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Madonna to perform in Israel in 2012?
Or Barnea
Published: 10.10.11, 08:17
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1. Can I have an "OY!" ?
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (10.10.11)
Is there no end to poor Israel's tradgedy? First the Bulgarian Belly Dancer/Screecher with the busted Lute said she would NOT play Israel. then Liza (with an "L") said she would. Now layering more tzures on top of Israel's other grief, come Madonna (believed to ne approximately 70 yers old) still wearing schmattahs from the GaGa goodWill bag and warbbling off key and annoyingly saying that she will come to Israel to do whatever it is that she does, AND pick up some nifty new RED string from Tzfat for her personal interp of Kaballa with a "K". I ask you (except for Salma). does Israel deserve this?
2. #1 Gideon Reader - Oy!
Devorah   (10.10.11)
And will "Ester" return home with a Hebrew accent the way she did with an English accent? Israel deserves this only if it is marketed as a circus performance.
3. Hasn't Israel suffered enough?
BH ,   Iowa   (10.10.11)
4. She still jumpin' on stage?
Cameron ,   USA   (10.11.11)
I know she has many millions tucked away in the bank.
5. lip-synching
Peter ,   tel Aviv israel   (10.11.11)
la madone isn't a singer she entirely mime her show and the israeli know it apparently they love fake mime show; madona is a caricature of madonna ...fooling people.
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