Story of Jewish terror
Zohir Andreus
Published: 05.10.11, 01:04
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1. What a bunch of horse manure - the same meme over and over
A Jew ,   Galus, Texas   (10.05.11)
2. Zohir - you are a racist and a liar!!!
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.05.11)
Without any prove - you bridge a horrific act of a mentally disturbed Zada to the unknown individuals who set a fire to the mosque? What else do you have to offer? Anything????? Were were you for the past ten years where thousands of Jews were murdered in the cold blood by your brothers? Where were you whne the synagogues in the Gaza were torched? Were were you when the Kever Yosef in Shechem was desecrated? If you feel so abused - why wont you try the beautiful, serene desert of Arabia? You will find it a more hospitable place for you and your ilk.
3. Burning Mosques or Churches
Menachem Nahar ,   Gush Etzion,Israel   (10.05.11)
BS"D The vast majority of Religious Jews living in Yehudah & Shomron are sickened again & again to read of these burnings,this lack of respect for other people & their beliefs.First its painful to those Islamic believers, showing that whoever did this has little faith in G-D to deal with the issues.It also points negative arrows at us.How is this happening again?Where are leaders who must realize that we lose spiritually ,ethically & politically?Morally its so pathetic.
...DACON9   (10.05.11)
5. Excellent article.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.05.11)
Mr. Zohir Andreus, I congratulate you for the excellent article. Terrorist and coward acts are always shameful. The State of Israel, founded into Democratic and Humanistic principles, must get free from those bad individuals. We, her friends around the world, do hope for it.
6. the author
boris ,   nyc,us   (10.05.11)
can proudly call himself - Goebbels.
7. Yes our Arabs are racist
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.05.11)
The Jewish population has a very very long way to be as racist as the Arabs here.
8. racism in israel?
moron ,   galut   (10.05.11)
your writer prefers not to live with jews and should live in jordan ..it is no secret jews and arabs dont get along--there are many arab states for arabs-only one for jews
9. Author sounds like he knows who did this
John ,   Alaska   (10.05.11)
Although, because there is a paucity of evidence and because Jews entering Tuba Zangaria would be noticed at a minimum, but there were no reports thereof in the wake of this terrorist act, the author is more likely writing the story that fits his narrative. I'm not sure you can use the term Blood Libel yet, because there has been no blood spilled yet. But the Arabs who did this were trying their best to create a Blood Libel against the Jews. As for the racist writer of this article, I understand his pain. We too experienced 13 people killed a decade ago, though not in self-defense. 5 were murdered in their home, 8 were murdered by a terrorist attack, and 2 - a father and his baby boy - were murdered on the road. Oh wait - that was 15 Jews murdered by Arabs, and that was only within the last 7 months. The author's claim of incitement makes sense, because as the US State Department reports, children are taught that the people they share the land with are apes and dogs, that killing every one of them "from the river to the sea" is an imperative of ... some religion - oh yes, I remember! The Arabs tell their children that getting rid of every one of the Jewish pigs and dogs between the Jordan and the Mediterranean is an imperative of Islam. I will leave it up to other TB'ers to address the authors other points. My last thought is this: Zohir Andreus only wrote down what he saw when he looked in the mirror.
10. we learned well from the Arabs and Left
Golan ,   Modiin   (10.05.11)
if it wasn't for Arab and Leftist racism the Right would be left in he dark on the "way to do it." but we are still learning. Thanks Arabs and Left for teaching us on the use and abuse of violence for political ends. Without you we would be stuck in the democratic means of changing things. Boy wouldn't that be a mistake? So once again, thank you for your tireless efforts in teaching us. We know we still have a long way to catch up to your racism, violence, and hypocrisy but you know... one day...
11. A silly article...
Neil B   (10.05.11)
Jews and the Jewish State continue to be threatened by surrounding Arab states and internal Arabs.
12. What a hypocrite.
Lobo ,   USA   (10.05.11)
Unfortunately, Jews have extremists among them, but the rest of the mainstream Israeli Jewish public condemns these acts of racism against Arabs. I'm waiting for the day that the mainstream Arab public condemn anti-Jewish acts (Fogel Family, Palmers, etc.. etc)
13. 2 wrongs do not equal 1 right
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (10.05.11)
The frustration with Arab terrorism is understandable, but, the anger/ actions against authority and Arabs by the “Price Tag” movement are just plain Hooliganism. Their actions will not lead to their desired ends. The only thing their action will yield is more hatred by the Arabs, reticule by the rest of the world, & sullying the name of Judaism. Unfortunately their illegal actions were not nipped in the bud when the first illegal settlement took place.
14. burden of proof?
