Panetta: Congress decision to freeze PA aid a mistake
Yoav Zitun
Published: 03.10.11, 14:34
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1. What about America? Congo?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.03.11)
Panetta must be gaining something, how else can you explain his support for wasting American money? If the US has $200 million to spare, that money should go to AMERICANS who don't have enough health care, or to support AMERICAN businesses. And if Panetta is so intent on giving American money to foreigners, why the rich and pampered Arabs? How about Congo where there is a real humanitarian crisis?
2. Panetta is a friend of the Pallies...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.03.11)
and of course he sticks to the scandal of the immoral imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard ! HAVE YOU EVER HEARED ABOUT THE IRANIAN LUNATICS GOING NUCLEAR ??? Mr. Panetta...?
3. Mr.Panetta,
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.03.11)
with all due respect ,you should say this in the Jewish congress and not in a press conference with Minister Barak . otherwise sorry your words have no value.
4. Panetta
Joe Tango ,   USA   (10.03.11)
US defense secretary statement about Israel's diplomatic isolation proves that the United States under Pres. Obama cannot be trusted for Israel's security. Is quite obvious that the United States is using the Europeans to put pressure on Israel. This is a good cop bad cop type of scenario. Obama has done more damage to the region by supporting revolutions in various Middle Eastern countries without any type of research about the people and movements they are supporting. United States may have put into play motions to install Islamist anti-Israel anti-American regimes. Obama was also responsible for breaking prior American commitments to Israel. Better to be isolated and alive than political correct and dead.
OMG ,   US/Israel   (10.03.11)
Stop feeding the crocodile
stude ham   (10.03.11)
and as a higher upper in the BO pack of poo bahs... is it any wonder now that BO's jewish support has almost completely evaporated? panetta should learn to shut up.
7. Quartet Plan Madness
Joe Tango ,   USA   (10.03.11)
Accepting the Quartet Offer is Madness. This is apparently one of the dumbest decisions I have ever heard in my life. What is Netanyahu thinking of? Did he not read the term "AVOID PROVACATIVE STEPS" in the Quartet Plan? Are we giving up secure and recognized borders? This is a very big trap. Israel's in essence rewarding the Palestinians for going to United Nations and has given away the store again. When is Israel ever going to say no and act upon that no. See Hillary Clinton's real view on Israel's right to choose her own capital Jerusalem. See the New York Sun article titled " Clinton, in a Sharp Turnaround, Warns Against Even Symbolically Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel " By RICK RICHMAN Special to the Sun dated September 27, 2011.
8. panetta is wrong
steve ,   usa   (10.03.11)
" noting that Obama had said that the US stance on the matter is not to allow the release of a convicted spy." That's quite incorrect. Regardless of the Pollard issue, the US has released most convicted spies. Whatever Pollard did will not be known for a long time as Weinberger buried it for 20 years or more.
9. @ #3
brooklynjon ,   Brooklyn, NY   (10.03.11)
Salma, your use of the term "Jewish Congress" is rather offensive. In a democracy, everyone is allowed to promote their own interests. Everyone includes Jews. But that doesn't make Congress "Jewish". It would also suggest that your objection is not to Israel, per se, but to Jews. I respectfully disagree with your anti-Israel views, but an antisemitic view like this is beyond the pale.
GILAD SHALIT ,   ....DACON9   (10.03.11)
11. If only obama and his little band of fools...
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.03.11)
....would butt out of ME politics,everyone would be better off.Obama has already proven he has no idea what he's doing.
12. Panetta the Red Radical
Rozie   (10.03.11)
Panetta is another one of Obama's radical communist appointments. He is know to have strong ties to many communists and red spies. He is not a friend of Israel. Yeh...gove more money to abbas so he can grow his Swiss bank accounts. It is amzaing how Panetta is telling Israel how to behave...Mr. Panetta speak to the RADICAL MUSLIMS. There he is quiet. Amazing.
13. US stance on the matter is not to allow the release of a con
split ,   US   (10.03.11)
Obama did some reserch and fund out that so called 'wide' support for a little bully of M. East by his people is not as wide and an inch thick, so the traitor Pollard will rot behind the bars.
14. 3 ,...
split ,   US   (10.03.11)
:) ,...
15. Make no mistake:do the right thing,freeze Money to PA
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (10.03.11)
People cannot afford any longer to waste money and governments have no the right thing:Now it s time to freeze money to PA!!!!
16. Where did they drag this moron from?
17. Has he got anything intelligent to say?
18. But it's not $200 million
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.03.11)
It is more than $1 billion in aid each year. Typical politician low-balling the figure to make it seem like no big deal. Israel should cut the $1.6 billion that it sends to the terrorists each year too.
19. #9 - So you are against the name " jewish state" ???
20. Ship of Fools
max ,   washington dc   (10.03.11)
You have Barak we have Panetta - is it any wonder that the Ark of Middle East Peace is sinking?
21. #14 ; )
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.03.11)
what do you want ?
22. As far as #21
Kayla   (10.03.11)
I cannot print what I would want for you and all who support your views.
23. #3. .65% of Americans support Israel dummy
Claudia ,   Tampa FL   (10.03.11)
American Jews are a tiny fraction of our population. Most of Israel's support here comes from Christians and secular people of good will, so if our congress seems to you to be controlled by Jews, hummm, perhaps by the righteous Jew of Galilee, Yeshua, who taught of love and fairness and would have surely opposed Islam.
24. $ 2+ billion USAID to settlements is no more covert
observer ,   Egypt   (10.03.11)
25. Hey Observer, clean your glasses. Settlements get no US $
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.03.11)
Where did you come up with that ridiculous figure of $2 billion for "settlements"?!?!? Heck - Bibi would be jumping for joy (so would I) if that were real. It's not. American aid to Israel is like American aid to your country, habibi - it's almost all military purchases to help keep the American military-industrial complex humming.
26. Barak and Panetta
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.03.11)
Looking at the article's photo; "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
27. # 22
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.03.11)
Kudos to you Kayla, your words are music to my ears.
28. # 22 Kayla
Sam ,   USA   (10.03.11)
I believe you speak for all of us, I wish I could print what I want to say to her and her alikes.
29. No wonder the US is going down the drain !
who cares   (10.04.11)
The present US government is playing dirty tricks with Israel - it couldnt be more obvious : the US is financially with its back to the wall - therefore they want to please the muslim world and therefore they are dropping Israel step by step. But listen carefully , USA : The ONE who made you what you are will make you what you once were : a vast, almost inhabited country! Exept you stop playing games with Israel, for ''He who curses Israel will be cursed!''
30. do you really think!!!!!
Robert ,   farmington,wv   (10.04.11)
Do you really think we are going to tell you when we are going to strike Iran after your recent remarks plus the sell of cobra's helicopters to turkey ye we will tell you after we bomb them . or just look for the smoke and about the pa we was isolated before whats your point.
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