Egypt's envoy to PA: Israel wants to retake Sinai
Elior Levy
Published: 30.09.11, 12:16
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31. To no. 13: He is afraid
SK ,   Egypt   (09.30.11)
And why Israel is having twice as much and more sophisticated equipments? If you can answer this question then you will know why we should maintain a strong army. WE DO NOT TRUST YOU!
32. Tiran Island is the Achilles tendon of the treaty
observer ,   Egypt   (09.30.11)
Saudi King Abdallah installed the first construction stone of flying over bridge from Saudi land to Egypt's town Sharm el-Shiekh, with foundation pillars in Tiran Island. Tiran is sovereign Saudi land leased to Egypt. Of course Saudi is not part of the treaty and that was the greatest mistake ever made by Israel. Saudis are going to renew the work on the project after Mubarak, the only opponent of the bridge, was ousted. Saudis find more than one justification to control their sovereign Tiran Island ... and the Strait.
33. Really
Your Mom ,   Isra_hell   (09.30.11)
Bring it Bitch.
34. lack of political will(#9)
American thinker ,   Midwest, US   (09.30.11)
the reason Israel can't "control" or eliminate "terror issues" in the gaza strip isn't due to lack of strength militarily, rather due to lack of political will at the elite level in Israeli society today, as well as 5th column elements, ie leftists, and of course foreign pressure...perfect example Israeli assassinates Yassin in 2004, this is denounced by the eu, us, un, other foreign entities, and of course israel's own leftist fifth column, fast forward to today, not a peep out of the EU ,UN or other irritating organizations like amnasty international when the US assassinates al-awlaki, I guess Jews just aren't allowed to kill their enemies unless we get the say so from washington, pathetic...
35. too bad this isnt an official government statement
usa   (09.30.11)
Damn it at least threaten.
36. Go girl...
Jeff ,   USA   (09.30.11)
I second that !
37. #17 Are you calling my woman stupid? Put up your dukes.
Doomsday Toddler   (09.30.11)
38. #6 Sarah
Spencer ,   ISRAEL   (09.30.11)
I usually agree with Sarah, but this time I think she has overstepped the mark. I think that you don't have a rael understanding of the position here. Israel want peace with her neighbours. It's very important to her and such a peace can only benefit any partners to peace.....Israel has no intentions of taking back the Sinai or being the one to break any peace treaty. Just tryand put yourself here in israel and look at things realistically for the good of Israel. Stirring the pot does noone any good.
39. Nonsense
Emma ,   London   (09.30.11)
Egyptian Minister of Conspiracy Theories hard at work again!
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (09.30.11)
Israel should ,and perhaps soon will ,retake the Sinai which was mistakenly given away in return for a Peace Treaty which had zero chance of lasting long and merely bought time but ultimately will prove not to be worth the paper it was written on ,sadly ..The Peace Treaty is no more and sinai is being re-militarized by Egypt.
Salma ,   Palestine   (09.30.11)
wake up Mr. PA envoy, "Israel" is weaker than a spider web.
42. #3 - battles are sometimes hard...
William ,   Israel   (09.30.11)
but it matters who wins the war in the end. And Israel won the war...all of them actually. So we may bleed, but we do heal and continue to succeed, much to the chagrin of Arabs everywhere.
43. Salma # 41
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.30.11)
Funny, that's what you losers said in 1948 and 1967.
44. Chris # 26
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (09.30.11)
The last thing Israel needs to be viable is Egypt. Israel was plenty viable in 1967 and have been since 1948. If Egypt wants respect then they should act like they want an equal partnership with Israel.
45. #17
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.01.11)
Why don't you take your own advice? You don't have the brains to match wits with Sarah B.
