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58% of Israel's Jews fast on Yom Kippur
Published: 07.10.11, 08:50
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1. So no national atonement, eh?
Charles   (10.07.11)
2. Uscientific Polls are the rage these days
Jude ,   Israel   (10.07.11)
As if they called charedi households and got an answer all the time Isnt 55 & 11 percent, 66? Isnt 17% who didnt heavily tilted towards very religious obviously offended by the survey options incl, day of bike riding & movies I think this poll for these and other reasons is substantially off base. It wouldnt shock me if over 80% of halachic Jews designate the day as some form or a fast
3. Not 100% of haredim fast
Babishka ,   USA/Mea Shearim   (10.07.11)
People with a medical condition such as diabetes, or women who have just given birth, are not allowed to fast because it would be dangerous.
4. Ynet!, Kol Nidrei is not prayer, but chant
observer ,   Egypt   (10.07.11)
How come that a chant without translation and no one understands Aramic be prayer. How come that a frank request that God hold them guiltless for vows they make and do not honor. Judaism demands, however, just the reverse. They must honor promises they make. Halakhah? Judah ben Barzillai, a Spanish author of the twelfth century, in his work on Jewish law "Sefer ha-'Ittim", declares that the custom of reciting the Kol Nidre was unjustifiable and misleading.
5. I apologize to all the idiot TBers, r-wing junkers.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.07.11)
6. #5 Michael
EZ   (10.11.11)
"I apologize to all the idiot TBers, r-wing junkers." Why do you bother to apologize and at the same time insult? Free advice: think more, write less.
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