'Mosque arsonist's hands should be cut off'
Hassan Sha'alan
Published: 06.10.11, 21:10
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1. Ugh.
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.06.11)
If it's the cutting off of hands that they want, let them move to Saudi Arabia. It is, after all, their ancestral homeland. There is no room in Eretz Israel for such primitive thinkers. Send them away to where their despicable mentality is best suited.
2. anybody remember the Gaza synagogues burning in 2005?
zionist forever   (10.06.11)
I remember watching on tv pictures of synagogues in Gaza being torched by palestinians after the Jews left in 2005. A Jew burns a mosque and the arabs are up in arms demanding he has his hands cut off. If these idiot arabs decide to riot over the burning of one mosque then its going to lead to arab arrests which will infuriate them more and if they are not careful then arabs are going to get themselves killed and all because some idiot decided to burn a building which at the end of the day is all a mosque is. This is proof that Jews & arabs cannot exist in this country together and why the government must do everything possible to encourage them to leave.
3. as soon as...
danny ,   jerusalem   (10.06.11)
the fogel family murderers get their hands, feet, tongues and d#%@s cut off.
4. An idea
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.06.11)
Maybe it is a good idea to cut off the hands of arsonists and people who attack holy sites. The only problem is that most arsonists and people who attack holy sites are Muslims.
5. 2 - De-Consecrated buildings
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.06.11)
Those buildings were already put out of use officially and were no longer active places. They were left standing as a provocation when everything else had been bulldozed.
6. Cool! Wonder how this would extrapolate to Pal terrorists!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (10.06.11)
So do these folks think that Palestinian terrorists who kill innocent civilians should what...get their heads cut off? My guess is yes, they don't like seeing their fellow citizens blown to bits, since the Palestinian bombers don't mind making martyrs out of their fellow Muslims...
7. Until there is a claim of responsibility ...
John ,   Alaska   (10.06.11)
... isn't it more responsible reporting to say this is an _apparent_ "Price Tag" arson? It's obvious that the responsible parties want it believed that this is a "Price Tag" arson; those that benefit most from such a belief being propagated would be "Palestinian" Arabs who want to demonize Jews.
8. Convenient suspect arrested
John ,   Alaska   (10.06.11)
The article says: "This [gag order] led another angry resident, Halil Zangaria to add that from his point of view so long as there is a gag order and no unequivocal proof that the suspect is the one responsible for the arson attack, there is no real progress in the case. "I suspect that the police only arrested him to restore peace and quiet so that there won't be any more riots," Zangaria said."
9. What if he is just a patsy for the police?
m   (10.06.11)
Will Ynet have an article about how he was arrested without reason?
10. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.06.11)
What about the 48 synagogues dynamited by the Jordanians in 1948? Do you have a convenient excuse for justifying that vile and depraved act? By the way, Israel did not bulldoze anything but military bases. They left intact beautiful homes, apartment buildings and even greenhouses and hydroponic farms. The homes and apartment buildings were turned into just another series of Gaza hellholes. The greenhouses and hydroponic farms were dynamited by Hamas to make way for a brand new terrorist training center.
11. Chop his hands off ? Great argument for JEWISH state.!
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (10.06.11)
12. I wonder if this applies to Arabs
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.06.11)
They burnt the community center, cultural center and the clinic. Shall we cut off their hands for this?
13. And the animals from Itamar?
Eli ,   Ny   (10.06.11)
If we're talking an eye for an eye...
14. T No 10 - Unrelated
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.06.11)
And I watched everything but the former Shul buildings get bulldozed, except for the greenhouses that got bought and are still in use today.
15. Gaza Disengagement not Related to Pricetag
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (10.06.11)
Tge Gaza disengagement has no relation to price-tag assaults.
16. So glad I live in the US
Cameron ,   USA   (10.06.11)
These incidents among two populations that loathe eachother are just endless.
17. @M.B. JOSEPH What was the"provocation"of the hot houses ?
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (10.07.11)
Generously purchased by Jews and donate to Gaza. The synagogues could have been used by civilised people for multiple purposes including housing. They were trashed instead by the mob looking to scavenge and sell.
18. anytime a culture teachs hate to thier children....
Galutia ,   SELAH   (10.07.11)
....such as using palestinian Mickeymouse to teach children hate and jihad ... it must know the spin off of this hate by the culture will be a backlash from the the culture it is directed at.... time to STOP teaching hate and instead teach help the nieghbor in the other culture...
