'Price Tag': Olive trees uprooted near Hebron
Yair Altman
Published: 29.09.11, 13:54
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1. I can well understand them ("vandals")
CC   (09.29.11)
2.  is Star of David a symbol of Hate ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.29.11)
then i wonder what your symbol of love can be?!! any way Shana Tova : )
3. Judaism... such a peaceful loving "religion"
Marwan ,   Tel Aviv, Palestine   (09.29.11)
4. It wasn't Jews
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.29.11)
It was the act of ersatz "Palestinians," trying to foment trouble. Did any of you forget that it was Rosh Ha'Shana? Do any of you see religious Jews doing that on Rosh Ha'Shana? I don't. And if you do, you are fools. Don't let the ersatz "Palestinians" dupe you. This incident is just another iteration of setting fire to their own mosques and vandalizing their own cemeteries. Disgusting, but there you have it.
5. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.29.11)
Please do not defile my religion by uttering false and phony wishes in Hebrew to escape your lips. As to "symbol of hate" -- perhaps you can ask the five members of the Fogel family, and the thousands of Jews who have been murdered and maimed by ersatz "Palestinian" terrorists. There's your symbol of hate. What is the ersatz "Palestinian" symbol of "love?" Stoning?
6. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.29.11)
You need look to your own Islam. A real "peaceful" religion, isn't it. Let's check with the Syrians, the Libyans, the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis, the Lebanese, the Tunisians, the Egyptians and -- most importantly -- the ersatz "Palestinians" before we weigh in on that question. That said, prove to me that it was Jews who committed this act. The ersatz "Palestinians" have a long and despicable record of defiling their cemeteries and burning their mosques, and blaming it on the Jews. You aren't fooling ANYONE.
7. Please, at least don't call it "Price-tag"! You'e selling
tom ,   tel aviv   (09.29.11)
Jewish life very cheap! An olive tree here, a graffiti there, just stop it. It is bad publicity (not that the estabilishment needs any pretext) for the bad-bad "settlers" ! The fight with the Arab usurper to the Land of Israel does not go through hilltops and is not fought with stones hurled at the Islamic foe. If you have a fire-proof way to obtain a real-world price tag for the Israelis butchered by the palis call me, I may join in - and I don't mean some more primitive killing of Arabs. It's our Left-wing Lunatic brothers' brains we have to work on!
8. "Price-tag" vandals
Spencer ,   Israel   (09.29.11)
When these vandals are caught and named then they should be prosecuted and JAILED (not fined) for lengthy periods of time. These vandals are doing more harm to Israel that the damage that they cause. Their standards are not the standards of Israel. By the way I am NOT one of these leftwing anti Israel people. I consider myself to the right of the present Government whom I support. I certainly have no qualms about a united Jerusalem being the Capital of Israel and there is no doubt in my mind that the present leaders of the Fatah don't want peace with Israel. They want the same as see Israel destroyed.
9. pricey
Marcel ,   Florida   (09.29.11)
I do hope this is only the beginning of payment to the death cult followers who are no longer welcome in Israel for their murderous evil,brutality. Got to wonder why Israel and Netanyhu keep such pandering ,defeatist,loser Jews in power like Ehud Barak ? I think I know why , Since Israel's perfect record of defeating every Arab army ,this has caused the losers Arabs to lose face and be greatly shamed. The backstabbing US has been restraining Israel under their counterfeit peace scheme. President Bush personally kept Israel from defeating Hizbollah in 2006 and Hamas in Gaza in 2009. With great meddling and trampling of Israel sovereignty the U.S. makes sure that only weak and beggarly,always capitulating Jews become leaders in Israel. The 'Feiglin Treatment' is evidence of this reality in corrupt Israeli politics manipulated by Washington incessant interference.
10. Diispicable
DOV ,   USA   (09.29.11)
Anyone destroying olive trees no matter which side they belong to is stupid and ignorant
11. #2
Sam M ,   UK   (09.29.11)
Islam certainly isn't a symbol of love for religious minorities unfortunate enough to live in muslim lands. Muslims apostates who convert to christianity for example living in fear of their lives. Neither is it a symbol of goodwill for the victims of over 10,000 terrorist attacks worldwide (many of them fellow muslims) by islamic fanatics . In fact the same intolerance can now be seen all over europe in muslim communities. You've got some cheek posting your stupid comments on Ynet! Too many people know the truth about islam and what it stands for to be fooled by your nonsense!
