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Repentance rules for talkbacker
Published: 07.10.11, 14:07
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1. most of these talkbackers are weirdos anyway, so good luck
2. I guess I am an internet troll
Patrick ,   Montreal Canada   (10.07.11)
leaving offensive talkbacks is an emotional release. I expect the online moderators to take out my more embarrassing stupidities. Honestly, I rarely have anything to say which is clever or insightful Palestine has some real problems: occupation, squatters, checkpoints, police violence, employment discrimination. I don't want my words to add to those troubles, I wish that I could help in a constructive way but insulting zionists is the best that I can do. Sorry.
3. Makes sense.
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.08.11)
4. Repentance? Talkbacks is my only life fun!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.07.11)
5. Bahahaha! The article is to silince any criticism?
Josh   (10.07.11)
I can't say I blame the Rabbis for taking a stab at silencing criticism of their gross Torah violations. They have been stabbing at the light shown through talkbacks for years now even trying to outlaw them using sneeky politics of their party. Wisdom: If you get something wrong, you get something wrong. Life happens, move on. True the criticism of the Rabbi on talkbaks that are anonymous is harsher than in public. That is because you can't be shun if you are truly anonymous. Shame on oppression and forcing people to accept additions as law when they are not. People have a right to protect their souls more than anything else and that means they are free to debate, examine, comment and criticize. They are required to do everything to protect Torah as individuals including pointing out false leadership. Everyone knows they had no machzas in the exodus. Everyone knows the women sang the song of songs with men. Everyone knows that speaking negatively about someone IS NOT murder. Everyone knows what the score is. History shows curses not blessings, so we know the lines. Now this article would be good if it were not a defensive move and if it turned around and said that it is a mitzvah to speak of Torah as you walk on you way, when you sit and when you rise, etc. Thus talking about Torah in talkbacks is required. Required of every mom, pop, son and daughter. It would be good if it said to point out gross torah violations and false prophets in the leaders is a very very very very good thing as it saves souls and harm to our people. But this article wont say that because it looks to silence people, not to depart the wisdom of Torah. Moses said that the people would be cursed if they didn't do the law he gave that day. To believe that all those years people got cursed for something much later written in a book of additions by so called sages requires a jump of faith no reasonable man should make. It would mean that G-d had been unjust for centuries, and He is not. Stop the liable against talkback people. We do not all get it wrong and we do not all feel guilty that you finally have joined the ranks of the fabled emporer with no clothes.
6. We want to believe you Rabbi and give you everythng.
Dan   (10.07.11)
Please instruct us on how to be like you so we can be above the law too. (Is that the right question? I have to remember how to ask you how to ask you.) We want to know how to box up G-d's children in poverty and oppression while we organize meetings for mafia members and atke trips funded by elitists. We want to be above compassion and enslave the minds. Thanks for the really good article. I will shut up now so I have less to pretend about on Yom Kippur.. Kidding
7. Why doesn;t the Rabbis use talkback too.
Bob   (10.07.11)
Is it because he has no control over open debates? When was the last time a Rabbi commented rather than trumped everyone with a full page article. Your not so high and mighty you can't comment and talk about issues like everyone else, are you? Or will that kill the illusion.
8. But the best thing is to refrain from "backtalk". So:
Alterman ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.08.11)
I sinned again. Please forgive me.
9. and #4
mea   (10.07.11)
You should use your own noggin and figure out that life has it's ups and downs and writing a talkback and then regretting it is such a tiny, meaningless act that it is no more worthy of repentance than speaking too loud on the subway. Get over it, get a life and grow up. Taljbacks happen, and if you discover yourself harmed by writing your own words, check yourself quietly to yourself and move on.
10. applies only for comments against religious scholars
observer ,   Egypt   (10.08.11)
for others you can physically shoot them as well.
11. How stupid can Ynet get?
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.07.11)
And how much more stupid is the rabbi who prescribes absolution>
12. If you're not brave enough to own what you say...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.08.11)
...use a pseudonym. Duh!!!
13. Rabbi, forgive me for telling the truth
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.08.11)
The right wing talkbackers are repulsive scumbaggers, but without them my life would be less humorous. YnetNews censors are scumbaggers also.
14. Love You Rabbi Yuval
I think you know ,   New World   (10.07.11)
My God Mr,Yuval that's why we got this here fangle dangle internet so people can vent, rant, make mistakes and for some tell the unwanted truth, what, now you're turning this into some Catholic confession sh-t ooooppps I'm sorry, but what the hey, I can talk to the world and be an ass oooopppps I'm sorry, damn,, if I want to or I can be an angel and be out of sight and out of mind as most angels are. But thanks Yuval you know I just love that name. B"H
15. what really happens
the article is written by the talkbackers, and the article written by the writer becomes only another talkback, and indeed the whole lot is collected by and recorded to be held as evidence against you at some later point, as the effects of the sun wind and rain are measured against an eroded form, it doesnt make sense to always be forgivven, it is the best part of why we are incomplete in others eyes.
16. In retrospect, I am thankful to Ynet censors ....
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.07.11)
for rejecting a few of my comments.
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.07.11)
18. What has been done, cannot be undone.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (10.08.11)
19. What a load of gobbledee gook
Oh, please forgive me
20. Repentence? Never!!!
Cameron ,   USA   (10.08.11)
The Internet is da Jungle! Express no regrets and keep movin'.
21. No need to see a rabbi to think of these points
Salma ,   Palestine   (10.07.11)
It's just simple logic and good sense! :)
22. atonement for journalists
moron ,   galut   (10.07.11)
encouraging terrorists and discouraging zionists-trashing religious and the idf..talkbacks dont hurt anybody and reflect readers; distress at constant negativity
23. 4th method
Mark ,   USofA   (10.07.11)
In the etheral world of internet, how about just stopping to put two cent comments on every opportunity there is to foam at the mouth. Change your ways since a vast majority of talkbacks are not about the issue, its about a persons ego. For eight years I would blog on certain messageboard, and oneday I woke up and said no more, the things I was railing against just encouraged the cycle of negativity, what I did was to deneigned these folks the ready made means to spout antisemitism. In away, the ability to put something out on the internet, turns us all into cheap slavish paperhangers of evil. I now think twice before I write something, and many times I write a talkback, but don't press submit. Funny how the word choosen to post to the internet, is SUBMIT. Since, doing this there is much more peace in my life, and I don't have regrets that I wish i could take back. In my opinion this is the best method to ask for past offensive remarks, just stop doing it, those offended may not take note, however the first step to forgiveness is to stop the offense or sin. Mark
24. Nah. I know me pretty well by now,...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (10.07.11)
...If I wrote it,...I meant it. If anyone was offended by any of the "talkback" submissions, it is just too bad. Butch up. Get a life. I have no difficculties with being who I am. Try it. It's amazing how good you can feel about yourself. Except for Salma. If I have NOT offended Salma, I am NOT doing my job well enough. Doe that I am sorry.
25. Talkbackers are not slanderers.
noa ,   israel   (10.09.11)
They are stating opinions in an open forum. They don't steal, cheat or murder.
26. to 11
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (10.10.11)
Why don't you ask one?
27.  to 5
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (10.10.11)
Good post.
28. 19
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (10.10.11)
I do no 19 ,I do.
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