Suspect arrested in Tuba Zangaria mosque arson
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 06.10.11, 14:45
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1. just as predicted a fanatical reliious settler
Haim ,   TA   (10.06.11)
what a surprise !
2. arson attack on mosque
spookey birmingha ,   birmingham uk   (10.06.11)
what ever your faith respect other religions
3. But when Arabs do it they don't want a conflict?
Robert ,   NY USA   (10.06.11)
And I'm sure they'd want the Synogog to be full of people, not empty. Not to mention, Muslims have 57 nations and Mecca. How long do you think people can't stand the constant insult to injury?
4. To #1 Haim
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (10.06.11)
If he is guilty I'll condemn him, if he is innocent I would like you to apologize!
5. The arabs kill you with impunity and you want to be holier
Al   (10.06.11)
than the Pope. You are just that dumb. They want you dead and you pretend its only raining when you are being showered with bombs. Dumb is how I would describe you.
6. Let him go!
Steve B. ,   USA   (10.06.11)
7. Frame job
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.06.11)
The whole story stinks like an old, dead fish. I still haven't worked my way through the part where an obviously ultra-Orthodox young man slips into an Arab village undetected, unseen and without a single dog barking. Why doesn't the government invest its energies into finding the REAL culprits?
8. No surprise indeed...
AJ - Raalte   (10.06.11)
Indeed, it's no surprise that police would arrest be quick an orthodox Jewish youth, on suspicion of doing this, probably just for being in the neighbourhood. Of course, that's easier than to enter Tuba Zangria themselves and do some real snooping. Ooops, that's a No-Go zone for Israeli police. Let's just wait and see what the investigation reveals. So far that doesn't seem to be a whole lot. Quick question: how do you know he's a "settler"???
9. Do not do unto others
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.06.11)
The boy hardly has been got at and I blame his teachers .,Rabbis with no real authority but a man made one.
10. maybe yes, maybe no
tom ,   toronto, canada   (10.06.11)
it doesn't sound like brilliant police work if they arrested the kid based on "intelligence". the word just happens to sound a lot like "prejudice".
11. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.06.11)
An obviously ultra-Orthodox young man manages to slip into an Arab village completely undetected? Not a single dog barks or alerts that intruders have entered a small village? If you believe that, you are in dire need of anti-psychotic medication and considerable psychiatric help.
12. I see the hate the 'settler' crowd is quick to judge
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.06.11)
They don't even know if he is a 'settler' let alone if the police have any evidence to prove the claims, yet the rabid leftists are already making claims. I for one an sick and tired of these wacko leftists that dodge the draft and then make outrageous claims against religious Jews. All they can do is whine because they are too lazy to work or service.
13. Rush to judgement based on "lacked sufficient details"
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.06.11)
14. # 6 Let him go!...To Hell
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.06.11)
15. One small criticism of this article
John ,   Alaska   (10.06.11)
This article reads: "The upper Galilee village's place of worship was set on fire as a "price tag" act." I'm not sure if the rules for this sort of thing are different in Israel, but in America, we would be required to use the word "_allegedly_" until the case was resolved, as there is a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The imitation of "Price Tag" vandalism does not mean the actuality of such; it only means that the perpretrators of the vandalism wish people to believe it was.
16. yeah, Sarah?
HumHum   (10.06.11)
Just like TWO Palestinian young men slipped into a settlement completely undetected? Not a single dog barks or alerts that intruders have entered a settlement. The chances of slipping into an Arab village undetected is a thousand times greater than a guarded West Bank settlement. So, I question who's the one deluded and in need of anti-psychotic medication here. Very lame attempt on your part, can't avoid this one, sorry.
17. A scapegoat for Yom Kippur
John ,   Alaska   (10.06.11)
The saddest part of this is that he will be punished for the wrong person's sin. But the authorities there feel the need for a scapegoat. If this young man did turn out to have committed the arson, the authorities should give him the same punishment the Israeli court meted out to the "Palestinian" Arabs who desecrated Joseph's Tome in October 2000. Although, of course, a mosque is not a unique millennia-old religious site.
18. I wonder if there were any terrorist activities
Kayla ,   Florida   (10.06.11)
planned at this mosque. That could and will never happen, right? BTW, the term "settler" is inappropriate for a Jew living in Israel. They are Israelis. They are Jews. PERIOD.
19. Vandalism
Marcela Ara├║jo ,   Brazil   (10.06.11)
Vandalism religious ... In my country there is also religious vandalism, but vandalism is who practices in order to steal what is inside the temple ... :lol: Ps: Just kidding... :-))
20. Settlers
shlomo   (10.06.11)
The term settler applies
21. Settler does NOT apply.
Kayla ,   Florida   (10.06.11)
Settler (noun) early resident in a new place. a new resident of a place, especially a place that is that is unpopulated or POPULATED BY PEOPLE OF A DIFFERENT RACE OR CIVILIZATION. This is OUR land. PERIOD.
22. #20 Shlomo - not really
John ,   Alaska   (10.06.11)
The term "settler" in the context of the Promised Land is an attempt by the Arabs to deny the validity of Jews living in part of their own land. To use the term "settler" to describe a Jew is similar in kind, though of course not in extent, to referring to Israel as "Occupied Palestine".
23.  20
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (10.07.11)
Your foolish posts amaze me.Go back to school.
24. To: No 16
j.ALLON ,   Australia   (10.08.11)
You are a kibitzer.
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