46. #26 - "Egypt peace treaty is israel's lifeblood"
William ,   Israel   (10.01.11)
In what way? Besides a cold peace what does Israel receive through this peace treaty? Acceptance by Arabs? Nope. Preferred treatment at the UN? Nope. Massive trade with Egypt and Arabs which is a major part of its GDP? Nope. Peace on its Southern border? Double-nope! Israel existed fine for 31 years prior to the peace accord, and won every war thrusted on her by racist Arabs. So I fail to see your point. If Egyptians want respect and equal partnership with Israel, perhaps they should have started so many wars and supported terrorism in the first place. Since the treaty, they've done nothing but dehumanize Jews, antagonize Israel, and support "Palestinian" terrorism. Not exactly an equal respectful partnership, huh?
47. #31 - You showed yourselves untrustworthy
William ,   Israel   (10.01.11)
Egyptians have attacked Israelis through 4 major wars, and supported cross-border terrorism. How many times did Israel attack Egypt? None. Egypt called for the destruction of Israel and Jews from the region, in line with the Arab League. How many times did Israel state a goal of destroying Egypt or its people? None. So you see - there is a reason why Israel has a strong army and the world believes it should. If Israel wanted to destroy Egypt, it would have because it has a strong army as you pointed out. But Israel never wanted to. They've only asked for peace since 1947 and its always been rejected by Arabs.
48. Only Egypt can decide the fate of Sinai.
Mahlon Drumgoole ,   Newark NJ USA   (10.01.11)
Israel gave back the Sinaai in exchange for a peace treaty. As long as Egypt remains at peace with Israel, they will continue to keeep the Sinai with its oil and gas deposits. If Egypt abrogates the peace treaty and attacks Israel or aligns itself with terroists, Israel will have every right to consider retaking the Sinai. Understand, the fate of the Sinai rests with Egypt's willingness to keep a peace treaty.
49. Israel does not need want the Sinai RIGHT ???
M.S. ,   mpls america   (10.01.11)
The Sinai whose land is it RIGHT ??? Hamas even from Gaza could claim in Bedoiuns living there could claim it even Turkey could claim it as well as Egypt even Syria could claim it RIGHT !!! Israel wants no part of that kind of trouble it is too much trouble all I want is a war with Syria Hezbollah possibly Turkey helping them you can keep your Sinai Jews do not need trouble with America we know we can not go that far WE KNOW IT please believe WE KNOW IT !!! we are not crazy Zionist pionier fools like many believe we think logicially rationially Israel is small but still America would EVER LET US HAVE THE SINAI !!! RIGHT !!! I hope this clears up ends any doubt about that RIGHT !!! Thank You... M. S.
50. @31
Sensible guy ,   tel aviv   (10.01.11)
and tell me my egpytian friend. why don't you trust Israel? is it beacuse we gave back the Siani for peace? i cannot possibly fathom why israel, a country of 7 million people (and quite a few of them arab) would want to piss off, a country full of 80 million arabs. so far, you cannot control your side of the border, which we saw with the latest devastating terrorist attacks, who cross FROM egpyt. nor can you protect the gas pipeline which runs to israel. when will you stop being brainwashed by propaganda? israel wants peace. Israel has made peace with egpyt and jordan. but you guys are the ones who want to break it by the sounds of it. breaking into the israeli embassy??? wise up my friend, your entire country is being manipluated.
51. # 25
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (10.01.11)
Yes I DID serve. I was a combat medic (hovesh kravi). I did many miluims in Gaza. My wife was in the Nahal during Yom Kippur in 1973. My daughter is an army invalid (nechat Zahal). She was a madrichat HIR. My son is a lieutenant in the Israel Navy.
52. then you have first to defeat US backed MFO in Sinai
then you have first ,   Egypt   (10.01.11)
USS Liberty will never be again, repeat; never again.
53. again at @31
Sensible Guy ,   tel aviv   (10.01.11)
"And why Israel is having twice as much and more sophisticated equipments?" have you ever heard of companies such as IMI, RAFAEL or ELBIT? israeli has a very high ratio of population - educational degrees. being surrounded by people that refuse your right to exist, and lob rockets and mortars daily kind of pushed israeli's to develop a bunch of offensive/defensive weapons (e.g iron dome). don't blame us because egypt cannot give a decent education to it's citezens. what's the rate of illiterary where you are from?
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