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Israel, invest in brain power
Sever Plocker
Published: 06.10.11, 18:51
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1. First have universities desist from engaging in treason!!
James ,   London, UK   (10.06.11)
First have the universities desist from engaging in leftist treason!!
2. More for science/tech, less for humanities/social sciences
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.06.11)
Given the leftist bent of most of Israel's humanities and social sciences departments - not to mention its law schools - you won't find a consensus on raising their budgets. And it's Israel's socialist labor laws that prevents universities from paying their science and technology researchers more than their "soft science" counterparts. That's got to change. Personally, I give to Weizmann and Technion (but not to BGU, Tel Aviv and Hebrew U) because of their focus on science and technology. Money, after all, is fungible.
3. Hear, hear!
Henry from New York ,   USA   (10.06.11)
This author is right that the Jewish State's strength lies in the intelligence of its people and the strength of its academia. Intelligence has always been the Jew's greatest ally, and it is important to put Israel's universities back on top. Israel still has to look to her defences of course, so it's best not to slash the military's budget too much. I one day hope to see TAU, BGU and HU alongside Harvard and Yale in the Top 10. Am Yisrael Chai
4. Not only at academic level. Non-abjad Hebrew ! (Yisraelit?).
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.06.11)
5. @Jerry, #4
Rick ,   Wherever   (10.07.11)
It's your problem if you can't read abjad Hebrew, not ours. Only lazy people who "want" to learn Hebrew won't learn the alef-bet first. When you know enough Hebrew words just come out naturally and you don't need vowels. AT ALL.
6. You obviously have NO idea at all what I am talking about.
Jerry to #5 Rick ,   The Netherlands   (10.07.11)
7. Leshon Kodesh PLUS Yisraelit (100% PRONUNCIATION CLARITY).
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.07.11)
8. NATURAL absorption "new" or "old" words&names via CONTEXT.
Jerry to #5 Rick ,   The Netherlands   (10.07.11)
9. I bet there's lots of words&names you cannot pronounce.
Jerry to #5 Rick ,   The Netherlands   (10.07.11)
10. To #5 Rick - some of us are just plain dumb!
John ,   Alaska   (10.07.11)
I've been reading Hebrew for a while and am still very dependent on vowel points to sound out words. They might seem like training wheels; intended to come off. But without them I'd be lost (even more than usual). ;)
11. The Labor party never gets cheated RIGHT ???
M. S. ,   mpls america   (10.08.11)
I realize the Labor party never does its own share but never gets cheated cut off from full support it only attacks me but if a miracle saves me before it is too late for me the world Labor party may pay dearly for the 67 years it has cheated attacked traped me luckily it does no not understand what I mumble bable about luckily for me but never sick never sick never no sickness no disease death it is always supported they are always supported never suffer only attack me but if that miracle I need saves me the world may pay dearly at 67 time is runing out for me every day I get older sicker my body gets closer to death but if I die the Labor party never gets space travel never cheated it controls gambling so many things but it better hope and so I am 67 sick suffering fevers other medicial conditions every day but those who surround me attack me this way better hope luckily they do no not identify themselfs as the people who are doing this to me and so but I can identify them and so if a miracle saves me some how if at 67 they will have a lot more to be concerned about than brain development in Israel and so gender no not matters I can identify these people they may pay dearly if a miracle saves me and so they are never sick always they support each other know how to make me sick but if a miracle saves me they may pay dearly for it luckily they do no not know what I am mumbling babling about Israel has no problems Israelis are all given the RIGHT food other things all but me are supported but the world may pay dearly for not supporting me dearly all the great cooks of Labor so on who know how to cook make things the world may pay dearly for it if that miracle save me in time RIGHT ??? Thank You... M. S.
12. we don't let tailors decide what's the clothing budget
Bluegrass Picker ,   Nashville   (10.07.11)
I also am filled with pride about Dr Shechtman's Nobel Prize, but at the end of the day that prize is as helpful to Israel's security as is the Eurovision Prize or the World Basketball Championship Prize. Or maybe even less, because those latter two prizes at least weren't premised on work done OUTSIDE of Israel. Maybe it's the Iowans who have higher cause to celebrate than anyone in Afula. You want to help Israel' security? Help get Gazans jobs/homes at Iowa State University. That would do more benefit than Dr Shechtman has done.
HERMIE ,   PA USA   (10.08.11)
Islamistscall the Jews pigs and monkeys It seems Islam falls short of the pigs and monkeys. 4 0f the Nobels went to Jews .. SO FAR! And what has Islam done since supposedly inventing albebra and zero....ZERO And Iran is still fumferring around for years making a bomb which took a group of mostly Jewish scientists less than 2 years at Los Alamos.
14. parasite plocker scribbles again
Harvey Gerechter   (10.08.11)
these people's only contribution is gimme gimme gimee while they spit on patriots
15. ABJADS hinder info&com, socio-economic potential and growth.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (10.08.11)
16. Hey Salma - you Pals going to invest in Pal brainpower?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.08.11)
Or do you still prefer cheap excuses about "liberation" and "resistance" needing martyrdom and investment in rockets and guns instead?
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