Turkey: Gilo housing plan 'unacceptable'
Published: 29.09.11, 10:24
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1. Evil
Lim Kong Chang ,   Malaysia   (09.29.11)
Israel has done many evil things and this is another one.
2. God Complex ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.29.11)
Turkey (or Erdogan) taking on the Supreme Being's Judgement of everything , now ?
3. Turkey
claes ,   sweden   (09.29.11)
So the turks are not buildning in cyprus, wich they occupie sense 1974?
4. why should't a country build in it's own
Barney ,   USA   (09.29.11)
5. Build, build and don't stop building (end)
DT ,   TA Israel   (09.29.11)
6. Erdog's comments:
Mary ,   Greek Cypus   (09.29.11)
He is the last man in the world who is allowed to speak for what is legal and what is not. Erdogan's body guards were the only ones to create trouble with the guards of UN in recent meeting. Their violence sent a person to the hospital with broken bones!!! This man is giving us lessons. Who can put him back and permanently in the joungle again?
7. building
colin   (09.29.11)
Who the hell is this Turkey.????? Somebody tell them to go to hell
8. Worried
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (09.29.11)
I am seriously worried. Yesterday I farted in the garden and Turkey did not make a huge problem out of it!! What's going on, what are you waiting for, Turkeys?
9. There was a time, when he Turks ruled
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.29.11)
over a land, they now call Palestine...WHY was it, that they did not establish a sovereign state there, back then...Hmmmm.....???????????
10. to have everyones attention
random ,   germany   (09.29.11)
It's almost ridiculous how the nations line up to call on Israel not to build those houses. You wouldn't be surprised about Turkey since Erdogan went on to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and Europe that is always so concerned with Israels wrongdoings anyway - but now China, Russia ... C'mon, it's some houses in Jerusalem!
11. Build! Plant! Establish! Have a Happy New Year!
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (09.29.11)
12. evil?!???!!!
Mongolian ,   Perth   (09.29.11)
Mr Lim what is the meaning of evil??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? end den end
13. Obama andHillary Right or Misguided
Dave Lev ,   Los AngelesUSA   (09.29.11)
A vote of 600 Jews in the USA, revealed a majority dont like Obamas M.E.policy vis a vie Israel. Yet most will vote for him in the next election and contribute to his campaign. Amazing..and who do they think is allowing Hillary to condemn Israel's plan to construct 1100 apt units in Jerusalem. BTW, the Pals always refer to their capital as JERUSALEM..get it. Its one thing to be intelligent and another to be wise. Some Jews are simply not wise. Get it. I would like to know how the Republican candidates feel about those 1100 small apartments?
14. Build homes, restaurants, hotels. This is our land and no
Yoav ,   Germany   (09.29.11)
one except haShem will tell us, to build or not to build. Turkey with his wannabe Sultan Erdogan with his AKP party become more and more Joke state. So don´t care about these morons. Wish all of you Happy New Year!
15. Sick and tired of State sponsored propaganda
Oren ,   Toronto   (09.29.11)
Sure buddy, and Muslims who grow up learning to kill Jews and blow themselves up in the name of a caliphate don't raise suspicions and make us wonder about the indigenous Arab a.k.a Palestinians intentions. Sick and tired of the Muslim propaganda.
16. LOL China builds settlements in Tibet & Turkey in Cyprus
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.29.11)
Unlike the Arabs, the Tibetans are peaceful culture with a tolerant religion. Beijing sends literally millions of Han Chinese into Tibetan areas and even destroys their temples. Turkey builds settlements in the northern area of Cyprus against the wishes of the Cypriots. It's a logical fallacy to say two (or in this case three) wrongs make a right. But it adds an amusing layer in the human rights field.
17. Unacceptable?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.29.11)
I personally find the mass murder of innocent Kurdish civilians and Greek Cypriots unacceptable. What are you turkeys going to do about it, Turkey? It occurs to me that Turkey may be the most aptly named country in the world ....
