Hamas: Shalit deal a national Palestinian achievement
Roi Kais
Published: 11.10.11, 21:58
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1. Proud of kidnap, extortion, blackmail
Norbus ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.11)
2. Ok,so let 'em out....
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.11.11)
...and then take'em out,one by one,or in bunches,whatever works...these criminals will be hiding in rat holes for the rest of their miserable lives anyway...I'll believe this when I see it,btw...hamas will up the ante as they always do..
3. Hamas Has Nothing To Be Proud Of!
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (10.11.11)
This primitive terrorist group is sadly out of touch if it believes that kidnap, extortion and blackmail is something it can be proud of. History will show that Hamas, The Mullahs, Hezbollah and the rest of these pathetic social misfits have no place in a civilized society.
4. #2 Part of agreement, they not be harmed
Joan   (10.11.11)
Don't you think the agreement is also included that they left alone? If Israel harm any of them, wouldn't that lead to future capture of more IDF soldiers? ...then back to square one. The problem is occupation.... the sooner Israel end that.....the quiter at the Lebanon.
5. We will all regret this mistake.
Scott ,   USA   (10.12.11)
6. How misplaced their faulse pride is.....
Rafi ,   Montreal, Canada   (10.12.11)
1027 Arab prisoners for one sole Israeli...we Jews obviously value human life... Now swap the positions...they would never agree giving us even 2 of ours for One of theirs..accepting in fact that we are at least a 1000 times more valuable!..... sort of One Mercedes for 1000 Ladas...or "no deal, forget it!"
7. #4...Joan
Malone ,   Hfx   (10.12.11)
Get back on your meds,there may be hope for you..
8. WHAT ?!!! ...this is GREAT...!!!
eporue ,   euroep   (10.12.11)
needed a pr victory with the gaza population because his regimes and hamas are going down. they are holding the gazan hostage and most of this population wants to be free of them. so, they took the pain, agreed to less important prisoners and all top terrorists stayed in israel. now, during the exchange so that israel must make sure shalit is not coming home in a body bag, israel must hold on to these muslims and make sure shalit crosses the border alive. only then will the israelis release these scum. also, israel didn't comitt to not assassinating them should they commit further terror acts. they said so plain and clear. watch your back terrorists scum. you move wrongly and you are done for.
10. #4
gaza is free. israel is not occupying gaza at all. it is blockading their port against armament shipments from iran, lebanon and somalia. read and get to know facts because you really sound stupid and ignorant. hamas rules gaza in its entirety! not israel
11. Truly sickening
canada ,   canada   (10.12.11)
These savages are proud of what they should be ashamed of. To call kidnap and 5 years of blatently ignoring international law a national achievement shows how backwards these terrorist savages are. How can you expect the Jewish people to have these animals as peace partnere.
12. if gilad comes home, i will send mashal a chcolate box...
eporue ,   europe   (10.12.11)
...there is still one missing: ron arad... mashal certainly knows the guys to manage this one too...
13. He is right!
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (10.12.11)
He should be proud. For Hamas this was a great victory. For Israel it was a giving in abomination. Only the 3 who voted against it deserve any respect. The lives of every IDF soldier have now been put in even more danger. As Mashaal indicates that all prisoners will soon be freed he is really alluding to the fact that more kidnappings are most likely in the pipeline!
14. Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday Khaled!
15. i actually feel sick to my stomach... proud of what?
Lani ,   Israel   (10.12.11)
hamas has pretty much just been told that over a thousand of their lives is worth one of ours, because of what we are willing to do for one person, and they have to commit more crimes for a collective group over a thousand. Many palestinians in those jails have openly admitted that they don't regret the crimes they have committed and would do them again if they had the chance...for some, their suicide bomber plan failed, and they sook more about that than actually being in jail, and they prayed for their next opportunity to do it. As much as I'm happy Gilad is coming home, he better be coming back alive and not in a body bag, and now that they know their plan worked, i wonder how many more they'll try to kidnap. Either way, if it is found out that people who were in jail commit more crimes after they get out, then i would trust in the government to make them sorry... every stupid thing they do, they seem to be proud.....I wonder what life for them would be like if we had the same frame of mind they do?!
16. #4: Yes, Gaza's Arab Christians are occupied by Islam terror
Edward ,   Sydney, Australia   (10.12.11)
Only in Israel as Arab Christians free to practice their religion without violence or other harmful repurcussions. There's only one bible store in Gaza and its owner was murdered by the Islam's honourable mujahadeen. When was the last time operating a Christian bookstore in Israel became a death sentence?
17. The Noose Gets Tighter
Dallas ,   Canada   (10.12.11)
Appeasing terrorists will never work. Releasing hundreds of jackals on the street will be as effective as Chamberlain's "Peace in Our Time". Untold dozens, hundreds, of Israelis will die because of this decision. The noose gets tighter. Tough decision, but rewarding terrorists is not a real option. Where is the win for the people of Israel?
18. A wide difference.
Vlad   (10.12.11)
When Israelis cure dieseases, invent technology, and win nobel prizes, that's a national achievement. When Palestinians manage to get through Israeli security to kill civilians, take hostages and successfully extort with them, and siphon millions in pity money from the US, EU, and UN, that's a national achievement.
19. He should be DEAD for what he did to Shalit.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.12.11)
20. So we've done a rotten deal, do I have to see his mug too?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (10.12.11)
21. Don't admit we told you so
Nachliel ,   Gush Etzion,Israel   (10.12.11)
This is proof that we have been falling lower morally and ethically for 25 years. As a combat soldier in Syria in 1973 I knew that our nation's hubris,boastful pride that we are "supeior" to the Arabs in all ways was a lie. They are potentially equal to us in every single way.Gilad Shalit is not yet home and Chamas crows their superior belief,patience,intelligence,culture to those of us who throw away our proved traditions which have kept Jews alive 3400 years.We have trampled on our beliefs,what is there to do but wait until the next G-D forbid captured soldier. The Arabs will finish us off if we keep up this ignorance .As I write Noam is not being Noam,he is bad-mouthing the last 2 govenments.Noam and Aviva should be put on trial for treason and sedition.Then at the net capture we'll trade the 2 of them for a captured soldier.
22. How good can he be for the Palestinians?
noa ,   israel   (10.12.11)
Proud of kidnapping and extortion? This will be the basis of the Palestinian state? I guess you have to pick at straws if you compare yourself to the Jewish State, which has 5000 years of history, half of it in exile, a harrowing Holocaust (who wants that one?) and lots of accomplishment in nonwar related fields. Don't the Palestinian people want more than to be known as whiners, kidnappers and terrorists?
23. hamas /shalit
sad ,   israel   (10.12.11)
and abu mazen is in south america. maybe he should stay there. he found the right continent to gain support.............................................. let him take his people there.
24. mashaal will take credits kick out abbas in election
mary of Bethany ,   singapore   (10.12.11)
the only winner is not Shalit, nor his family. if any soldier been kidnap by any of these released terrorists, Shalit will feel guilty the rest of his life. the sole winner is Hamas, who will walk away with all credits, thus likely to win the election and kick out Abbas' PA. Hamas' Mashaal may even bag a Nobel home, like the other terrorist Chief Arafat. who wins? only Hamas.
25. Israel V Hamas
Jerome ,   NZ   (10.12.11)
One Ferrari 400hp for 1000+ donkeys. hi hi hi hi
26. Baghrouti and other major figures not to be released
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.12.11)
This article is inaccurate. Baghrouti will not be released. Neither will be the other most senior terrorists. This does not mean a lot of murderers will not be going free, and a lot of pain caused to families of their victims.
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