Panetta: Israel becoming increasingly isolated in ME
Associated Press
Published: 03.10.11, 09:30
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1. Panetta should ask Israel Arab neighbor to "make peace"
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (10.03.11)
US foreign policy since Obama is a disaster....Obama to appease the Arabs is asking not the Arabs,but Israel to make peace... Was not the Arab league that attack Israel?Is not spring Egypt that wants to tear down the peach treat with Israel? What is Panetta talking about? Obama administration has a goal:make Israel look at foult ,while is not.... Get Obama out of US presidency as soon has possible '!!!!!!!!!!
2. What a perfect icture, what a swell couple of....imbeciles
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.03.11)
3. Nοt only in ME !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.03.11)
in EU, the Parliament is considering to block economical agreements with Israel and to develop commercial bonds with the Palestinians instead. Carmel/Agrexo has already been banned in France. We only get what we demanded for !
4. The hostile countries to Israel erode their security.
Jouko ,   Finland   (10.03.11)
It is not Israel that has made errors but those countries that are hostile to her!!! Remember what happened during the reign of king David - all the hostile countries to Israel, were defeated. But all the friendly countries to Israel could live in peace and security. So its is not Israel that is in danger but her hostile neighbours - actually all hostile states all over the world!
5. Panetta
Bob ,   Yerushalayim   (10.03.11)
It's been said that nations don't have friends, they have interests. It's now in Panetta's interest to pressure Israel to make concessions in order to re-establish ties with Turkey, Egypt etc. Was he on a different planet when Natanyahu repeatedly asked abbas to sit down and negotiate, when Natanyahu apologized to egypt re: the five egyption soldiers who just "happened" to get in the way of IDF attacking terrorists that infiltrated and killed Israeli citizens. Where was he when the egyption army didn't raise a finger to prevent the Israeli embassy from being pillaged, where was he when Israel expressed regret for the deaths "innocent" terrorists on the embargo busting vessal that turkey had sent to break our embargo of a murderous regime that sends thousands of missiles on our cities? was he out of town, or on another planet when abbas said he will NEVER recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people? What more would he expect from us, except perhaps to lie down and die to satisfy these enemies of Israel and the Jews. It seems that when we thought that the US government was supporting Israel it was out of it's interests, not friendship. Friends support friends even when it's not in their interest. And if one should ask, isn't the US going against it's interest when it supports Israel in the UN, realize that it's in the US interest to support the ONLY democratic country in the middle east that consistently supports and votes with the US, shares intelligence with the US , and if Israel wasn't that type of Friend, the US would have to have many more bases, men and equipment and spend many billions of $$$ to have what it is getting from Israel today. A true friend doesn't ask his friend to risk his existence in order to appease the friend's interests.
6. Panetta, the Dope's errand boy.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (10.03.11)
7. Leon Panetta on Israel
Steven W ,   New York, USA   (10.03.11)
The problem with Mr. Panettas view is that it appears that merely being in Israel is the problem with the Jews. He ,better then most people, should know ( head of CIA) that the real problem in the middle east is not the Jews but the Arabs who ALWAYS walked away from EVERY deal offered to them. Why stir the pot by insinuating that its Israels fault that the Arabs 'want it all' as clearly spelled out by Achmedinejan and Khameini? It' abaout time for someone to show continued leadership and spell it out as it is, as Mr. Obama did at the UN. It is the Arabs who dont want peace not the Jews, remember that Mr Panetta and have the courage to spell it out.
8. Blame the victim! Right!
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (10.03.11)
The U.S. is desperately struggling for influence in the Middle East, thus sacrificing Israels interests one by one. They are selling arms to anyone for money or influence and only to often are experiencing, that they aren't finding real allies in the ME except Israel. The U.S. never learned from this. They need to accept, that they aren't Muslims, just like we arn't. They will never develop resilient ties with Muslim countries. They always have to pay a heavy price for a particular deal, only. The U.S. need to learn, that Israel is taking the current situation very serious and that it is not very helpful if a U.S. politician is babbling his personal opinion about Israel, even if this opinion is acceptable to a majority in his administration. The Obama administration and its representatives must learn, that truth, right and wrong are not a matter of majority or personal opinion.
9. Nothing new - Israel was always isolated in the ME
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.03.11)
What Panetta fails to mention is that this alleged isolation is being manipulated by Arab dictatorships including the Palestinians. Who is leading isolation? The dictators club, of course. Remember folks, that the Palestinians have violated their own laws and are simply not holding elections. Abbas has no legal mandate, and neither does Hamas. They are just two more despotic Arab dictators. Who else is leading the way? Why Iran, Egypt and Jordan - all known for their human rights abuses against their own people, and their lack of civil rights for their own citizens - unlike Israel where Arabs do indeed have freedom of speech, religion, expression and can vote for a democratic government. Then there is Turkey, who is tolerated by the west because their military got them into NATO years ago, and the Americans love having bases and listening posts so close to Iran, Iraq and Syria. However, Turkey is no bastion of civil rights either and has a history of genocide and abuse against its own people. Israel was always isolated in the middle east - this is nothing new. We'll get through it like we've done before.
10. To: Mr. Panetta
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.03.11)
If Canada fired ten thousand missiles into the United States, sent suicide bombers, and kidnapped an American soldier, would you accept Israel's urging that you boost ties with your neighbor? Now, let's double down. Suppose Mexico did the same? Would you accept Israel's urging that you boost ties with your neighbor? Of course, Israel's geopolitical situation is a little bit different. In addition to Gaza, we've got Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria to contend with. Bottom line -- shut your ignorant mouth. You are an imbecile.
