Gantz: Israel must always be war-ready
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 07.10.11, 14:06
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1. Chief of Staf
Richard ,   U S A   (10.07.11)
only one thing to say! Gants you have made me proud of the I D F again. As the 890th did its job you have made all the young men in the yum kipper war very proud of you. Keep up the good work my brother.
2. Lt Gen. B.Gantz Your Time With The 890
Lyed the foundation Of Your Current Position with IDF, Mozel Tov. May Hashem Give You the Stength, Wisdom Too keep Yisrael and it's People Safe for the up coming Yom Kipor Holiday, maybe Some Day We May Stand Shoulder to Shoulder ON THE TEMPLE MOUNT and Pray to Hashem and Give Of Who We Are and Where We Came From and Who We Stand For!!!!!!!!!!!! Baruch Hashem/ שלםמ
3. what about peace ready
ramallah ,   ramallah   (10.07.11)
Are'nt you tired from wars , try to make peace and give up the occupied territory and live in peace
4. Gants and # 1....Both of you care less.....
Ali ,   Villanova - USA   (10.08.11)
One is an OLD washed up Israeli Jew, Gants ... and # 1 is a COWARD Jew American not living there... Because of People like both of you, the Poor people in the region, including the Jews in Israel, will never KNOW Peace.....
5. The Israeli Defense Forces
Carlos Paulino ,   Dominican Republic   (10.07.11)
I get goose bumps reading about this great Israeli army. It reminds me of Alexander The Great's invincible Phalanx. Except Magnus Alexander never had to face armies who hide behind human shields. He destroyed everything in its path. Pound for pound the IDF is the greatest army in history!
6. Are you ready for Peace and Equality?
Nour ,   One State   (10.08.11)
7. Yes and Then Some
Noah Lev ,   BurbankUSA   (10.08.11)
This seems all a waste of time, effort and resources. Lets be honest, israel is the 6tj strongest country on the planet, after the USA, Russi, China, France and England. it is ahead of India and Pakistan in number of nukes by a wide margin. According to Wikipedia, it has: hundreds of warheads..on several delivery systems including Jerichos, Dolphin Subs, F15Is and artillery shells. It has cobalt and lithium coated bombs...and is using lasers now in the manufacure of more plutonium bombs of over 1megaton (1m lbs of TNT). It has developed small, suitcase bombs..that can fit in a suitcase..and placed anywhere in the world..even in a small bag. There is no defense against this warfare. It has BC warheads... It army is 1m incluidng reserves.. over 5000 Abrams and Merkava Tanks, thousands of artillery pieces, land vehicles with laser attached defenses.. I hope that the Chief of Staff understnds that the Arabs and their surrogage groups...and the Pal have upgraded missiles,including Grads, Kasams, Katys, Scuds, Shahabs, and Zelzels..they also have a modified S-300 anti missile and antiaircraft missile. But as one academic said Assad would be crazy to send his forces sought to confront Israel. They would be destroyed. I would add, Hez and Hamas can expect the same results if israel gets mad.
8. I hope you do a better job than recently
David ,   NJUSA   (10.07.11)
I hope you do a better job protecting the lives of Israelis on your borders and elsewhere than you recently have along the Egyptian border. If I were Gantz I would not be looking for publicity so much. Gantz must be thinking about a political career to follow. Israel Beware
9. Ynet thinks Gantz has a political future evidently
David ,   NJUSA   (10.07.11)
10. "No one can do this better than us."
split ,   US   (10.07.11)
Yeah, yeah, whom have you fought so far, and "won" ... an unarmed civillians and sheep herders with kalashnikovs ???,...
11. Only in Israel........
Richard ,   Boca Raton USA   (10.07.11)
To my namesake Richard in #1 - please take out the DICTIONARY. Only Israel, a young nation offering extraordinary gifts to humanity, has to defend itself from Arab/Muslim terrorism to the maximum while observing its holiest day. GOD bless Israel on this new year.
12. I would like to give a big sarcastic "thank you"...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.08.11) our hospitable neighbours for spoiling all our holidays for the unforeseeable future.
13. 890
Hf ,   Usa   (10.07.11)
In memory of Meir Weiss who served with the 890 and fought and died at the Chinese farm.
14. Two words:
shmulke ,   w coast, USA   (10.07.11)
15. Surprise
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.07.11)
There was no surprise in the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Dayan, Elazar, Gonen and Hofi totally ignored the arab military potential and capabilities because of the nonsense Zeira was feeding them. Two days before the war aerial intelligence confirmed the massive buildup of the Egyptian and Syrian armies. If enough armor had been in place, deployed correctly before Oct. 6th 1973 the out come of the war would have been totally different. The armor not deployed because of typical israeli elite arrogance and stupidity. On October 7th, 1973, Dayan should have done the right thing and shot himself. The day after the war the decision makers, Golda, Elazar, Gonen and Hofi should have resigned because of their gross incompetence. and horrific decision making before the start of the war.
16. Reality
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.07.11)
No matter how good, how brave the soldiers perform if the leaders, the elites make poor incompetent decisions, for which the elites refuse to be responsible, the result will be disaster. The disaster of the Yom Kippur War was not because of the soldiers, IT WAS BECAUSE OF THE STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE OF GOLDA, DAYAN, GONEN, HOFI AND ZEIRA, THE DECISION MAKERS.
Michaelpielet ,   Boca raton, Israel   (10.07.11)
Oct. 6, 1973, massive build up on the Egyptian side of the canal. Elazar and Gonen decide to leave third rate units in the strongholds, inadequate number of tanks in Sinai 270 Israeli tanks versus 2000 Egyptian tanks, israeli tanks not properly deployed on the canal, totally ignoring Egyptian capabilites. Including anti-tank sagger missilles. Gross incompetence by Dayan, Elazar, and Gonen
18. Reality3
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.07.11)
the Golan, massive Syrian build up, 1500 Syrian tanks and tremendous Sam missile build up. What did Dayan, Elazar and Hofi decide. less than 200 Israeli tanks in the line. Again gross incompetence by Israeli elites.
19. Salute
michaelpielet ,   boca raton, Israel   (10.07.11)
I want to salute all the soldiers who fought during the Yom Kippur War. Despite the total incompetence of the leadership before the war, they the everyday soldier fought and won the war. G-d bless them and their memory.
les ,   canada   (10.07.11)
21. Instaed of throwing Jews out of their homes..defend the Jews
Al   (10.07.11)
22. Psalms 83 war, just over the horizon...
Mr. P ,   USA   (10.07.11)
“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” Can't you just smell it in the air. (G'd is our protector.)
23. Great Work
Ron ,   oc, us   (10.08.11)
24. neurologue
Joseph   (10.08.11)
plese call me back' I didnt mke it joseph
25. Would a sudden Missile barage -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (10.07.11)
- from all of Israels Foes, not either surprise the IDF ?. I hope not !. Arn.Sweden.
26. Ready for war with Barak as DM??? Hahahahahaha!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (10.07.11)
27. Good job
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.07.11)
Keep up the good job, vultures are all around and waiting.
28. All the ways of the Torah
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.07.11)
are the ways that lead to the paths of peace, not war.
29. We will kick your a$$ again
Awad ,   Egypt   (10.07.11)
But this time will never stop except in Tel Aviva, so be ready ...soon..i mean really soon
30. #29 Awad, Egypt
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (10.08.11)
As far as I remember, it were always the Egyptians to be kicked.
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