Paying the Obama price
Yigal Walt
Published: 10.10.11, 00:53
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1. The idiot in the White House will be gone
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (10.10.11)
after the election. However - Egypt has to solve it's own problems.
2. Give this writer a cigar...
Jo B ,   Israel   (10.10.11)
because every single word he says is right on the money.
David ,   NJUSA   (10.10.11)
4. But Obama did stay out of Egypt's affairs
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.10.11)
The US and Israel were the only western countries that weren't pushing for the ouster of Mubarak and were criticised by the western countries for standing on the sidelines, neither supporting nor condemning Mubarrak.
5. The President of the US doesn't run Egypt
Fedup   (10.10.11)
6. Blaming Obama For Egypt?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (10.10.11)
I'm no fan of his policy towards Israel and their neighbors. However, does anyone really believe that there was anything that Obama could have said or done that would have saved the Mubarak regime?
7. not an Obama fan... but Arab Spring is not
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (10.10.11)
because of Obama. Thats very naive to say that. Obama was just a flag waver here. Egypt hasnt even had its first election yet. There were persecutions of 'christians even under his reign
8. Do not forget the EU
chantalle.ezer ,   Frankfurt Germany   (10.10.11)
Very good article! He just forgot to mention EU. EU is supporting the so-called Arab Spring and the radical PAlestinians with billions of Euro. Chantalle Ezer, Frankfurt a.M.
9. Agreed, #6 & #7
Cameron ,   USA   (10.10.11)
But, as always, any excuse to caterwaul about the dread Obama.
10. obama hard to believe beats jimmy the peanut farmer in being
ralph   (10.10.11)
worst president for the usa and for world. stupid eu left got what it wanted which was/is a weak usa. and no body in obama's state dept knew what was happening. yes the roiling going on in arab world right now is directly related to obama's words and actions. just as what iran is now can be traced directly to jimmy the peanut farmer.
11. #6 and #7
Kim ,   SA   (10.10.11)
When Obama visited Egypt and addressed the university in Cairo, he requested the presence of Moslem Brotherhood and down-played any association with Mubarak. Even before the 'Arab Spring' began, anyone closely listenting to his rhetoric and noting his associations, would not have been surprised to see things swayed int the manner in which they have.
12. Its going to take generations to repair damage this amateur has wrought on M E
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.11)
13. Yes, but...
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (10.10.11)
Do not forget that Obama was supported by more than 80% of American Jews. Progressive liberalism, as practiced by most Jewish democrats in the US, is a deliberate rejection of fact, reality, and all empirical evidence. The tragedy that is Barack Obama, enabled by a large majority of American Jews, is a sad spectacle to see. I can only pray that American Jews will wake up before it is too late for everyone.
14. Most Democrats don't even want to be seen with Obama..
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.11.11)
Obama makes a big heaping disaster of everything he gets involved with. From unconstitutional Obamacare to the economy to foreign policy to...everything. So it is not surprising Obama's impact on the Middle East is disastrous. America rendered it's verdict on Obama in the midterm elections when the Democrats suffered one of their biggest losses ever. Obama's popularity has gone way DOWN since that. No wonder most Democrats don't even want to campaign with Obama any more. They don't want to be seen with him.
15. At this pace....
Merca ,   Barcelona.SPAIN   (10.11.11)
and concerning middle east affairs, Obama will get the impossible : Overthrow Carter as worst USA president.
16. and what about obamas' advisors?
richard sherwin ,   israel   (10.11.11)
17. This is a poorly written, sophomoric, biased article
usa   (10.11.11)
That said, Obama's pathetically naive foreign policy missteps in reacting to the Arab Spring and the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations has definitely undermined Israel's security, so yeah, I'd be pissed off too if I were Israeli.
18. U.S. did not seek...
Kathleen Wagar ,   Mpls USA   (10.11.11)
the removal of Mubarak. What is your source for this story? There was much discussion in Washington whether to support Mubarak, who was a good friend to the U.S., but in the end the U.S. decided to stay out of it. Mubarak's age would have required him to step down sooner rather than later. The U.S. did not interfere. It seems that few have been able to predict the events in Egypt.
19. to Edward
Connie ,   Shenandoah, Virginia   (10.12.11)
Obama did get involved. he bypassed congress and gave aid to the rebels. Mubarak may have been a dictator but ai least there way some stability with him. The muslim brotherhood are nothing but proxies of the Iranian goverment. They want have sharia law imposed on the people. That will will not give them true freedom. They will be in worse bondage than they were before
20. defeat Obama in 2012
John ,   U.S.A.   (11.09.11)
If the world thinks for one second that Obama does not know what he is doing by causing chaos at home and around the world ... think again! Use whatever influence you have to see him defeated this time next year. When you have done all you can, then pray!
21. Mr. Obama
Franklin Dancing Eag ,   Riverside,Ca   (11.22.11)
Mr. Obama is not President of the World. what he says, or don't say is not the final word of life to Israel, Adonai is.
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