12. Sarah B. - It wasn't *observant* Jews...
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.29.11)
Article reads: "vandals uprooted some 45 olive trees located on Palestinian land." a) It is prohibited by the Law of Moses & Israel to uproot a fruit-bearing tree anywhere. b) All Palestinian land, to date, is land given to Palestinians by the state of Israel (or non-annexed lands from 1967), and uprooting anything is just destructive to the promised land which observant Jews (claim to) wish to see united under Israeli sovereignty one day. c) It is indeed prohibited severely by the Law of Moses & Israel to engage in anything of this nature on a holiday on which "labor" is prohibited. So, anyone doing this can be counted among the non-observant (no matter what kind of clothes s/he wears) - but this does *not* mean that it was not an act carried out by Jewish vandals excercising their free will to choose evil and death over good and life.
13. #2 is the cresent and sword A Symbol Of Peace?
Yella !!!
14. #8 spencer Please Wait For Evidence Before
jumping to conclusions, BTW If in Fact it is arabs Commiting these Crimes what would have done to them For Their Subversive Acts Aimed at EXASTERBATING Tensions by Mutiple arab countires Attacking Israel Daily? What's Good For Jewish criminals Is Just As Good For arab Terrorists. Baruch Hashem
15. Sadly, Sarah (4) might be right.
sk ,   USA   (09.29.11)
The "tough" Jews of Hevron mistake themselves for "Israelis"; I rather doubt they would actually fight back. And, as tom (7) says, since when are some olive trees a price tag for Jewish life? Anyway, the concept of "price tag" is halachically sound. Just peruse Rambam's Mishne Torah for details.
16. To: No. 12
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.29.11)
I have yet to see conclusive proof that it was Jews who uprooted the olive trees. This is not silent work. Do you mean to tell me that the local ersatz "Palestinians" simply did not hear anything? That's as ludicrous as expecting anyone to believe that Jews can enter an ersatz "Palestinian" village and deface a mosque or spray paint slogans on the wall of a dwelling without being detected, and not a single dog barking. You really have drunk the Kool-Aid.
17. 9 - "US has been restraining Israel" ,...
split ,   US   (09.29.11)
Refuse the aid and tax deductible donations and show them a finger. What are you doing in US anyway if you care for Israel more than for country that live in ? ,...
18. What is "pali" land?
Jay Haim ,   Los Angeles   (09.29.11)
I don;t understand what is Arab land in Israel (including in Judea or Samaria)? I have yet to see an Arab showing a deed of sale, proving that he purchased the land from a Jew! So, that means they are either squatting or simply murdered the Jew and took the land.
19. #2
Sam M ,   UK   (09.29.11)
The Star of David is a symbol of hope for thousands of african refugees seeking sanctuary in Israel who face robbery, imprisonment, rape and sometimes death crossing muslim lands and that's even before they reach the Israel egyptian border where many have been killed by egyptian border guards. Life is indeed cheap in the arab world. It's also a symbol of hope for many Israeli arabs and an overwhelming majority of arab residents of Jerusalem who inform respected international polling organisations that they would prefer to live under Israeli rule than in a palestinian state. It's even a symbol of hope for the top religious leader in hebron who has publicly declared his preference to Israeli rule than any palestinian alternative and he also adds that many pals feel the same way! Funny isn't it that while much of the naive western world favours a palestinian state many arabs who know better prefer life under Israeli rule with rights that the rest of the arab world can only dream about. The problem with the arab/muslim world is that when it comes to human rights you are right up there along with the very worst abusers. The Star of David is a symbol of hope and tolerance for many people all over the world and also incidentally to many christians and other minorities living in Israel who certainly wouldn't be recieved as warmly in the muslim world and that's putting it mildly! Hey and that's not bad going for a state thats supposed to be racist apartheid is it Salma!! Mind you your palestinian 'homeland' really would be the genuine article!!
20. Salma @ 2
macktheknife   (09.29.11)
This ignorant creature salma (or something) living in false paradise called palestine (or something) calming her own hateful and jealous fears towards the Jewish people. Go home to your desert country and stop your thieving which does not belong to you. And p.s. don't forget to take your murdering religious beliefs with you. Get the hell off Holy Land belonging to the Jewish people!
21. Price tag is sane response to insane government policies.
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.29.11)
It is regrettable the Jews have to resort to price tag justice. However, it is the cowardly conduct of the Israeli government which makes it necessary. How are Jews supposed to deal with governments that get elected on patriotic right wing platforms and implement reviled leftist policies? WIth governments which place hostile civilians above the lives of IDF soldiers? WIth governments willing to discuss trimming Israel's waist to a suicidal 9 miles? With governments which tolerate unlimited illegal Arab building but rush to condemn Jewish building as illegal and destroy Jewish homes? Price tag justice is a sane response to insane government policies.
