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Peres, Netanyahu send condolences to Erdogan
Associated Press
Published: 10.10.11, 17:34
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LAWRENCE ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (10.10.11)
Bollocks to him.
2. Bigger men than I. Good for them; very menschlich of them
Hippocrates ,   earth   (10.10.11)
3. Mothers die. Erdogan minus his mom makes him less evil?
Yaniv ,   Israel   (10.10.11)
4. I'll bet they just cried themselves to sleep over the news.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.10.11)
5. No apology included what a shame
tea man ,   marjayoun   (10.10.11)
Say sorry to the turks you need them now
6. Kissing Erdogan's??????
Patris ,   Los Angeles CA   (10.10.11)
They bit your hand that fed them military hardware, intelligence and lobby support especially assuring AIPAC would guarantee the Armenian Genocide will not pass, what did the Turksw do do? They bit your hand and been ridiculing you in every speech. Nice to be a wishful thinker, but it won't work - he'll do it again, just at it will happen in Azerbaijan .... have fun with the petro dollars while they last!... Don't worry about principals..
7.  the butter job
alexi   (10.10.11)
peres of course but also bibi write notes of smypathy to erdogan hoping it will lead to improved relations.I know, I have done it myself. Experience though proves taht such letters will be thrown in the waste bin. In fact, erdogan may become more aggressive with israel as he senses weakness.No, save your notes of sympathy. Be civil, be correct and be firm in defending israeli gas, israeli soldiers and the public. Olmert sympathized with the nakba and called abbas mr. president and wined and dined up as abbas played him for a sucker. Erdogan cannot change as he is of thebrotherhood. Don't even bother trying. Its up to the turks to deal with him.
8. Ineffective
Dallas ,   Canada   (10.10.11)
Peres is correct to take the high road at least as an illustration to sane minds, however this gesture means nothing to Erdogan because, to antisemites, Israel is hated for what it is, not what it does. We must recognize that hatred is not a higher brain function but is more associated with the amygdala or primitive brain, and thus is extremely tenuous. Acknowledgment of common humanity will not get through to the brainwashed. A mind once twisted nearly always stays knotted until death, judging by the virtually complete failure in history the use of using humanity, logic and compassion, and of course appeasement, to enlighten such minds back to sanity.
9. yeah yeah...all israel is mourning now
JL   (10.10.11)
10. Exploiting the situation
Nessim ,   Antwerp - Belgium   (10.10.11)
Israëli leaders should show sorrow and appologize for the flotilla victims if they're sincere with these acts
11. Bless Israel you are blessed, curse Israel you are cursed
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin   (10.10.11)
12. when will we stop being the dogs of everyone?
Ester   (10.10.11)
f*** off with this ghetto mentality!!!!!!!!!!
13. To n° 5
Marcela Araújo ,   Together, Brazil   (10.10.11)
Great gesture... :-))
14. What's this?
Paul ,   USA   (10.10.11)
Israel actually practicing diplomacy? No low seats? Lieberman and Ayalon must be on vacation.
15. Sad to hear this news,but.....
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (10.10.11)
...did she die proud of her son or was he a disappointment to her? THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
16. probably
dani   (10.10.11)
he used their letters as toilet paper. this is a stupid story.
17. Letters of condolence
Proverbs 4:1, 17:25 ,   Marcela, Brazil   (10.10.11)
They are just letters of condolence ... That's part of diplomacy.
18. Israel must apologize to UN for death of mother Erdogaon
rs ,   phx,usa   (10.10.11)
Israel must apologize to UN for death of mother erdogan and compensate Erdogan financially. She died of heart attack while watching video of flotilla for 100th time. And Israel must pay costs of cable TV for mother Erdogan...
19. Good job, but he will not care!
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (10.10.11)
20. Will Erdogan respond?
Professor Shyster ,   Ottawa Canada   (10.10.11)
Better yet will his old pal Amadidijerk send him some shia wishes...
21. In time for Kippara on Yom Kippur
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (10.10.11)
22. We should not be ungrateful...
Luke 17:11 to 19 ,   Marcela, Brazil   (10.10.11)
If someone has already offered us support, we must pay it...
23. Well, Noam Shalit sent condloences to Hamas' Al Zahar ...
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (10.10.11)
when the terrorist's son was killed! I suppose Obama told Bibi Netanyahu to do this!
24. And the next time an Israeli family
A ,   Belgium   (10.10.11)
is broken by a moslem terror attack, should that family expect a condolence card from Erdogan? Peres, ok, we expect him to be a butt kisser but Bibi? And for what?
25. 5 and 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (10.10.11)
Israel was the victim in the flotilla incident. Turkey doesn't deserve an apology. This was a nice gesture but leave it to people like you to take a positive and make it into a negative. The flotilla victims got what they were looking for "Darwin Awards." And to # 5, Israel no more needs Turkey than we need your silly posts.
26. Responces ?
Galutia ,   Selah   (10.10.11)
Forgiveness built on fained sadness is not going to happen... But I believe what Israeli leaders did was sincere
27. Peres appologized to Erdogen when
ben   (10.10.11)
Foxman of the ADL was forced to aknowledge the Armenian Genocide wich Israel denies and it s lobbies work day and night to prevent the USA congress from aknowleding. Please google [ Israel Turkey and the politics of genocide] Peres appologized to Erdogen saying the position of Israel has not changed we do not consider what happened to the Armenians as genocide. Peres is not Eli Wisel the Nobel prize winner who has taken a stand against Israel's denial of the Armenian Genocide. This should be seen as it is. OPORTUNISTIC
28. #25
shlomo   (10.10.11)
hey Eaglebrain, the IDF felt they were the victims of Barak's stupidity, so they executed 9 Turkish victims who were shot dead while they were handcuffed and kneeling. The IDF had guns and knives against the passengers. So tell me again how you twist it that the jews are the victims?
Eduardo ,   Mexico City, Mexico   (10.10.11)
Why should apologies? It was not an innocent is vastyly proved who were the people aboard.
30. lack of Jewish pride
Arik A ,   hadera Israel   (10.10.11)
and stupid too.
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