11. An American Admin. Of Miserable Bastards, Literally
David ,   NJUSA   (10.03.11)
12. Israel is NOT alone
03.10.11   (10.03.11)
G-d will NEVER leave her nor forsake her. Israel is His chosen for His special people, and they are not called arabs; palestinians, or whatever one thinks up to call those very troublesome race of people! Isn't the name Palestinian just a name from somewhere, meaning every possible tribe of arabs on the face of this earth. There's one helluva bad end coming to those insane murderous thugs, mark my words!
13. Time will tell if Panetta's efforts
seadog1946 ,   Arthur Kill, NJ   (10.03.11)
will induce the Israelis and Palestinians to sit down and produce an agenda of negotiation priorities in accord with the Quartet's proposed settlement schedule.
14. ***Sarah***at 10, Panetta is only the mouth-
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.03.11)
piece of Hussein Obama...he is a SHAME for his own country...!!! He is as bad as his predecessor Gates...
15. Panetta is a SLIMEBAG and a further sign
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.03.11)
of the DECLINE of the US as a world power...not even to mention it's lost status as a superpower...DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!
16. panetta should be careful of friends
THE ITALIAN ,   ISRAEL   (10.03.11)
panetta should be careful of friends LIKE BARAK- Barak is considered by all Israel as an enemy and an obsolete politician A clown and since without power - outdated and trying his own agenda Who is panetta anyways?
17. mr pinetta Are Serious?
What Palnet are You From? Planet obomba?
18. So what's new? Jews hardly had friends
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.03.11)
Better we know who our friends are. We will survive so long as we do not treat an enemy as a friend.
19. Obama's new tactics
Maurice ,   Montreal   (10.03.11)
With the upcoming elections Obama does not want to alienate the Jews. So now he tasks Panetti to communicate his anti-Israel ideas!
20. so what
Sam M ,   UK   (10.03.11)
Better to be isolated than go for the suicide option of a second terrorist state on the 'west bank' which will be a first step in the liberation of 'palestine' as one top fatah official recently admitted in an al jazeera interview and a magnet to the forces of global jihad. The pals want it all no recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, the return of millions of refugees and Jerusalem as their capital. The peace process is no more than a fig leaf to hide the pals real intentions to destroy Israel
21. #2 Greg
Joe Tango ,   USA   (10.03.11)
Really if they do that what are they going to do when Israel decides to cut off the Palestinians from ports block the entrances into the West Bank to PA for certain items in retaliation. If Europeans are stupid enough to do that in Israel has every right to impose a blockade on the Palestinians.
22. #10
shlomo   (10.03.11)
Canada and Mexico are not held under siege by the USA. The USA does not oppress their people, nor control their every movement. DUH!!!
23. Clearly, Panetta has nothing to offer
A very flacid comment - has absolutely nothing positive to add. Israel "isolated"? Yes, by enemies that want it exterminated and keep saying so. Yes, by people who just dont like Jews, anywhere - in Israel or not.
24. "friend of Israel"? really?
AlexB ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.03.11)
his rhetoric is pretty agitating. it's as if Israeli leaders are doing irresponsible provocative moves to upset people in jordan, lebanon, syria, egypt, turkey, etc. it's not israel's doing that its neighbours hate Jewish existence in Israel. is it Israel's fault that its embassy in Egypt was attacked, or that Erdogan is being the way he is? Panetta, you better watch your mouth or you will lose influence in Israel as well, not just in the rest of the world.
25. Pressuring the Wrong Horse
Brod ,   USA   (10.03.11)
Panetta should be pressuring the PA Islamist-JIhadists to learn to live in peace with Israel rather than siding with the dark forces in usurping the Land of Israel from the Nation of Israel. Unfortunately, Panetta is a Papist. Papism invented AntiSemitism. Obama the closeted Islamist surrounded himself with a stable of Papists/AntiSemites. Israel should stand strong, united and resolute to say NO to this external pressure that emanates from AntiSemitism.
26. For those of you who do not know Mr. Panetta
Shlomo ,   USA   (10.03.11)
He is one of the hardest working, honest, considerate, intelligent and compassionate human beings working in government in the US. Ask any of his former constituents or any Republican or Democrat in Congress. This man has few if any enemies in politics and it would be wise of Israelis to listen to him rather than just brush him off.
27. Israel's isolation
Orly ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.03.11)
Israel's isolation is the direct result of President Obama's speech in Cairo, visit to Turkey and flirtation with Mahmoud Abbas, rising the later's hopes rocket high, without being able to deliver, pressuring Israel, followed by the European Union. How surprising that Israel and Israelis are so hated everywhere. I wish Mr. Panetta, as ex CIA director, opened his eyes and understand that we are surrounded by enemies and that that Mahmoud Abbas does not want to negotiate peace, or cannot, because he faces death for him and his family. How does he date tell us to make concessions as America will protect us? Who can ever know what the President's agenda will be. Israel will only be served by protecting itself with a strong ZAHAL.
28. Panetta-blind to reality
Don Straub ,   Euclid, Ohio USA   (10.03.11)
Panetta's remarks reflect a basic lack of concern for Israel and its tenuous position in the Middle East. Turkey and Egypt harbor strong animosities to the Jewish nation. In fact, Turkey is on the brink of provoking major warfare on the seas. The Pals. intransigence blocks any and all progress on the peace front. And Panetta chides Israel?!! Panetta ,and the Obama administration he represents, are terribly misguided.
29. erdoan backs panetta
the mad zionist ,   sf, ca   (10.04.11)
the only other things that erdoan backs is terrorists, Hamas, lifting of the blockade, killings of Kurds, stealing Cyprus gas, Syria, the tearing up of the camp David accords, and now Leon panettas stance on Israel. Not a good sign from the Obama administration.
30. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.04.11)
Canada and Mexico have not sent suicide bombers into the United States. Nor have they fired missiles into the United States. I'm sorry. You were saying? Duh!
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