18. #1
Sam M ,   UK   (09.29.11)
Nonsense!! Jerusalem has been Israel's capital for over 3000 years since the time of King David. This is a matter of historical record. Where is your evidence? Why dont you post again and explain the basis of your argument including any facts in support of it? As far as turkey is concerned the number of kurdish villages destroyed and depopulated runs into the thousands. Estimates as to the exact number vary but what is indisputable is that this destruction has indeed taken place. Turkey should look at it's own dismal human rights record before sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong.
19. Since when Turkey can decide what is done in Israel....
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (09.29.11)
Has far as we know,Turkey can decide only what s done inside Turkish borders;Ardogan was not voted to be Israel or Cyprus or Roman president,and would be better for Turkey to bother what s going on in it's on borders...EU patience is almost running out,and when Cyprus patience will run out,I fear another "Lepanto" on it's way.....
20. Stop medlling into others affair
Samuel ,   Israel   (09.29.11)
Its high time Turkey started apologizing to the Armenians & the Kurds.They should be compelled to pay compensation to them too.
21. Who gives a rip what Turkey thinks.
Chaim ,   Arad   (09.29.11)
Most Ho Doo object being roasted too!
22. I thought the Ottoman empire fell in a humiliating defeat
Yaniv ,   Israel   (09.29.11)
23. # 18
Yossi ,   The World   (09.29.11)
3000 years? Where were the Christians? May be the history you know is a diffrent one.
24. erdogan hamas
marcel   (09.29.11)
this is who livni thinks is a good intermediary??!! She is out to lunch and will be paid back inthe next election. Her career is over. erdogan ha sproblems with greece, azerbajan, israel, eu, now syria wiith its resident genius and brownnoser yossi beilin dovotogolu conceived his zero problem policy. erdogan killed over a million armenians and kurds who are now killing turks every week and it won't stop. the real terrorist dripping in blood is erdogan. all of israel and the west bank is israeli. and ultimately, israel will defend itself. erdogan will burn in the terror he is generating with all the rogues imaginable. turkish army-do not let erdogan damage turkey anyfurthur. Throw him in jail.
25. To n° 18
Marcela Araújo ,   Brazil   (09.29.11)
"Turkey should look at it's own dismal human rights record before sticking it's nose where it doesn't belong." This was very good... :-))
26. Who cares what the Supreme Turkey says?
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (09.29.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (09.29.11)
First, it's not illegal to build there, so the central premise is false. Second, there is a Jewish community of 40,000 currently living there. Third, they have not even started to build anything yet, but just announced "plans to build". Forth, if you look at satellite photo of the area, Netanyahu is correct, it's 5 minutes from downtown and only a 100 yards (1 football field) away from the Green Line. Fifth, that means at the end of the day, any final agreement would put it in Israel anyway. So while people die by the thousands elsewhere, the same countries that cannot seem to agree (or agree to be silent) what to do with Arab countries for 6 months. Suddenly become unified in one day against Israel. For what amounts to nothing but a PR campaign to demonize Israel, Great? No bias there, right?
28. Funny You!
Egyptian ,   Egypt   (09.29.11)
when Egypt says thats not illigal you say lets retake sinai(which is not your lands) and when Turkey says thats not legal you say Turks already invade and hurt the Kurds..dont you see the two theories are different tottaly thats when you say poor Kurds on other hand you want to take other people's land but ya for every country you have a reason to attack, for everyone say you are wrong you either accuse him that he is doing himself a bad same bad thing with others like he is torturing Kurds and killing innocents so why not we do same with Pals?! he is no better than us..but if an arab country say..they are intolerant and want to kill jews and when Egypt speaks you wanna take the land..i cant stop laughing
29. They're all entirely predictable.
Ypip ,   Canada   (09.29.11)
Sorry boys "We already gave at the office"...
30. #17 Yes, indeed, Sarah!
Christian ,   Sweden   (09.29.11)
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