Shalit deal to include 1,027 security prisoners
Omri Efraim, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.10.11, 00:45
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1. Think of the money we could save
Sam   (10.11.11)
Israel should dismiss all of their police, prosecutors, and judges since they have been shown to be worthless. If murderers need not serve their sentences and will not be punished for their crimes then why bother with the farce of a ceremonial justice system?
2. I said it before
John Tel-Aviv   (10.11.11)
It will come to a point when Israelis start taking law into their own hands. We come to a situation when any murderer can kill Jews and get swapped several years later, with a diploma in his pocket, sort of a closed seminary education. Will the same happen to Fogel family murderers? Thta's why they are unrepentant - some 5 years they will walk free being treated as heroes by their brethren. We can't punish our enemies, we can't save our soldiers from captivity, what have we become? Where is our spirit? I send my consolation to the families of the Israelies killed - it'll be unbearable for them to see these celebrations which are bound to hit Pal-n towns.
3. If Gilad is released
Mike ,   TA   (10.11.11)
then it will be time to obliterate Hamas, etc in more excuses. Additionally, the IDF should round up ALL of the terrorists released in this deal. Even Gilad Shalit is not worth more dead Jews in the future...
4. Shameful!
Joshua ,   USA   (10.11.11)
I am sick to my stomach. What a shameful day for the Israeli government and the people of Israel. I never felt THIS LOW and humiliated as an Israeli. Titbyshu Lachem!
5. WOW
J1 ,   Earth   (10.11.11)
6. This is a bad deal
Eyal ,   USA Israel   (10.11.11)
7. I've Seen This Movie So I Know How It Ends
emanon ,   USA   (10.11.11)
It is based on Charlie Brown. You know the plot: No matter how many times Lucy promises she will not move the football, she always suckers Charlie into trying to kick the ball, then she pulls it away at the last minute. Same thing. The arabs will find some reason to either outright reneg on the deal or up the demands.
8. Ransoming Hostages
Tarbouche ,   Aswan   (10.11.11)
The wise men of the Gemorah, forbid ransoming a hostage for fear of encouraging the gain from such piracy in humans. Taking fewer prisoners must be thought through as a safeguard.
10. One get out of jail card only
Arnold ,   Canada   (10.11.11)
Each and everyone of these prisoners names should be put on a list. If the same person is caught trying to harm Israelis again they are to be magically dispensed of.
11. This is a disgrace
eric ,   nyc   (10.11.11)
I feel ashamed to be a jew.
12. This is very wrong...
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.11.11)
..releasing murderers back into the civilian population,knowing that they will no doubt re offend is a crime, appeasement gone wild...Shalit himself would'nt agree to this travesty.Israel needs some new leaders...Lieberman comes to mind.
13. In a few yrs the 2 theat slit the throat of the kids
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (10.11.11)
will be free i give them 5 yrs max.They probably are laughing in prison while eating whole chickens
14. Yes. Make the deal.
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (10.11.11)
Release the 1,000. A goodly portion will fall into Israel's hands soon enough. a re-writing of the circumstances surrounding terrorist prisoners has a screaming need to be entered into. I clearly state thatt no prisonerswill be taken from exactly 24 hours after Shalit is in Israel's hands. What does that mean? What it most clearly says. No prisoners will be taken.
15. Rewading Terrorists
max ,   washington dc   (10.11.11)
What kind of message does Israel's Leaders think they are sending by agreeing to release 1000 terrorists many with blood on their hands? Rewarding Kidnappers and Murderers will just cost many more Israeli innocent lives and shows what weak leaders Israel has. In the US our leaders would demand the immediate release of any kidnapped soldier or the kidnappers and their supporters would become non-existant!
16. 1000
carlos ,   telaviv   (10.11.11)
1000 pigs deal,,for gilat
17. Death Penalty- #1 is correct
Netanya ,   Netanya   (10.11.11)
Israel need to start giving the terrorists death and not letting them be used for trading. This trade is a terrible idea and I don't know what can justify letting the most deadly terrorists out of prison, who have said they will return to terror. Getting back one soldier is not enough for the many Jews who will be murdered in the future due to this deal.
