'Pilots' resourcefulness prevented crash'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 07.10.11, 08:04
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1. Well Done !!!!!
Terry Rendel ,   Johannesburg   (10.07.11)
Kol Hakavod!!! May both of you have a wonderful New Year ! Thanks for protecting Israel and putting your lives on the line for all the Worlds Jews ! We appreciate it ! SHANAH TOVAH !!
2. Great flying, poor pelicans, did the best you could.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.07.11)
3. Lol
4. Great job and well trained Pilots
07.10.2011   (10.07.11)
Conratulations to the Pilot and crew who averted the loss of lives by having cool nerves and using the head. That doesn't exactly happen too often. But then again, Israeli training, regardless in which sphere, are the only so highly trained personnel in the world. Great job. Thanks to the Pilot and Personnel. You'll go a long way in this life.
5. UN condemns IAF disproportionate use of force
Roger ,   tel aviv   (10.07.11)
The PLO (Pelican Liberation Organization) called for an emergency security council session to condemn the IAF pilots response. The USA remained muted and behind the scenes requested that Israel close Tel Nof air base as it encroached on Pelicinian land.
6. Baruj Hashem!
Hayim ,   Madrid   (10.07.11)
7. nothing to what IAF pilots have done in the past
zionist forever   (10.07.11)
" In most cases the pilots abandon the jet and it crashes " In 2009 an IAF F15 and Skyhawk had an accident and the Skyhawk exploded and the F15 had its wing sheared off but rather than abandon his jet the pilot decided to try and land it with just one wing and he pulled it off. The IAF later spoke with McDonnal Douglas who manufacture the F15 about the idea of landing an F15 with a single wing and they said it was physically impossible to do. Boy were they surprised when one winged F15 was returned to them to be repaired and once it got a new wing it reentered service with the IAF. If thats not a pilot keeping his cool then I don't know what is.
8. F15 Emergnency landing
Roland Griffiths ,   BATH UK   (10.08.11)
9. Where'd the pelicans come from?
Ypip ,   Canada   (10.07.11)
Habitat modification tends to help resolve these BASH incidents. Our problem here are Canada Geese and seaguls mostly. All-in-all; job well done. Glad to see IAF sharp on duty, (thumbs up)
10. To: Roger at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.07.11)
LOL!!!! You have made my day.
11. bird-strike? next war is biological
observer ,   Egypt   (10.07.11)
The quail is chicken-like bird and known in Egypt by the name "Semman". In the biblical time, Semman was called Salwa which together with mana are edible substances that God provided for the Jews during their travels in the desert. Mana said to be resin taken form desert tree is mostly composed from sugar, so it would be unlikely to provide sufficient nutrition for a population to survive over long periods of time. And there came the protein from Salwa (Semman; bird of heaven). Egypt's army has succeded in mass production of quails. The migrating bird quail has two jurneys north-south-north in autumn and spring when those are good times to wage war on enemy war-planes using flocks of birds. Proof? Make your way to any food market in Egypt and you will find enormous stocks of Semman to feed the people and "conquer the enemy".
12. UN Security Council votes to condemn pelican murder
Joseph ,   Brooklyn   (10.07.11)
13. Disaster averted
Ex Pilot   (10.09.11)
Congratulations to the young Pilot. He deserves to be highly commended for the dangerous job he performed during this unfortunate happening. He should be decorated for a job very well done. I take my hat off to you, Sir!
14. Dear Observer from Egypt
Allon   (10.09.11)
Israel is already developing a state of the art anti quail missile.
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