Jerusalem: Stones hurled at Light Rail, bus
Yair Altman
Published: 10.10.11, 23:30
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1. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Melb, Australia   (10.10.11)
Prayers for the Holy City. These rock attacks are terrible and are not minor incidents. It is my belief that a vacuum of vision, courage and trust building at the top leads to violence on the ground. If the crown is not present the kingdom is not secure.
2. Deport convicted sone throwers to Gaza
GZLives   (10.10.11)
3. A Job Requirement!
Steve B. ,   USA   (10.10.11)
Stop this!!! The Israeli government and the IDF need to do their job and protect the people they are sworn to guard. May God bless His true Chosen; praying for the peace of Jerusalem. A Christian Zionist
4. Window pane shattered?
Jake ,   USA   (10.10.11)
I thought these were build "specially" for Israel. A rock can break the window? Is this a joke??
5. Just a Matter of Time
Dallas ,   Canada   (10.11.11)
Beautiful train system to ride, and, like buses, no real security upon boarding. I was wondering how long it might take and I suppose by 6 weeks we would have seen damage. I fear worse in future, regrettably. And if it's worse, perhaps such an event may drive home the truth: It is not possible for a society to exist infected with a hostile population. As gross and dramatic a move as would be an Oath of Allegiance, effective remedies must be found. Deportation comes to mind, jail is no deterrent. Choose to live in Israel only if you support the country, otherwise, don't. There are plenty of Islamic states to choose from - Egypt is very close and needs re-forming. Cause chaos and mayhem for Israel and the choice will be made for you. Simple.
6. Rocks
Matt ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.11)
We must remember that not all Jews please God. Please remember that us Jews where often put to death and punished through stoning even in the days of Moses. These punishments are a reminder from God to get closer to Him and these are light judgements compared to what God is about to allow to happen to Israel. Please remember that only a tiny amount of Jews are chosen out of the majority of Jews... The house of Israel is judged first.
7. let the foregin press see all these, don't keep silent!
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.11.11)
Israel is far smarter than the Pals in various ways, but one thing is lacking: Israel is weak in using the Media (Foreign Newspapers) to show the world the sufferings she undergo from arab-Israelis. Whereas the arabs will invite foreign Press over tiny little issue to advertise Jewish "atrocities". show the world your broken glasses, your bleeding heads, your tombstones, your tales are better told with videos and photos. Have you not heard a picture / photo tells a thousand words! naive to think that why IDF use real bullets to fight "only rocks throwing" arab kids! these kids are no more innocent kids in your Child Care, they are brainwashed deadly walking weapons, and very good advertisement before foreign press.
8. #5, transfer all arabs into PA is best
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.11.11)
you are very right, but is doubt much can come out of the Oath of Allegiance, though it will be a good start. one can lie and take the oath then carry out deadly attack. but if any don't even want the take the Oath, Israel can jolly well depot that malice lives over to the PA. Israel always think the world will think bad of her if she slightly treat her arabs unfairly. but do you think the PA / hamas will treat their "Palestinian-Jews" well if you cut Judea/Samaria with the Jews within into their share?
9. How Long Until The Inevitable? Kahane: arabs OUT!!!!!
L. Sagres ,   Oidos, Portugal   (10.11.11)
10. stone throwers
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (10.11.11)
A rock hurled with force is a dangerous missle. These Arabs should be arrested and then deported.
11. # 5
AARON ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.11)
Couple of days ago, the security personnel on the train had sprayed pepper gas into the eyes of non Jewish youngsters when a tough argument was going on on the train between these youngsters and the security of this light train. This is were it all started. If this would have happened in Bnei Brak; what would the Haredi do to the train ?
12. Rock Throwing
Darrell ,   Centralia, WA USA   (10.11.11)
And those are the fools who want a state of their own! Put them all in Gaza
13. Rock throwing is attempted murder. Long incarceration needed
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.11.11)
14. Throwing stones (rocks) is an indictable
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (10.11.11)
and serious offence as the intent is to derail the vehicle causing extensive property damage and either murder or severely injure the occupants, even children and infants. Maan News complains about our detaining `children`but, because the offenders are under the age of eighteen does not make their offences all the less palatable. We allow Israeli and Palestinian excesses that we would never allow Jewish citizens. Do they `love`us any more as a resultÉ No, quite the contrary. It stinks of lack of self-respect.
15. #4 Jake -- The windows are multi-layer laminates.
