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From s'chach to etrog: Sukkot laws
Rabbi Shmuel Shapira
Published: 12.10.11, 13:02
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1. What crazy nonsense. Silly superstitions.
naro ,   nyc   (10.13.11)
2. to naro #1
elzeide ,   Buenos Aires   (10.14.11)
It is neither silly nor superstition. They're our customs, our heritage, our chagim. Actually our chagim are beautyfull, and they also teach us many things. Go, study and enjoy ! Chag Sameaj!
3. What about replacing blessings with those of ghost of dead.
Josh   (10.17.11)
Should we give food to ghost and expect them to do what they could not do when they were alive. Expect them to act as gods and bless our year when in fact sukkah requires we only sacrifice to the One TRUE G-d and get our blessings from Him? What say you oh precious leader of the people held in high esteem and lawless? What say you? ...and do you have the authority to speak for G-d and keep our souls in such high risk? (Dev 13) What say you about our doted past of our ongoing Diaspora of curses, oh self pontificating speakers for the fallen Hebrews? You say wait for a Messiah to do as we are required? Wait for a man to teach us choose death flaws so we can correct the ills of our practices? Choose! Just a thought but "life" and choose "g-d's blessings" might be the choice for the future rather than those blessings of the dead as payment for a paper plate of food.
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