22. Comment about Orly's (12) TB.
sk ,   USA   (09.29.11)
I'm sorry, but what is "the Law of Moses & Israel"? This seems to be a Xtian usage, from my Googling. One can indeed uproot an olive tree if the value of its wood outweighs the value of its fruit. However, even if it does not, the issue is "value" relates to VALUE TO JEWS. If uprooting them BENEFITS Jews, the prohibition would not apply. In any case, the same halacha that forbids uprooting also forbids non-Jews from claiming ownership of any of Eretz Israel, let alone killing Jews there. Orly really should educate herself on the basics. In either English or Hebrew, the Rambam's Mishne Torah is invaluable. The full text is available online, in both languages, on the website.
23. Sarah B. (16) & sk (12)
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.29.11)
Sarah, I made no suggestion as to who the vandals were, only to who they were not. Your declaration in no. 4 was over-reaching. sk, the Law of Moses & Israel is among the most Jewish references to the laws of the Torah as were handed down from generation to generation and is used in the betrothal ceremony under the wedding canopy since ancient times, as in: You are hereby betrothed to me with this ring in accordance with the Law of Moses and Israel ("ke-dat moshe ve-yisrael"). I cannot think of a term more concise than this. The uprooting of those trees was not necessary for the benefit of any Jews whatsoever - and no like actions ever will be. Au contraire!
24. Reply to Orly (23).
sk ,   USA   (09.29.11)
Orly, your original TB referred to "observant" Jews and made some sweeping claims about Halacha, without using this appropriate word, and without any attempt at an authoritative reference. Your repetition of a galut-written snippet of uncertain provenance used in a Jewish wedding ceremony as if were the title of some authoritative text is silly. You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to call your opinions Halacha, or your practice "Judaism" just because you want to. One great authority, the Rambam, makes clear in his Mishneh Torah (Laws of Kings, Chapters 5 & 6) that not only can non-Jews control any part of the Land, but that their attempt to do so requires a defensive war against them (milchemet mitzvah). You complain that uprooting a few TREES is un-Jewish??! Please. I will not continue this back and forth unless you provide some authoritative support for your unusual claims. Nothing in your wedding vows will count.
25. Can there be a price tag for taking a life?
Josh   (09.29.11)
Maybe with organized crime, that assumption is true. Extra judicial street justice seems to be the only way anymore in Israel. Worse the Rabbis who wrote you can kill on the suspicion someone might harm Israel just works as a green light in these circumstances. Gee whatever happened to "two-witnesses" being the benchmark set by G-d?
26. to #3Marwan palestinian
miri ,   israel   (09.30.11)
Yes, Judaism is a peaceful loving religion .....but you cannot expect us to bury our heads in the sand. If only your brethren were as peace loving as are the jews.
27. To sk, #24
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (09.30.11)
In the first conquest of this land we were commanded to take it bit by bit as to not lay waste to the land, but to move in to existing structures and maintained fields. As per the Law of Moses & Israel the destruction of a fruit tree for firewood, even to save a life, is not permitted just for the sake of "benefit" unless it is actually necessary. I.e. if there are non-fruit trees around that can just as easily be used the destruction of the fruit tree remains forbidden. In case at hand, no one who took part in uprooting these trees can be counted among the "observant Jews" no matter if he wears a kippa or she wears a wig and regardless of length or color etc. (It is noteworthy that the man arrested for the recent string of price-tag attacks was a leader of the secular hilltop youth.) There is a time and place for everything, and there have been times when our greatest leaders did nothing to deter Gentiles from living here, even in cases of occupation and oppression. Tact is the key. No Jew benefited in any way from the uprooting of these trees - and it served in no way to "drive out" the enemy. This has and will continue to be the case. Cutting down or uprooting olive trees will never change the balance of power, and it will always be paid for in Jewish blood - even when the Arabs do it to their own trees (and that's why they do this kind of stuff, by the way).
28. #4 - It wasn't Jews
Kenny ,   New Delhi   (09.30.11)
Absolutely right Sarah :) Salma, It couldn't have been the Jews. Coz, if it were them, at the least a few Palestinian buildings would have been bulldozed along with a few Palestinian infants killed! Call it a Palestinian "False Flag" operation:). The Mossad has students among the Palestinians too. Shana Tova folks!
29. "It wasn't Jews"
Robert ,   Australia   (09.30.11)
Yes, sure!
30. Unfortunately for Arabs, karma has a way of coming back
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (09.30.11)
History attests to the limitless suffering the Arabs brought unto the world through their religious military aggression, enslavement of native populations, forced conversions, destruction of temples etc. A few olive trees is a small price to pay for that. It's unfortunate that some of today's innocent Arabs are paying for the sins of their forefathers, but they should really blame their aggressive ancestors for starting this mess.
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