Report: Assad threatens to attack Tel Aviv in case of NATO strike
Published: 04.10.11, 19:15
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1. Moron... Golan has been a part of Israel since 1967!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.04.11)
2. Dog without teeth
Ariel ,   SAO PAULO Brazil   (10.04.11)
3. This is why Israel has nukes and syria doesn't.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.04.11)
4. Such a big little brains
Richard ,   The Hague Holland   (10.04.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.04.11)
The Wall .Do not say you were not forewarned ,in this case by Mr .Assad himself .
6. WTF was that???
Keith from WV ,   USA   (10.04.11)
7. Well,first of all,he would have to capture the Golan....
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.04.11)
...not an easy task,and what does he think Israel will be doing in the 6 hours?Sitting on their hands?No,they would be turning Damascus and Beirut into smoldering ash heaps.These arabs sure talk a good game,lol.
8. Learn some history
Gavriel ,   USA   (10.04.11)
What happened the last several times Syria attacked Israel? What happened to nearly the entire Iranian fleet the last time a US ship was attacked?
9. We will give them such a beating, that
Eric........ ,   Israel.....   (10.04.11)
they will beg for peace.Do they think we have no fire power.We have the greatest air force in the world.Assad if you live by the gun you will die by the gun,do not play with fire.
10. Assad: An idiot, wrapped in a moron.
flyingdoc57   (10.04.11)
Arab/Muslim bravado never fails to amuse. No matter how may times these morons get the sh*t beaten out of them, they not only claim victory, but make further idiots out of themselves by issuing yet additional empty threats. Perhaps someone should tell this syphilitic neanderthal that the Golan Heights has been under Israeli rule for the past 44 years, and that if he plans to "transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv", he will be "transferring" them straight into the hands of the IDF. At this point, If I were Netanyahu, I'd publicly announce that, upon the very first rocket/missile from Hezbollah, I will turn Damascus into ground glass. (And then, JUST DO IT !!!)
11. this the only way to fend turkey off of syria
Syria eagle ,   homs   (10.04.11)
ignite the fire in the whole middle east and who ever survive the fire will hold the gold and make the rules No body should think syria will roll over and die No greater israel No othman empire Turkey only arab syria
12. And Damascus will be left a ruinous heap...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (10.04.11)
Even without reference to Biblical prophesy, Assad should know that Israel won't sit idle as missiles are moved into the Golan or launched at her cities.
13. sucker
charles   (10.04.11)
I think they can be taken out by the IDF enroute... if it takes 6 hours to get missiles to this point.. it will take IDF 2 minutes to vaporize them... Suckers. Assad is on the ropes.. and throwing sucker punches.
14. Lol - he will shift his rockets bla bla bla
Ram ,   London   (10.04.11)
The likelihood of him firing more than a rocket of two before Israel retaliates is probably not high. Isn't it a little boring to watch all these lovely arab neighbors turn to threatening Israel every time they try to deflect their problems? And what is going to happen when Israel reacts or pre-empts? I guess it will hear the usual howling from the EU, the US and the UK -- stop! stop! stop! you are using disproportionate power???!! I say to Israel, flatten all your enemies using whatever power should they attack you. And this time don't just wound them; finish them off well and proper!!
15. atack
carlos ,   israel TA   (10.04.11)
you stil need 3 hour to have to move this fire rockets first :) :) :) hey dud it is 2011 wake up .
16. syria
spookey ,   birmingham uk   (10.04.11)
yeah . yeah . and israel will just stand bye , man is a complete idiot ..
17. Assad on TA
Daud ,   Arnhem, Holland   (10.04.11)
And within less than an hour after the barrage of rockets fall upon TA, Damascus will surely be on fire like hell. In case of an all out war, Israel should use her nukes against the enemies.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.04.11)
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.04.11)
There is such a thing as the syrian side of the Golan ,from which the syrians have the ability to fire against Israel and indeed Tel Aviv.Israel would do well to not underestimate the syrians nor their President ,nor their capabilities.In a few days it will be Yom Kippur .In 1973 Yom Kippur the syrians conquered the israeli Golan within a few hours.
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.04.11)
There is a large plateau within syrian territory named THE SYRIAN GOLAN .
21. Does he try to holdus hostage?
Yael Schlichting ,   Raubling - Germany   (10.04.11)
He should know what "Price Tag" means! In return we should take a share of Syria, big enough to give the stateless Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza a new home! And if Hezbollah also messes around, the land must be big enough to also take the people who need to go from what is south Lebanon today. Furthermore Israel should solve it's problem, with Arabs running mad, once and for all!
22. Eeehhhhhhh!!!!!!
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (10.04.11)
23. Sounds like WW3 to me.
USA ,   USA   (10.04.11)
24. last time i heard Israel has
meghan ,   Israel   (10.04.11)
have to admire the bravery I guess LOL! he is another idiot a little person like Erdogan, full of hot air and if Aassad isnt careful, he will end up like Gaddafi, running for his life.
25. Two comments
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.11)
Some parts of the Golan are still occupied by Syria. Assad means he will launch rockets from those parts. Rabin was correct when he said that only a total idiot would consider surrendering the Golan Heights. How lucky we are that Barak and Olmert failed to do that.
26. But the loony Israeli left wanted us to cede Golan!!!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.04.11)
One of the first things that should cross our minds when we read these rambling threats from Assad is that the loony Israeli left wanted us to cede Golan to him!!! Unbelievable. Assad is brainless, but what can one say about the Israeli left? Has it ever been correct about anything?
27. Assad
Rochel ,   Los Angeles USA   (10.04.11)
Try it, stupid.
28. BBC, CNN
Mordechai ,   London   (10.04.11)
why are mainstream news outlets like the BBC and CNN not reporting this. Assad has gone further than Ahmedinajad.
29. israel will need no more than an hour to destroy syria
dovdevan ,   ashdod,paris   (10.04.11)
and the syrian regime will collapse
30. Iranian strikes against US Targets
MJDavidson ,   Nashville USA   (10.04.11)
There are some jets in the midwestern part of the United States that will respond to such an attack against US Interests in the Persian Gulf. And that does not count the firepower on the carriers themselves. And how about the nuclear subs in the Persian Gulf? Do the Iranians really want to test those waters?The result could be the end of civilization as we know it today. Those jets currently stationed in the MidWest can and will penetrate Iranian Air Space and the result could be a nuclear nightmare--though major conventional weapons will be employed first. That monkey like leader of Iran had better understand that ground troops are not part of the US's battle plan for Iran and this time, the gloves will come off. And by the way, what is Iran's counter to 10 or more nuclear guided missiles that originate from Dolphin Class submarines off its coast after Tel Aviv is in flames?. I have a feeling that each warhead is approximately ten times the strength of those that hit Japan. How does 75 million dead Iranians really sound? That's what the final result could be. And along side them, Damascus will be gone, Beirut will burn, and if it spreads, so will many other cities and perhaps civilization. These guys had better know what the real stakes are.
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