Yisrael Beiteinu: Trajtenberg report – a cover up
Ronen Medzini
Published: 02.10.11, 17:10
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1. Unjust Society in Israel
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.02.11)
As the Government, and every half wit knows, there are shortcomings in the system. Playing reports will do nothing to sort them. Intent and real application to clean up might. 1. Black economy 2. Corruption built into everything 3. Chareidim ; Tackle the solution. 4. Mal administration of the Laws 5. Tax avoidance rife 6. Bureaucracy
2. Though Israel is top 25 economy, IB is right,
Jude ,   Israel   (10.02.11)
the leftist committee's report was a sham. no nation is perfect, some are better than others. There is a lot of potential in the jewish state. if we understand our Torah correctly we can be a truly model society & economy on every level. #1, even objectively speaking ill take israel any day over 95% of countries
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