Benjamin   (10.05.11)
"On a final note, in a liberal democratic state the burden of proof lies with the majority and not with the minority." There is absolutely no principle or precedent in the liberal democratic tradition that claims anything like this. "Burden of proof" is a judicial, not a political principal. I would imagine the author simply made it up for the sake of convenience.
15. I gave up at 'super racists׳
Daniel Teeboom ,   Netherlands   (10.05.11)
What's next? Turbo extremists? The Arabs are used to the Jews just laying down and taking it. But they're just people, if you prick them too often they don't just bleed. They become unreasonable.
16. Excuse me, but ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.11)
... did I miss the news report conclusively proving that the perpetrators were Jews? There is no shortage of verified accounts of Arabs torching their own mosques, destroying their own olive groves and defiling their own cemeteries. You are going to have to do better than that, Mr. Andreus. Frankly, all the facts -- not to mention history -- work against you. Can you tell me how it would be possible for Jews to enter an Arab village undetected? Not even a barking dog? Try harder next time.
17. I have a question for the author
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.05.11)
How would he characterize the dynamiting by Arabs of new fewer than 48 synagogues in Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1948? Does that qualify as Arab terror?
18. Let's see if I get this right
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.05.11)
We have one person that committed a terrible crime, was arrested and convicted. Did I get that right? Now for the 13 Arabs killed by police, exactly what happened. Well those 13 plus thousands more were 'peacefully' throwing rocks and firebombs of cars in which they believed Jews were driving, then pulling the people out and beating them. They did manage to murder one person. When the police finally decided to put an end to their 'peaceful' protests they fought the police and 13 of them were killed. Boo hoo, woe is me. That is the best you can come with in the last decade? How many Jewish suicide bombers have there been? How many Arabs have had their throats cut while they slept in their beds? Please tell us all about these crimes you speak about. If this is the worst that has happened, you have very little to complain about.
19. To N 17, Sarah B
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (10.05.11)
Dear Mr's Sarah B. In fact, Arab terrorism is shameful and outrageous. But Israel was founded into democracy, dignity and decency. Because of it, many people like me do admire her. I am sure that your country will never renounce from her moral superiority. I salute you again.
20. unknown culprits: let's blame Jews
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (10.06.11)
Its one thing to despise the purposeful destruction of a mosque ..it is quite another to be sure of the culprit. Its too easy to blame Jewish Israeli "price tag" enforcers. Ahh ...finally ,,, the innuendo and smear ...linking of a rabbi to "murder" is not misunderstood. Is Zohir Andreus hinting that Jewish RABBIS advocate "murder" of Arabs? Do the Israeli Arabs hope that out- breeding, 6 or 8 children / Arab family, will entitle them to rule Israel because it is a democracy ? Zohir Andreus should have limited his unproven "insight" that the vandals of the mosque were Jews. moshe
21. Article too soft
Phil ,   Europe   (10.06.11)
This article is very moderate as it can be misleading (the author indicates only 13 Arabs were killed by the Israelis, Just a small reminder: On the raid on Gaza alone more than 1300 Arabs were killed by the Israelis). Most disturbing are the comments on the article where the commentators refuse yet again to admit the increasingly racist face of the Israelis.
22. Would like to be a Dhimi, Mr. Andreus?!
Ayeush ,   Gibraltar   (10.06.11)
The writer raise numbers of social questions: the rights and obligations of a full citizen in a 'liberal society' where the individual is responsible for her or his acts. The reactions of all the leaders and the people in general, mostly Jews, but also Arabs are laudable, but should not be constured as a mea Culpa. If Mr. Andreus would like to force the Jewish majority to look at the minority as a Dhimi, then you are asking for more 'discrimination' as a Jew like myself from Morocco whose whole life of his and hie ancestry experienced. Now, hopefully the writer has been too hasten in his accusation, which allows not only the Jews but the Israeli Arabs to not take their civic obligations seriously.
23. TB’s
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.06.11)
It seems most of these TB's prove the author correct in his statements and in his fears. From Animal Farm by George Orwell: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. It is now becoming real.
24. #16 Excuse me, but....
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.06.11)
Can you please let us where all the many "verified accounts of Arabs torching their own mosques, destroying their own olive groves and defiling their own cemeteries" are to be found. Thanks.
25. #21 phil
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.06.11)
1. The Gaza "raid" was in response to rockets and mortars shot indiscriminately at civilian targets. 2. Hamas has admitted that the Israeli count of most of those killed were Hamas fighters was correct. 3. Arabs vote in Israel and are represented in the Knesset. An arab judge sits on the supreme court. Israel has Muslims, Jews, Christians, Vietnamese. These include Jews who were thrown out of arab countries. Abbas has just stated that any "Palestine " will be judenrien. Hamas' goal is to kill all the Jews. Who is the racist? (Hint: it ain't the Jews.) 4. It is you who refuse to admit reality.
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