One Judaism, under siege
Yehuda Kurtzer
Published: 07.10.11, 14:08
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1. "talking about Jewish responsibility for the other"
Josh   (10.07.11)
Chose life cannot and should not cover for chose death. Responsibility is to remove evil from your midst not help it get away from the justice G-d has dispatched. And Judaism is not One by any stretch of the imagination. There isn't anymore one law for everyone (as there should be) than there are polar icecaos in the sanai. Many have become so self serving and the oppression is becoming great on the people in some streams of "law". Responsibility is to "clean" out the false prophets and false fence laws and get back to what "G-d" had said from His mouth to Moses ears and what Moses wrote, not what all these men wrote. It was not these centuries of men to say what G-d said but for Moses alone.
John Prophet   (10.07.11)
3. Messianic Jews
Jason ,   Tampa, FL   (10.07.11)
Does your vision include us Jews who happen to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah?
4. One judaism
Deborah Lurya ,   United States   (10.08.11)
Beautifully said, thank you.
5. after the return from the nations....
Galut ia ,   Selah   (10.07.11)
The real Jewish faith that once was 2000yrs ago must come to maturity... a return to Torah is in order
6. One Jewish People?
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (10.08.11)
Interestingly, the non-Jewish world thinks that there is one Jewish people, "the Jews", but the Jewish people do not. To the Jews, there are those Jews who practice Judaism, and those who do not. There are those Jews who are Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. There are those who see being Jewish as a divine heritage, and there are those who regret their being Jewish because it affects their acceptance in an Anti-Semitic world. There are those who support and identify with Israel and there are those who do not. There are those who quietly anguish over the Holocaust and there are those who are determined that another Holocaust shall never happen. Despite their differences, if there was another Holocaust, Jews would all be treated alike, as one Jewish people.
Tom ,   New York , USA   (10.09.11)
One should look at the US to see the future of Judaism . A signifigant portion of Jews don't bother going to Synagogues Rosh Hashona & Yom Kippur . Conservative Synagogues , which were once the largest are struggling. The Hasidim , with the exception of Chabad are a fringe that doesn't appeal to the mainstream . Only Chabad and Modern Orthodox are welcoming to all Jews.
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