieve in the region." How dare anyone refer to the advance of terrorist organizations as a success on Rosh Hashana! What a slap in the face!
2. Shana Tova as well from the Jewish Moroccan Museeum!
Ayeush ,   Gibraltar   (10.01.11)
Yes, I am very glad that there is such notable referrence of the Jewish Museeum in Poland that is trying to protect and preserve, to pursue and to enrich the Jewish patrimony in Eastern Europe in general and in Poland in particular. But, somehow is disingenues to not spread the good word about the only Jewish Museeum in a predominantely Muslim (Berberes are to be very much counted, not just Arabs) country Morocco. There are many such a Jewish Moroccan Museums throughout N.A. and Europe (Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam), but the powerful symbolism of such an institution that wants as is reflecting the past, present and future Culture of the Jews from MoroccoShana Tova!!!!!!!!!!!
3. @1
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (10.01.11)
don't be pathetic.
4. @3 - The pathetic one is you
Canadian lawyer ,   Toronto   (10.02.11)
You simply don't "get it". Your response shows how you don't have a clue about legitimate Jewish and Israeli concerns.
5. World Alliance: BIG ISRAEL, co-existent Islam iso Islamism.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.02.11)
6. He can stand on his head and whistle Hatikvah!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.02.11)
It won't make the EU less pro-Arab and less Antisemitic!
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