18. IDIOCY!!!
Joe ,   Israel   (10.11.11)
Screw this, I'm not going to do Miluim (Reserves) again. Way to go Israel, why don't you just bend over a little further so they can rape you easier.
19. Why
Eran ,   Singapore   (10.11.11)
The Arabs are always accusing Israel of not valuing the life of an Arab. Now they themselves value their own at 1/1000 of one Israeli.
20. 1 vs 1000
Mel ,   Chicago   (10.11.11)
You wont see any country in the world exchanging 1000 terrorists for 1 soldier. This is the difference between people who cherish life and those who seek to destroy it.
21. Nobody will equate 1 Bargouti = 100 Ygael Shamirs
Roland Seener ,   London England   (10.11.11)
22. at long last .....
Proud Israeli   (10.11.11)
The government could have made the same negotiation three years ago, why let Gilad Shalit suffer for 5 years and his family, i am afraid to get excited about his release, because I dont trust the other side.
23. Death penalty
Patrick ,   Paris France   (10.11.11)
I support the deal to release bloody murderers to get back home Gilad Shalit. But I even support more the death penalty for those monsters, therefore we would not to release them. I know that the half of the world would be against us if the death penalty is established but to let go those monster is a incitement for them to go on. Shamir's orders over bus 300 killers were the right ones. Period.
24. Just letting them walk away?
Fredrik ,   Sweden   (10.11.11)
I must say that the exchange ratio seems very high. If I had any say I'd would put it on a top priority list to hunt down and kill the released prisoners asap, preferably by carpet bombing them when they celebrate with the Hamas top brass as they most likely will do. Or inject something lethal into them before they are released, so that they will fade away in some kind of disease in 6 months or so. The russians secrets services seems to be quite knowledgeable in this area for example, given what happens to their defectors for example.
25. not good
SARAH ,   Israel   (10.11.11)
I am very sorry for Gilad but this is not good news.
26. Prisoner Exchange
andyboy ,   Israel   (10.11.11)
I would not like to be in the Prime Minister's place when the first Israeli is murdered by one of the released terrorists. Nor in the place of the supporters of this prisoner exchange, when the the next murder takes place; and the one after that, and the one after that and the one after that. And who will look the families in the eye and say "'your loved one's life was worth less than the life of another"? Sorry to paint such a scenario at this time of great rejoicing. But not facing up to reality doesn't mean that it will not happen.
27. Jews' most humiliating deal in history
Jacob Mendlovic ,   Toronto   (10.11.11)
When Israel releases hundreds of these savages, it will be not only the most humiliating day in Israel's history but also in Jewish history. BBC-TV will televise all day long this degrading exchange before billions of viewers. Diaspora Jews will reconsider what Zionism means to them. Israel had other means to pressure the Hamas terrorists. Also, Israel should have enacted, years ago, capital punishment for these monsters.
28. Killers?
Roy ,   Miami   (10.11.11)
These Palestinian terrorists will kill many more civilians if they are really released. Is the life of one soldier really worth the possible murder and suffering of many others? Not in my book.
29. 1,100:1. Disgusting, despicable, and totally UNACCEPTABLE !
flyingdoc57   (10.11.11)
Is there a single person in this sick world who believes that the 1,100 released terrorists will not eventually kill at least 1 Jew? What, then, is the whole point of rescuing Shalit in this fashion? Clearly, there is none. You want Shalit back home, Israel? Start killing 1 imprisoned terrorist per day until Shalit's release. And for Christ's sake, enough already with the free education, Hallal meals, prayer rugs, television, etc., etc;., etc. What the hell are you running there, a prison or a damned Islamic resort?
EARL MANN ,   TORONTO, CANADA   (10.11.11)
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