Gantz: Israel must always be war-ready
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 07.10.11, 14:06
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31. # 29
Birdi ,   Israel   (10.08.11)
The joke is on you Awad. Remember how your soldiers ran away leaving their shoes behind them?? Yeah, Egypt has a great army, of whimps!!
LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.08.11)
I would behave myself if I were you because the I.D.F. will hand your your a$$ on a plate.
33. 28 Rich, Toronto, Canada: Exodus 15:3 says
Rivkah   (10.08.11)
"YHWH is a man of war, YHWH is His name." Also in the Hebraic Roots Version Scriptures, Psalms 18:35 (18:34 in King James Translation) but Psalms 18:34 in the Hebraic Roots Version Scriptures says of El "Who trainsmy hands for war..."
34. Awad of Egypt: If it were only the IDF the Egyptians fight
Rivkah   (10.08.11)
in wars with Israel, it would be a fair fight. But it is what the Egyptians soldiers called "Father Abraham and an army of angels" that caused them to run from their weapons and flee from the IDF. You, too, would flee from Father Abraham. Nations cannot fight Israel without also fighting the God of Israel who sends Michael the Archangel that the Egyptians call Father Abraham to fight the enemeis of the Jews who are Jews in their hearts.
35. The way to get a CD or DVD of the lecture "Full
Rivkah   (10.09.11)
Spectrum Dominance Panels", send $15. for DVD or $10. for CD to WRM, 1087 Lewis River Road, #285, Woodland, Washington 98674 to learn about the shenanegans of the Jesuits. The whole series of lectures at the 2011 "Registered Above" Northwest World Radio Ministries Camp meeting 2011 cost $85. for DVD's and $50. for CD's. Former Jesuit Superior General Kolvenbach has taken responsibility for causing the Japanese earthquake which caused the nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima plant. Israel needs earthquake weapons like that.
36. 25 Arn, Sweden: I tried several times to answer your questi
Rivkah   (10.09.11)
question about the isles (coastal cities) being nuked (burned with fire) but couldn't get it published. There are many Scriptures that indicate that will happen. Soviet Premier Nikita Kruschev's book in the 1950's confirmed that when Russia attacks America, first there would be an EMP attack (high altitude nuclear blast) to put out the electronics and fiber optics and vehicles and electrical grid. Then the coastal cities would be nuked. Then a land and sea invasion from Canada and Mexico and both coasts with many pre-positioned troops already in the US to attack infrastructure like communications,utilities, water, etc. So where in Scriptures is the warning the isles (coastal cities) would burn? Revelation 9:13-18 talks about a third of mankind being killed by fire and smoke and brimstone after the sixth angel sounded a trumpet. 80% of the people on earth live near the coasts, so much of the burning will be on coastal cities (isles).
37. Reply to #10
Israel ,   israel   (10.09.11)
Yeah... So the 12,000 rockets that Hamas has launched from Gaza as "thanks for disengaging" are just a bunch of sheep herders with kalashnikovs... Or the how many? 5? Arab countries, with support from ten others, who attacked in '48, '67, and '73?
38. we need several more combat brigades.
brian ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.09.11)
preferably Paratroopers, also Israel needs to build up it's Navy, needs to transform at least two brigades to Marine brigades, and we need to build the logistics to support combat troops, on the division level, farther than neighboring countries, or we will just be fighting a war of attrition, which we will eventually lose. That is a fact. We have completely lost our deterrence, on all fronts, our only saving grace is the Arab spring has weakened our enemies, and kept them busy. There is no defense against 100,000 missiles ( with chemical, bio, and even nuclear war heads), preemption is the only way. We are one big Massada. Our border with Egypt is obviously still wide open since it is infiltrated by more than 2,000 Africans a month. It is a miracle a suitcase nuke, or dirty bomb has not made it's way here yet, for all we know it's here already.
39. Don't wonder why people leave Israel...
Yored ,   Galuth   (10.09.11)
So many Sabras as well as a significant part of western Olim are leaving Israel. If war is the only way to exist don't blame anyone who wants to seek for a more peaceful environment for their kids to grow in.
40. 39 Yored, Galuth: Satan hates Jews who are Jews in their
Rivkah   (10.10.11)
hearts and Satan will never stop waging war against HaShem's chosen people until HaShem has an angel bind the devil with chains in the abyss for a thousand years before Satan attacks HaShem's people one last time before being thrown into the lake of fire. The only thing that can bring peace for the Jews who are Jews in their hearts is the Messiah when He comes as the Lion of Judah and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. THEN there will be peace. Until then, it is a fight to survive. Live or die. The choice is yours. But to live in this world the Jews must fight and be ready for attacks. Satan is not going to change. He will not stop attacking in families, schools, governments, marriages, and anywhere else he is effective. How long do you think America would last with all its natural resources without military might? Not long.
David ,   NJUSA   (10.10.11)
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