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Netanyahu buckles, defers vote on Trajtenberg report
Ronen Medzini
Published: 03.10.11, 19:17
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1. Why?
Naor ,   USA   (10.03.11)
2. This a is what Netanyahu wanted!
Israeli ,   Israel   (10.03.11)
Now he can blame the Cabinet for his failures!
3. #1 -"Why", what?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (10.03.11)
Why is the moon made of cheese? Why are men and women different? etc. .. What do you want an answer to?
4. So , a new lider ?
Shimon ,   Afula   (10.03.11)
And who will be taking the site of PM ? WE simple don't have ANYONE !!!!! WE have to bring a Thayland worker to be our Prime-Minister . For sure he will do better than any other "local" personality ....
5. That will open the way for Ivet to be prime minister
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.03.11)
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