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Amos Oz faces Syrian front
Dudi Goldman
Published: 02.10.11, 14:47
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1. Good luck to all
Rami of NAzareth ,   Israel   (10.02.11)
2. Oz is a disgrace.
sk ,   USA   (10.02.11)
Therefore, he should get the Nobel Peace Prize.
3. Metro reality?!
Ayeush ,   Gibraltar   (10.03.11)
Lets face it, all the international prizes are being wrapped up in a political cellular, and that makes them very political, allusory and wothless. But, they say : you should keep doing the same thing as long as the alternative will exceberate the whole empty bag. Granted, there is less political biases in some sciences: physics. chemistry and stop there, the balance is made up of lobbyists and pressure. I would like to see Amin Maalouf, a grat writer of Lebanese origins, but writing in French. Good story teller, with high moral and integrety, which Mr. Amos Oz couldn't master as much.
4. Oz should get it ,so he can fully belong to the Arafat Club
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.03.11)
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