Abbas to go on 'persuasion campaign'
Published: 30.09.11, 11:18
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1. Right of Israel to exist in safe border can b compromised?
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (09.30.11)
the right of Palestinians to self-determination, to have their own = (is as important) as is the right of Israel to exist within safe borders. it unfair to grant one side without granting the other side. Then since Israel is still NOT within safe borders, how can EU grant only one side of the balance namely the palestinian statehood alone? guess the Europeans really deserve Islamization!
2. NOTE-"As is the right of Israel to exist in SECURE BORDERS"(not 1948 BORDERS)
Alan ,   SA   (09.30.11)
3. Ya, good luck with that...
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.30.11)
most of the world countries have already recognized Palestine as a state. united nations' will is not about one country's veto power.
4. But Salma yes it is
Rachel ,   US   (09.30.11)
5. It's all posturing
Jorge ,   Mexico   (09.30.11)
Amazing how the PA is spending so much energy on this campaign. Just sit back at the table and start negotiating with Israel again. The rational people in this world want both Israel and Palestine to exist. Get to the business at hand rather than continue this spectacle.
6. #3. U.N. Resolutions won't bring fictional Palestine to life
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.30.11)
#3 Salma. The P.A. declared statehood back in 1988. It was also recognized by the U.N. The P.A. has also made less publicized statehood declarations. The U.N. has passed hundreds of anti-Israel resolutions. Meanwhile, Israel grows stronger and richer every year. You can have your U.N. Resolutions, till the U.N. becomes defunct like the League of Nations, but it won't ever bring fictional Palestine to life.
7. "Columbia" is "COLOMBIA"
Francisco ,   Madrid, Spain   (09.30.11)
And they are quite familiar with the Pals thing: bribes with petrol (Arabs vs. Chavez) terrorists that claim to be peaceful (FARC vs. Pals) etc
8. to number 3
John ,   UK   (09.30.11)
PLEASE READ HAL LINDSEY BOOK CALLED `` The Everlasting Hatred. This is good for JEWS AND ARABS TO READ. Excellent look at the truth of this troubled land.
9. #5 Thats right we have a right to exist in Jerusalem!!
Nour ,   One State   (09.30.11)
Our full claim to the old city, perhaps except the wailing wall, is non negotiable! Without Alquds Jerusalem Palestine is not free or viable.
10. #3 - most of the world supports Israel's existence too
William ,   Israel   (09.30.11)
and though they recognize a "Palestinian" State in theory, legally it is not a sovereign entity and cannot be as such until a UN official vote. You still don't have the UNSC votes to get it passed, and most people who support your State do so NOT IN PLACE of Israel but NEXT TO Israel, in peaceful coexistence. So, they're basically tell you this - you have our support IF you end the damn war and your attempts to destroy another sovereign nation and its people. To date, all you've heard is "We support your State....." and ignored the rest. What a sad day it will be when you go to attack Israel and no one comes to your aid. End your racism now and work on just your State as opposed to erasing ours.
11. what are borders based up on 1967 RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (10.01.11)
I have a very short memory time span hardly remember yesterday much less 40 50 years ago I doubt if any Israeli knows what 1967 borders are Jordan has a border with Israel where will that border be if all of the West Bank East Jerusalem even more land is given to the Palisteinians be honest Arabs with all the land they have compared to tiny Israel certainly do not care about us poor Jews the world has never cared about us poor Jews luckily the Arabs Libya Syria Hamas are not totaly united have differences but to set borders they want we Jews Israelis have no say is quite unfair but unfair is what Jews Israelis have always gotten as a ultra nationialist but with a broad mind I would like to make deals but not always based up on what the less broad minded believe is RIGHT why is it narrow minded people always are suppose to be RIGHT RIGHT ??? any way I still think another Arab Jew war is needed would help solve many differences better than any cock eyed negociations after all this land is not in America Europe Asia South America this land is in the middle east why is it always Jews are expected to accept the lesser of any deal why why why RIGHT ??? even Steven should be Arab Jew relations even if Israel is smaller on the world map I realize how much more Arabs have but certainly Jews can still help Arabs Arabs can live with Jews it takesa a little effort but what else is there to do RIGHT ??? I offer the Arabs a lot more than just some land for another middle east war I hope they accept my secret offer who needs the United Nations it is no better toward Arabs Jews than was the League of Nations we both still live in virtual mandates still in a sense the world runs our lives Arabs Jews need stop being fools the U N is the L O N in another milenium 9 11 proved that accept it get on with your own lives stop dreaming it is 1931 RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
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