Scott ,   USA   (10.11.11)
They're designed to shatter on impact, but the plastic layers hold, preventing the rocks from penetrating. Other glass will stop bullets, but the outer layers will shatter and crack as well.
16. Right. That train should stay in West Jerusalem.
Ali ,   Washington, DC   (10.11.11)
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (10.11.11)
18. 5-America is closer-reform it first
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (10.11.11)
Effective remedy is rather easy, just forbid all Palestinian forms of transport, no cars, no taxis, no buses, donkey's are O.K. they don’t have wheels We'll see how smart they are when they themselves aren't able to travel anywhere Security problems were NOT "on boarding", it was while the vehicles were already in transit In the old days we had similar problems; buses came equipped with gun ports for use by the passengers inside same can be done with most any vehicle, most of our people are already trained in the use of arms, courtesy of their experience in the IDF Mesh screens on the windows will deflect rocks on impact; return fire will take care of the rock throwers, since firearms have a far greater range than stones. My personal; handgun can reach out to 100 yds. or so, I don't believe they can hurl a rock that far..M-16's are accurate to 300-350 yds. If they want to play Cowboys and Indians, we'll be the Cowboys, of course you know what happened to the Indians, and they’re known as "The vanishing American's
19. Result of babying terrorists. Mount video equip, catch them
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.11.11)
and yes #2 is correct, deport them to gaza along with their families. It would only take a couple of them leaving to stop this.
20. Light Rail runs right on the Green Line
Mark   (10.11.11)
For those who are screaming that Israel pull back to the 1949 armistice lines (called the Green Line), take a good look at the picture in this story. THAT is the Green Line! Since when has a city ever worked divided!?! We've already seen what Hamas does with borders. How do you prevent the same types of attacks from one side of a city border to another as we've seen from Gaza? What have the Palestinians done to make Israel believe they will secure ANY border? Pull back to the Green line in Jerusalem... take a look again! I don't think so
21. If not checked at the ''entrance'', the Islamic mind-set
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.11.11)
will drag us do their gutter -level fast and unmistakenly. It has to be dealt from above. Arab world- view cannot be tolerated as another form of Force Majeure.Not any more.
22. don't you just love it?
Because of the light rai Jerusalem center looks like Shufat. it is exploding with Arabs. I'm not kidding. Maybe a 3rd of the crowd you see now on Jaffa street, Ben Yehuda, Mamilla - the Jewish city center (until a few months ago) is Arab. But they just can't deal with the fact that Israeli money is providing then with a modern and convenient means of transportation. Always violence, violence and more violence.
23. Who was the genious who planned the light rail line?
WHY IN Shufat??   (10.11.11)
Why let the light rail have 3 stops in Shufat? What sane girl from Pisgat Zeev will dare use the light rail at night to get home when it passes through Arab neighborhoods and there are many Arab young men on it who harass women - as was reported several times.
24. Why in Israel you don't using car digital video recorders?
Marcus ,   Moscow   (10.11.11)
Here in Russia almost all drivers has CAR-DVR.It's cheap and great stuff especially with our corrupt police.It's also may help against stone trowers and any arab's violence.
25. Lightrail in Arab neighbourhood, the sign was on the wall...
Tevye ,   Chelm   (10.11.11)
For those "enlightened" spirits who wanted the lightrail to pass through mainly Arab neighbourhoods in J'lem, from the beginning it was a know fact that attacks at the lightrail would start. The only question asked can be, "What took them so long?" ( to start throwing stones). Soon it will be molotov cocktails. Those stupid leftwingers live in a different world. Just like all those who thought that the "Arab spring" will give peace and democracy. Yeah right. Keep on dreaming. Just when you wake up, you will find yourself in a real nightmare!
26. deport them to Canada
Shlomo Glickstein ,   US   (10.11.11)
27. are transportation means legal targets in WB
observer ,   Egypt   (10.11.11)
if they are used to transfer only the occupier's population to the occupied land, those are legal targets. Try to prove that those transfer Palestinians as well!
28. Light rail...stones
Frauss ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.11)
I especially like how the PA was screaming about how we were (once again) "illegally" running the light rail through occupied territory. The big winners of the light rail are our friendly neighbors in Shuafat. They now have a direct line into the center of town instead of having to take their busses to East Jerusalem. This light rail is going to be a fun ride.
29. to #27 this train is public transportation
ghostq   (10.11.11)
what you describe is taken from WW2 and refers to jews transportation by Nazis to deth kamps, none transport population in this case.
30. #11 how do you know they were not jewish?
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