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Palestinians celebrate life through beer
Morten Berthelsen
Published: 04.10.11, 13:50
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1. Do we still want to send them to Jordan?
Mike S ,   Phoenix, USA   (10.04.11)
They seem to be normal human beings after all who just want to live normal life...
2. Beer unites religion divides
Haim ,   TA   (10.04.11)
Now whose for a beer? What a great idea, brings people together, eat drink and be merry.
3. @1 " only Christian village in the area,"
trumpeldor   (10.04.11)
4. Sahtain! Cheers
Nour ,   One-State   (10.04.11)
5. Cheers !
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.04.11)
This is good news. Cheers, L'Chaim, Nostrovia and Cin Cin.
6. Wonderful work
Rami of nAzareth ,   Israel   (10.04.11)
best of luck and much successto this christian village
7. @1 - They're Christians.
Joe ,   Israel   (10.04.11)
You would be killed for serving alcohol in a Muslim village.
8. 98% are muslims!
Uri ,   Efrat   (10.04.11)
There are only 2% of Christians among the Palestinians...
9. Taybeh is in Palestine !
Anira ,   Ramallah Palestine   (10.04.11)
no mention in this article that it was in Palestine and that its not only Christians Taybeh is Proudly a christian city and like all other Palestinian towns we dont discriminate between Muslims and Christians the majority of those who attend the festival are Muslims form all over Palestine! and YES we are humans and want to live the problem is with the Israelis Zionists who are currently stopping us for having a normal life ! the problem is with the settlers terrorizing and attacking Palestinians villages Christian and Muslim in the WestBank!
10. was alot of fun...
Mohammad Hajali ,   Ramallah   (10.04.11)
I had alot of fun..I hoped it was even longer than 2 days...
11. Wonder if these people
Dan ,   UK   (10.04.11)
wish to be governed as part of Palestine or Israel? Or rephrased, i wonder how long this village will survive under full Palestinian control?
12. I wanna go there and celebrate with them !
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (10.04.11)
Love the Palestinian people !
13. Taibeh
miri ,   israel   (10.04.11)
A little difficult to believe - but here's some good news for a change !
14. reply to Anira
Roni ,   Herzliyya, Israel   (10.04.11)
lol you don't discriminate against christians? funny. they must be lying on the news.
15. finally the real image of the Palestinian people in Ynet.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.04.11)
thank you guys : ) Ynet, just small correction if you please , we don't have christian cities and Muslims cities, we have Palestinian cities. we live together, we resist together and we celebrate together. come ( without your weapons) to taste Taybeh beer , my bro told me it is the finest beer in the Middle East , maybe in the world : )
16. No7 Joe - They are Palestinians - both Muslim and Christian.
Miki   (10.04.11)
I have attended the Taybeh Octoberfest on two occassions and many many Muslims also attend this event. Many Palestinians will come and have a good time and not necessarily drink - so it is irrelevant whether they are Muslim or Christian.. You clearly know nothing about life in the Occupied Palestinian Territories if you are propagating the nonsense you are saying. Ramallah, which is home to both Muslims and Christians have numerous bars and resturants that serve alcohol and it is not an issue with these venues being frequented by both Christians and Muslims - some Palestinians drink, others don't. Some chose not to drink because of religious convictions, others chose not to because they simply don't like to drink. Either way its an individual choice.
17. #9 Anira
James Koel ,   Boston, MA   (10.04.11)
What do you suppose will happen to this yearly festival if your Hamas overlords were to be in charge?
18. No, its the Israeli's that lie on the news
David ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (10.04.11)
There is no discrimination in Palestine. There is no tensions with Christians and Muslims. I would know, I have lived here all my life. We are Palestinians and always will be. We want Israel to leave us ALONE, but zionism does not allow this! All of Palestine is for Christians and Muslims. Not for people from New York, Miami and Moscow!
19. Oktoberfest celebrates Germany
onimo ,   Barcelona, Spain   (10.04.11)
Specifically, the reunification of East and West Germany. I, as a Jew, don´t and won´t celebrate anything German.
20. @15
Gabriel ,   Leiden, Netherlands   (10.04.11)
yes, you DO have christian cities, and muslim cities. You DON'T live together, in the sense of respecting each other's cultural and religious integrity. Most palestinian christians live in fear for the muslim majority, and for good reason. To all those people who promote this fest as the true face of palestine: these are palestinian christians! They were never the problem to begin with.
21. Brought to you..
someone   (10.04.11)
.. by Department of Public Relations in the occupied Judea and Samaria under advice of an Euro PR firm to persuade heavy drinking European on their way to distinction that Arab occupiers are their pals and not eventual hangmen. Nothing new here. Move along. History is full of impractical and naive nations to disappear. Where are those those folks who used to speak egyptian, syryan, lebaneese, libian, tunisian, alregian and moroccan languages? And why would one think their fate was any different from what the current speakers of spanish, french, german, english and italian languages should expect?
22. #18 David
Vlad   (10.04.11)
You've just shown why Israel cannot "leave you alone". You said that "All of Palestine" is for you, not us, which shows us your true intentions. Just GIVE UP ISRAEL! Accept that Jews are there to stay whether you like it or not! Accept that you will never go there again except perhaps as tourists or workers, and you might be "left alone".
23. @20 Your claims are misinformation and disinformation.
Beit Sahour   (10.04.11)
Search "Beit Sahour" if you would like to learn how Israel treated Palestinian civilians in this town which is populated mainly by Palestinian Christians. Search for Bethlehem's Christian Palestinians who lost their lands because Israel confiscated their lands with separation wall. Search for Hanan Ashrawi and George Habash who are some of the most prominent Palestinian Christians. FYI, it was the Palestinian Christians who laid the foundations of Palestinian nationalism in 1920s.
24. To #2
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (10.05.11)
Damn'! I thought that was "eat, drink and beat Mary." I'm only joking, but with enough beer, I might end up being right :-)
25. Life's mystery- real beer, made by not so real Palestinians
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.05.11)
26. Angels
Moshe ,   Givataim   (10.05.11)
Looks like these guys are all angels..... (just for your information that was cynical). Reality looks different, and we feel it every day.
27. The real image
Iris ,   TA   (10.05.11)
Reallity is that this bear factory is in a city under Israeli govern. Would it exist under Palestinian?
28. Wonderful
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (10.05.11)
It is long past time, that "The People" get to enjoy life. Politics, religion, ideology aside, we are all people. We need more of this kind of simple enjoyment, and do so together, as a peaceful group. All of the talkbacks detractors, are just that, detractors. It is long past time that average folk get to enjoy the life given to each of us!
29. #16 Yep, yep...thank you Miki !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.05.11)
couldn't have said it better myself.
30. #12 Gregg , Palestinian people love you too !
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.05.11)
welcome and ahlan wa sahlan :)
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