19. #10 why
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (10.07.11)
Why do you go so far. September 18, 2011 a synagogue in Ramot Bet was set on fire. Even the police agree it was arson because gasoline was poured in three locations before being lit.
20. To #14 Mark - please do your research
John ,   Alaska   (10.07.11)
MSNBC dot com has article from the AP feed dated 13th September 2005 entitled "Looters strip Gaza greenhouses" and is accompanied by a picture of a "Palestinian" Arab looting a greenhouse. This exchange would be amusing if we weren't talking about savages who celebrate when they murder Jews but are cry out for blood if one of their religious buildings is destroyed, even (as an Arab spokesman for the town is quoted above) if there is no proof that the Jew detained had anything to do with the arson. Much as the controversy over building in Israel's capital of Jerusalem, everyone needs to remember that buildings are _not_ equivalent to lives.
21. Equal Justice
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (10.07.11)
If these boys are tried and found guilty then they deserve the same punishment given to an Arab who commits a terrorist attack against Israel. Last I heard Security prisoners a. have family visits b. have an opportunity to earn advanced degrees c. have special food to fit their dietary needs d. learn a second language etc. etc. Note: no where does it say they loose a limb! Special note to #14--most of the hothouses were trashed by the Arabs. They, for the most part are NOT in use today!
22. If you want harsh revenge, consider relocation to Saudi
William ,   Israel   (10.07.11)
If you want to live in Israel though you will abide by our laws and judgments. Israel is not run by Sharia law (and never will be). We will not ruin someone's life for a dumb mistake made in their youth. We will not maim them because of your hate-filled pride. If we did, many Israeli Arabs would be missing a limb. It's just a mosque. No one was hurt and the intent was never to injure anyone. Unlike the violence perpetrated by Arabs who always seem to get light sentences. Even if some Arabs are loyal to Israel, there is still a cultural gap between Western democratic values and Middle Eastern revenge values.
23. #5 - just like the Greenhouses were a provocation?
William ,   Israel   (10.07.11)
24. #14 - are you from this planet?
William ,   Israel   (10.07.11)
or do you live in Bizarro world? The greenhouses purchased BY a Jew and given to Gazans with a built-in clientele was destroyed in less than a week. Besides Hamas taking an axe to them, average short-sighted Gazans tore it apart and re-sold it for scrap metal. Sure, the greenhouses are still in "operation", but as material for qassam rockets.
25. Wow, moderate Arabs. Quran punishment is hands AND feet
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.07.11)
to be cut off, or crucifixion, or execution. In Saudi Arabia, they still cut the hand and foot off from opposite sides. Glad to see that living in a modern country they've become liberal Muslims who are satisfied with just cutting off people's hands rather than the quran's requirement of hands and feet.
26. OK. Then we should cut off Carmel arsonist hands too?
Maybe we should cut the hands of your brethren who sell drugs to our kids and who rape our women? Maybe even the hands of those who steal our sheep, cows, cars and solar panels? Or should we spare all of them just because they are not Jewish? Calm down Tuba Zangeriya! Don't wake up the racist and religious Genie because it may destroy you too!
27. Tuba Zangria is playing with fire! Be careful!
If you're asking for hands to be cut, then Tuba Zangria may have no hands. They steal so much from the Jewish kibbutzim that if Islamic Law was to be applied to them, many of those who scream now "cut his hands" would have their own hands, and maybe heads too, cut off.
28. To: No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.07.11)
No, the greenhouses did not get bought. Hamas destroyed them. But you claiming to come from Gaza says a VERY great deal. You have also contradicted yourself, having initially asserted that everything got bulldozed. Get your story straight, before posting your lies, okay?
29. Oh the uncontrollable rage of the Arab mindset. LOL!!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.07.11)
Just get some water /soap/ paint and rebuild the damed thing like any normal (non-Arab) people would've done! Just look at us- we had to rebuild a little bit more throughout the History! Whiners!
30. to #14 & others
nva ,   jerusalem   (10.07.11)
1. Gaza greenhouses were destroyed by the arabs who received them in the gerush 2. shin bet or mossad? just perhaps this was a provocateur to make it LOOK LIKE a price tag happening. 3. If you want a recent example of Jewish holy sites in Israel being desecrated by arabs, look at Josephs tomb @ Shechem..burned and holy books destroyed umpteen times even on WEDNESDAY of this week, it was desecrated with anti israeli and anti semitic graffiti. Where is the outrage over this????
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